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THE NAKED SECT OF HIMALAYAS (Part 1)- Erotic story

Have you heard about them? They live in the upper
Himalaya mountains, on the banks of sacred Ganges
river. I was a member of this sect for ten years.
Here is my story if you like it please.

I was twentyfive. One day I was watching a
private TV channel in the house. Suddenly my dick
was erect. They were showing some naked Sadhoos
(holy men, sages ,gurus or what ever you want to call
them). They had come to Prayag the confluence of
three sacred rivers to take bath at the auspecious
hour previous day, (which would fall once in twelve
year, ) along with other millions of devotees. The
cameramen had zeroed on them .They were about fifty of
them stark naked , age group from fifty five to
twenty, long hairs, they seemed very aggressive,
all of them were well built and muscular. Their
dicks were long and hanging and each of the dicks
seemed to tell a tale .

My mind was now clear now. I , at the age of
twentyfive, had no aim in my life. I could not
educate myself properly, and over and above I was
discovered by my family having sex with local gaandus,
( a slang for homosexuals.)
I was being shunned by all my family members and my
emancipation lied in renouncing this world and
becoming a holy man..
And these are the people whome I would like to join

Prayag was only fify kilometers from my place. After
great difficulty I located the place were the naked
sadhoos were staying. At first no body would speak
to me or allow inside their tent. Then their head
priest agreed to speak to me. After knowing my
wishes he said,
" We are leaving tomorrow night, you can join us.
But I warn you it is a very difficult life."

So next day I wrote small note to my father,
telling him that I am off to Delhi in search of my
I am sure atleast my father would be happy and say
good riddance. I joined the sadhoos at ten sharp at
night, and we started towards their abode in north
without much fuss. I understood they always
travelled in the night. But still it was nearing
fullmoon and the night was illuminated with milky
moonlight. All round naked hairy bodies moved
briskly, I could see most were well built hunks ,
with good biceps, pects and flat tense abdomens. I
was walking last, my eyes were transfixed on all
those full buttocks swaying and swinging during the
walk . I saw some dicks were long and nearing
erection, and I sincerely hoped that sex is not
dirty word among this group. I was the only fellow
fully dressed among the naked group. After walking
for nearly 80 miles for two weeks, mostly in the
nights , we reached our destination.

It was a forest area, we crossed Ganges in boat,
to reach the Ashram. On one side flowed Ganges very
fast, on the other side there were many huts, made
of only bamboo and dried leaves. The next day I was
presented to the head sage. He was about fiftyfive,
sitting cross legged, with long white hair, full
beard, his whole body was thickly coverd with greying
hair and his genitals were burried some where in the
"So you want join our sect, why?"
I prostrated in front him and said, " I have no loving
family and cannot have one, Guruji, as I am a..."
"Are you a gaand? ", the head man eyeing my ample
Gaand is the local word for anal fucker. "We have
nothing against gaands or any other form of sex, but
each has a time and place here. Our life is that of
meditation and yoga, and community service is our
karma. Sex is only secondary here, The life is very
difficult. You have to forget the material world
your family, and as a symbol of it u will have to
discard all clothes and the air is the only cloth
you will have herein after afterwards , whether in
summer or winter. You will find here not a single
piece of cloth in the whole commune. At the most you
are permitted to use straw mats to lie down and sleep.
"You will not shave the hair , it is the gift from
Him to protect you from the elements.. You will
follow the time table of the community strictly. you
will get up at 5 oclock , take bath in the ganges,
and meditate for three hours. Then you will do yoga
exercises for another three hours. Then it is the
communal activity like cooking, working in the field
" The food will be served in the noon and at night
only. evening again same yoga, meditation routine You
are assigned to the fourth guru Kundananda. He will
initiate you into the sect, he will be your spiritual
master, Go and report to him"

My guru proved to be a handsome 35ish stud. We
were ten people in that group all below forty only.
As soon as I reported to the guru he took my hand bag
and threw all my clothes, books, toiletry, my watch
etc into the kitchen fire. Then he asked me undress
and threw my last piece of cloth including the under
wear to the fire. Now I did not have stitch in my
possession, nor could I see any piece of cloth in
the hut. I had a thrill! I have joined the naked
sect officially, as I had nothing in my person which
I could claim as my own.

