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55.Hungry Ass

Hungry Ass
By: Jason Moore

I just got a phone message from Brad as I arrived home from work. He was
going to be in town next weekend and was wondering if we could get together.
He left his number and asked me to call. But, before I get to that, let
me tell you how we first met.


I was on vacation with a mixed group of friends. None of them are aware of
my gay life style. The resort was great! It was located on a large stretch
of beach on an island in the Caribbean. I was going to share lodgings with
my best friend and his wife, but decided to get my own room at the last
minute. One day my friends decided to do some shopping. I begged off
telling them I just wanted to relax and catch up on some reading. I settled
down with my book on the balcony that overlooked the pool area. It was late
afternoon and the pools were rather empty. There were some families at the
pool at the far end of the complex and a guy, girl, and young baby at the
pool directly below my balcony. I assumed it was a married couple and their
child. I watched them on and off as I read my book.

At one point I looked down to see the young man swim to the deeper end of
the pool while the young woman was playing with the infant child. The young
man looked to be in his mid-twenties or so. He had close cropped brown
hair, a perfectly bronzed body and was wearing bright blue swim trunks. I
had never seen them before, but gazed more and more intently as the young
man swam around in the deep end. At one point he had his elbow up on the
edge of the pool with his head thrown back luxuriating in the feel of the
late afternoon sun. After a few minutes, he slowly sunk under water, then
came up for air again. He treaded water for a few seconds while looking all
around at the buildings and nearby ocean. Then he dove under water again.
As his backside protruded up, his trunks slid down revealing the perfect,
white globes of his ass. He swam across the deep end raising and lowering
his naked ass as he swam. Upon reaching the other side he slipped them up
again and seemed to be working on tying them more securely at the waist. I
watched him for several more minutes, but was not again greeted to the sight
of his hot looking ass. Then my friends came back and we all decided to get
something to eat.

The next day, I was lounging around the pool after lunch. My friends were
all down at the beach. I heard the nearby entry gate creak and saw that
young couple and the infant enter the pool area. The woman said something
to the young man and she went off toward the beach with the baby while he
looked around at the numerous lounge chairs around the pool. He came right
up to the row of chairs where I lay soaking up some rays and laid his towel
out on the lounge chair right next to mine. I then got a much closer look
at him. I decided he might even be in his late teens. His hairless chest
was toned and just developing some fine definition. He had a lean stomach
with just the trace of hair an inch or so below his navel leading down into
his shorts. He had a light spray of body hair on his legs and arms. As he
looked my way he seemed to have the patrician facial features of a young
Adonis. When he bent over to spread out his towel on the lounge chair, he
practically pushed that hot little ass in my face and I felt that familiar
twinge in my loins. When he finally got the towel in position, he sat down.

"What's up?" Adonis asked as he lay back on his towel.

"Not much. Just enjoying the sun." I said. "You from around here?" I
quickly added, wanting to find out more about this sexy young thing.

"Naw. Me, I just finished my final semester at UCLA and sis lives in
Denver. I stayed with her for a couple of days while her husband went on a
business trip. Then we came down here for a week before joining our parents
and her husband at our home in Miami. Then we're all going on a cruise," he
said, flashing a killer smile. "How about you?"

"I'm here with some friends from Chicago. We came down for the week, too,"
I responded. "So you must be about 21 or so," I added.

"Just turned 22," he smiled. "So, did you like my little show last night?"
he then asked.

I was immediately caught off guard by that comment, but quickly regained my
senses as he continued staring me in the face.

"Yeah, it was hot," I finally answered with a wink and a broad smile. "Was
that little show for me?" I then added.

"Yeah. You looked interested so I thought I would test the waters," he
answered, still gazing intently at me.

"Well, you've got a fine body and one hot looking ass," I then quickly said.

"Thanks. And my ass could use some serious dick right now," he boldly
answered. "You got a room we can go to?"

I was somewhat stunned by his forwardness, but equally flattered that a
young guy like him would be even interested in a middle aged man like me.
But, I wasn't about to let this hot piece of ass pass me by.

"Yeah, I'm in Suite 421 in this building right behind us here," I answered.

"So, you wanna fuck or what?" he asked, again with that killer smile.

"Sounds hot. Let's go!" I answered as we both quickly gathered our

In less then ten minutes we entered my room and the kid pushed past me into
the large living room area with the balcony overlooking the pools. As I set
my things down on the counter in the little kitchenette, he threw his stuff
on the floor by the TV.

