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47.Exercise Delight

Exercise Delight

I had taken a part-time job in an exercise facility in a small town in
southern Alberta. By working there I had unlimited access to the facility
free. Being a little shy around the bigger lifters this meant that I could
exercise alone after the 9:00 closing.

One evening Graham dropped by to check out the facilities. I knew him
casually and when he mentioned that he needed to get in shape I told him
about the club. After looking around he confided in me that he would not be
comfortable exercising with all the other men in there working out, he felt
embarrassed and would rather work out alone at home. For some reason I told
him that I worked out after closing if he was interested. Perhaps it was
because he was slim like me and could understand his shyness around some of
the big lifters we had. The only other trait of Grahams that was really
obvious was that he was very short, about 5'-4" and this may have
contributed to his unwillingness to use the weight room with the others.

We agreed that he would work out two times a week, he told me his wife
would not let him out more than that, and set the next Tuesday as his start
day with Thursdays to follow. The next Tuesday near closing Graham showed
up already dressed in loose shorts and a tee shirt. After checking that
everyone was out and locking up we went to the weight room and I showed him
a short program to begin with. I explained that since there were the two of
us we could use heavier weights and spot each other at the weight bench.

We got to know each other as we worked out and I found that I liked Graham
and felt a little sorry for him. His wife was domineering and he had a
need to assert himself but had not found a way to achieve that yet in his
life. The last exercise of the night would be bench presses and after
spotting him for his 3 sets I adjusted the weights and got down on the
bench. I found that due to his height as he stepped up to spot me his
shorts brushed against my face. At first I thought nothing of it but as I
started straining with the weight and exhaling through my mouth I found
that I could look up his shorts and discovered that Graham didn't wear any
underwear. Each time I blew out I got a good view of his soft cock hanging
along his leg and started blowing hard on the third set, letting my breath
blow over his cock. With each breath I could see his cock getting longer
and swelling thicker and wondered if I could get him hard but my ten reps
was over and it was time to head home. He looked at me a little strangely
as we closed up but said he would be back Thursday for another session.

I thought quite a lot about Graham over the next two days, wondering about
what had happened and how it could have gone. I decided that I would find
out if the next time we exercised, he was again naked under his shorts.
Thursday night finally came and just before closing Graham showed up again
in shorts and a tee shirt. We both quickly started our routines and before
long I was laying back on the bench getting ready for some bench presses.
As Graham stepped up to spot I made some adjustments under the bar to
ensure I got a good view up his shorts. I was very happy to find his soft
cock again lying along the inside of his leg. As I slowly began pumping the
bar I immediately began blowing air along his cock, watching it slowly
lengthen again. By the end of the second set, although not hard his cock
was just an inch or two above my face. Deciding to see how he would react
I appeared to really strain as I started the third set and lifted my head
from the bench. The head of his cock briefly touched my closed lips and
slid along my cheek. I could feel him tense up, then rise himself up on his
toes away from me. I thought I had gone to far for a moment but he then
lowered himself back down and if anything bent his legs even more. Opening
my lips just a little I began pumping the bar again, with each upward push,
raising my head enough to allow the head of his cock to run across my lips.
By the end of my rep his cock was rock hard and only the leg of his shorts
kept his cock pointed down towards me. Standing above me he must have seen
my hard cock through my sweats. As I placed the bar back on the cradle
Graham immediately turned and headed for the door. By the time I got up he
was at the exit. I called out and asked if he was coming next Tuesday and
he answered yes as he left.

As we started our exercises on the following Tuesday there seemed a tension
in the room, I know that I was very nervous and imagined that Graham was as
well. I didn't seem to be able to concentrate and just went through the
motions thinking of the bench press. Spotting for Graham I kept my eyes
focused on his crotch feeling my own cock swell against my sweats. Although
not hard, he must notice my cock stretching out, swelling above his face.
As he got up I quickly took his place on the bench waiting for him to step
up to the bar, waiting to feel his cock brush my lips again. I was
surprised, and happy, to find that his cock was already hard when he
stepped over me. He must have adjusted himself to trap his cock in his
shorts leg before stepping up to spot which made me very happy. He liked
this as much as I did! As I grabbed the bar Graham bent his knees slightly
until the head of his hard cock brushed my face. Moving the bar up I turned
my head just enough to allow his cock to brush against my lips before
starting the presses. During the first ten reps his cock rubbed across my
lips with each motion. As I cradled the bar between reps Graham stood
still, his cock still against my lips. Grabbing the bar again, I opened my
mouth just enough to allow the head of his cock against my teeth and with
each repetition let my tongue lick the slit of his cock. With the start of
the third set I opened my mouth enough to let the head of Grahams hard cock
into my mouth if he wanted. I could hear him groan as he bent his knees
more and pushed his cock into my mouth. Leaving the bar in the cradle I
started tonguing the head of his cock as he started pushing his cock into
my mouth. Knowing that this was not comfortable for him or me I rolled of
the bench to my knees in front of him and pulling up his shorts leg wrapped
my lips around his cock. I got a quick glimpse of about 6" hard cock,
average thickness, before it was in my mouth. The taste of the pre-cum, the
feel of the cock head on my tongue, the hard shaft against my lips was all
I needed to start sucking his cock as if life depended on it. With each
groan I picked up the pace on his cock needing to taste his cream.