That night after short prayers and meditations and
ample dinner of rotis and dal, every body retired to
beds, rather to their straw mats. I had to share
the mat with two other naked sadhoos, and because of
the chill setting in for the night, I involuntarily
pressed against the body of my neighbour, who took me
in his arms and in tight embrace , and it helped to
beat the intense chill. During the sleep I thought I
was dreaming about somebody caressing my body
,massaging my back , butts thighs etc. A hand
wandered over my balls, dick, gently squeezing, , I
slumberde deep into sleep with such heavenly

After a while I felt some snake like thing
slithering in my ass slit, from the other side ,
wetting the place with slimy oil like thing, I passed
my hand behind and held some round buttock and drew
it towards me tightly. I felt the meat in my slit
rubbing my hole gently, my slit was wet and sticky
with the precum, or was it cum?, within no time and
drifted to my heavenly sleep again.

If this is what happens after the so called
day's rigour and it should be no problem for me at
all for me at all . Any way we all got up at the
appointed hour and went to the river for the bath.
The weather was cold and the water was ice cold being
the ice melted water of the Himalayas. The
temperature was almost zero, and we did sun drying,
as there were no towels. We ten of our group had to
stick together, and we entered the meditation hall

There were nearly sixty sadhoos, of all ages in
the hall. Yoga is that form of exercise which keeps
ones body and mind in good health. First every body
started with push ups. I started to feel warm after
some fifty push ups. Then we had to assume various
postures to stretch and bend the body. Since I was
only a beginner, Kundananda told me to watch how it
is done. So I stood near the wall, and what a sight
to watch!!! So many naked males, arms legs, asses
assuming various positions. In a particulr postion,
the sadhoos were lying on the back, and all the asses
lifted up and the legs were brought towards the neck
from the front and entangling it , oh I must
describe this scene!! I could see most of the
assholes in between the ass cracks, the dicks and
balls were hanging infront, surprisingly many dicks
were hard and long. Some of the sadhoos' spines were
so supple that their genitals reached their faces
easily, and they could self suck their dicks easily if
they wanted. My own dick was had alredy reached its
full size of seven inches and was dancing widely
,oozing precum. One great thing in this naked commune
was that one can sport one's dick at any length or
sizes, nobody would take it as something amiss,
rather it would be taken as something natural. I had
seen it was as natural to hug each other , squeeze
each other's butts or take ones crotch in hand and
give a tug ,as one would shake each others hands.

Next it was another asana or posture by which I was
captivated. This was the reverse of the previous
postion. Now all the sadhoos bent over backwards
with the spine arching backwards and finally holding
the ankles with the hands, making the body in the
form of a circle. this way every body had to stand
till the leader counted till hundred. This was
another beautiful scene. All sadhoo's crotches were
now projected outwards from the groin and and various
lengths of dicks some cut and many uncut pointed
towards various directions, depending upon the state
of erection, some limp pointing towards the earth,
some so hard and long they were like arrows pointing
to the sky. And the balls hung low and heavy from
many crotches , and only with great restraint I
could prevent my self from taking one or two of them
in my mouth for the breakfast.

Now everybody sat for meditation. I sat on the floor
cross legged and my asshole was touching the cold
floor, giving me a tingling sensation, Evweybody
started chanting the OM ' manthra, and this went on
for another hour. Then there was singing, a longish
discourse by the head priest etc. After a sumptous
lunch every body retired to their huts for rest.

" I hope you are getting used to the routine."
Kundananda said.
He came to my mat, where I just had sat and rested
his head on my thighs. His face was turned towards
my crotch , seeing my erect dick he smiled and took
the head in his mouth and gave a deep suck. I only
haaed and hooed as I almost cummed. You have lots of
other things to learn ." his eyes were smiling. I
ran my fingers on his long black silky hair, and he
started doozing with his head resting on my crotch.

The afternoon was meant for work in the fields. The
community was fetching its grains from the near by
villages. But vegetables were grown by the members
themselves. So we were out in the sun for work,
getting tanned. Some were digging, some wateirng ,
manuring etc. I watched naked muscles in action,
dripped in sweat and layered with dust. I watched
from behind . the bodies bent in work ,asses pointing
up, balls and dicks hanging between thighs.

I specially spied on two horny fellows, they both
belonged to our group and looked very close to each
other. One was ...
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