"Care for a drink?" I asked as he turned toward me.

"Naw, but you go ahead if you want," he replied.

I popped a beer as he walked past me to the hallway that leads to the
bedroom. I followed him into the bedroom and sat down on the side of the
bed as he looked out the large window overlooking the ocean. Taking a deep
gobble of the cold beer I watched him as he then lowered his trunks in a
slow, sexy motion. As the waistband lowered, those hot, tender white globes
of his ass were slowly revealed. My mouth was watering as he twitched his
hips, letting his trunks drop to the floor.

"Like what you see?" he asked, looking back over his shoulder.

"I like. I like," I answered as he stepped out of his trunks and backed up
toward me.

With my beer in my right hand, I slipped my left hand into the waistband of
my trunks and firmly squeezed my growing cock. The kid was now standing
inches in front of me with his backside fully exposed. I set my beer on the
nightstand and reached out to fondle those delicious looking globes of
tender flesh. My hand moved smoothly over those fine ass cheeks and
squeezed and fondled them both. I pulled my left hand from my trunks to
grab both cheeks. Gently spreading them apart, I got my first glimpse of
that sweet, puckered hole.
I then leaned forward and ran my tongue up and down the crack of his ass
tasting the salty warm delicacy of that treasure trove.

"Oooh, yeah, eat my ass," he groaned and squirmed as my tongue lapped up and
down his ass crack.

"Anything you want kid," I said as my tongue flicked up against that tight

"By the way, my name is Brad," he said in a low moaning sound as I pulled
those luscious ass lips apart with two fingers and drove my tongue into that
tender hole. "Ooooh, yeah, that's it......aaaah...yeah..." Brad trailed

I was soon slobbering over his hot little hole, probing into it with my
tongue. Jabbing it as deep as I could as he pushed his ass back into my
face. For several minutes I lathered up that hot hole. Finally, I then
pulled away.

"Spread those cheeks, Brad," I then directed him.

He reached back and pulled his ass cheeks open. I spit on my finger then
leaned forward depositing a healthy portion of spittle into the crack of his
ass. As it dribbled to that glorious fuck hole, I reached out and quickly
poked my finger inside.

"Aaah, yeah...yeah...yeah..." Brad moaned with a quiver in his voice.

I began to dig up inside that fine hole. It was so tight and hot I couldn't
wait to get me some. 'I sure lucked out with this baby,' I thought to
myself. For several minutes I fingered the hole, then inserted a second
finger to pry that baby open. I couldn't wait any more! I pulled my
fingers free, directed Brad to lay on the bed on his stomach, and quickly
lathered up my cock with some lube from the nightstand.

"Come on, give it to me. Give it to me. I need a good fucking," Brad
pleaded laying prone on the bed with his pretty ass protruding up at me.

Without a word, I pulled his legs apart, got into position and moved in for
the kill. Grabbing the base of my cock, I pressed it into the crack of the
hot, little ass waiting before me. Brad reached back and spread his cheeks
once more, giving my full access to his tight fuck hole. As the head pressed
up against his puckered hole, Brad cooed in delight. Then with a firm jab,
I pushed myself inside that tender flesh. Brad shuddered, but lay still
after that initial entry.

'Jeez, what a hot cock slut,' I thought to myself as I experienced the
unique thrill of having my cock caressed so snugly by the lush, velvet,
gripping heat of Brad's sweet ass.

"Oh, yeah. Nice fucking ass," I exclaimed as my cock dug in even deeper and
Brad gasped and groaned. "This is gonna be one hot fuck!"

I finally released my grip on my cock and forced it all the way in. When I
was fully embedded up that tight hole, I sighed. Then I began to swivel my
hips back and forth, up and down, and all around feeling the exquisite
pleasures of this hot little ass. Brad squirmed below me then pushed up
into me as I probed the deepest recesses of his hot fuck hole.

"Yeah, you got it now, Brad. You got it deep up your hungry ass," I said
while he continued to moan.

Then I slowly withdrew and plunged steadily back up into those tight,
luscious confines. I long dicked that baby for several minutes, as we both
grunted. I was going to fuck this ass. I was going to fuck it real good!
Then I began to pick up my pace. In no time I was slamming down against
Brad's prone body drilling his ass good while the bed frame creaked.

"Yeah, fuck me. Fuck me!" Brad demanded as my pace was now picking up even
more. "Oh, yeah, harder. Harder...Harder..." he yelped as I was soon
plowing away at that hot hole. "Yeah...yeah...this is ...
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