Very quickly his body tensed and I could feel the swelling of his cock and
the spasms working up the shaft as he started to pour a load of cum into my
mouth. Shot after shot of thick warm, salty cum washed over my tongue. The
smell of ammonia filled the air as he kept fucking my mouth and I kept
swallowing his juice. Finally the pumping stopped and I could feel his cock
slowly soften between my lips as I milked the last drops of cum from his
cock. Graham seemed to be in a trance as I stood, eyes closed, breathing
deeply. I sat and watched him until he opened his eyes and said, "That was
great." I just smiled at him and waited for him before deciding what to do
next. When he finally sat down he asked if that was my first time sucking
cock, I told him no but it was not my intention to seduce him but that his
cock was making me crazy hanging in my face like that. We talked about how
he felt about me sucking his cock, which he loved, and he asked me about
sucking his cock, which I loved. All the while resting his cock began
swelling up, growing along his leg. He asked if I would blow him again and
I asked him when, he said how about now and each time we exercise. In
response I slid to my knees and tugging his shorts off this time began to
stroke his hardening cock. Stroking his shaft I began licking and sucking
on his nuts then moving up to run my tongue up the shaft of his cock t the
head. Taking the head in my mouth I then moved back down his shaft
swallowing as much of his hard cock as I could take in my mouth. Slowly
sucking on his cock this time I was able to enjoy the subtle body movements
Graham made to help pump his cock in and out of my mouth. I stopped to ask
him if he would rather just fuck my face or have me suck him off. With a
groan he said fuck your face and stood up. Taking his cock in my mouth I
remained as still as I could as he started pumping his cock in and out of
my mouth with short powerful strokes. As he quickened his pace he asked if
a man had ever fucked me. Looking up into his eyes, his cock pumping in and
out of my mouth, I nodded my head as much as I could. This seemed to put
him over the edge and he started cumming again in my mouth, feeding me
another load of his cream.

We cleaned up after that and left for the night. Already we were both
looking forward to next Thursday. After ushering everyone out two nights
later I went to the weight room to find Graham sitting on the bench naked.
When he saw the surprise on my face he said that he thought we might skip
the exercise, if that was alright by me. Without the exercise I had time to
suck his cock twice and again he ended the night by fucking my mouth. Again
he asked about being fucked just before blowing his load for the third time
that night into my mouth. I thought about this constantly until the next
Tuesday rolled around. Again after locking up I found Graham naked and hard
waiting for me to service him. This time as I slowly gave him his first
blowjob of the night, I pulled my mouth off his cock and asked if he would
like to fuck me. His cock slid back into my mouth and he started pumping
his hips hard as he started cumming down my throat. Once soft and milked
dry I asked him again if he wanted to fuck my ass. Fuck yes he groaned, I
want to cum in your ass. Not having brought any lube with me I told him we
could go into the showers and use the soap.

With the warm water running over us I got to my knees and started sucking
Graham's cock, getting it hard again. Then I took the soap and lathered his
cock up. I would have rathered bent along the wall but as he was so short I
had to kneel on the hard tiles using a towel to help protect my knees.
Moving up behind me Graham started moving his cock into me. First the head
started slowly entering me and then in his hurry he thrust hard driving the
rest of his cock deep into my ass. I groaned with the pain and tried to
slow him down but he started pounding his cock hard and fast into me,
fucking me like a wild animal. In just a few minutes he drove his cock deep
into my ass and told me was cumming. As his cock pulsed out his cream into
me I could feel his cum soothe the heat from the friction of his cock in my
ass. When he finished cumming I began to slide out from under him but he
grabbed my hips and ...
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