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56.Houston Urologist

Houston Urologist

In 1990 I was the General Manager of a medium sized company in Toronto. In
April of that year, the owners of the company asked if I would visit one of
our suppliers in Houston. This was a little unusual in that I very rarely
left the office on business; our suppliers came to us. The more I thought
of the idea, the more I liked it because I had never been to Texas. I also
decided I would take some extra time and decided to go to Dallas after the
business end was completed for a little rest and relaxation and to attend a
proposed gala event being sponsored by the Dallas chapter of the charity I
was involved with.

Everything seemed perfect. The morning of departure I was feeling not
quite myself when the limousine arrived to take me to the airport. I put
it down to a case of nerves, as I am not a comfortable flyer. The flight
went well and I was met at the airport by the hotel's limousine as planned.
The first glitch in the plans happened when I was shown to my suite. I
know Houston gets humid, but when I walked into the room it was dank and
musty smelling. I put my hand on the wall and I pulled it away wet. Nope.
There was no way I was going to stay in that suite. The desk said it was
the only suite available so I decided to take a chance and try another
hotel. I had to have a suite because there was a breakfast meeting planned
for the first morning then we were to travel to their manufacturing plant.

I explained to the cabby I hailed that I needed a really nice hotel and
would trust his judgement. Imagine my surprise when he took me to a
Holiday Inn. He told me to trust him. It did look quite elegant and
fairly new ... not the kind of Holiday Inn I was use to which were more
like swanky motels.

I entered and inquired about the availability of a suite. Yes they had an
available suite. Yes they had room service. Yes they could cater a
breakfast meeting. The bonus was, it was cheaper than the original place I
booked and was considerably nicer.

Everything was perfect. I informed my guests of the change in venue and
they were indeed pleased because it would be more convenient to travel to
and from this location. Within half an hour of the phone call, bouquets of
flowers and a huge fruit basket arrived. As I tipped the guy I asked him
who had ordered all this. He said it was compliments of the hotel. My jaw
dropped and kind of went... HUH? Why on earth would they do that for
someone who has never stayed here before and is not likely to be in the
state again. The bellman closed the door and told me he could get censured
if the hotel found out he told me and I swore the secret was safe. He told
me the company I was visiting had called the hotel and told them I was a
very important person to them and to ensure I was extended every courtesy.
Since the company I was visiting was an extremely important customer of the
hotel, the hotel decided to do exactly that.

After I settled in I decided to check out the neighborhood before supper.
As I passed the concierge desk, I was greeted by name. The doorman greeted
me by name as he opened the door for me. This was a new experience for me.
I felt like royalty or something. Obviously I cherish the memory. Lord
knows I haven't gotten that treatment since my return from Texas. But, on
with the story.

The next morning, the breakfast went off without a hitch. We enjoyed
meeting each other after speaking with each other for years on the phone.
Then it was off for a tour of their factories and office. Everything was
going along splendidly, except me. As the day wore on, I began feeling
more ill. My hosts noticed I was losing more and more color as the day
progressed but when they commented, I made light of it saying it was jet
lag. Two-hour time difference, I don't think they bought it.

We ended the business day late. I was concerned that I might have to
cancel the next days meeting if I did not feel better so I wanted to
accomplish all the important business before we called it a day. We
continued our talks over dinner and a few drinks after. Finally, at about
9 o'clock we had covered almost everything we intended to take 3 or 4 days
to do, and I was ready for the morgue. I could not remember ever feeling
that ill.

My hosts drove me back to the hotel. It seemed that upon the conclusion of
business, someone let the air out of me. By the time I got out of the car
at the hotel I could barely stand. The sales rep that handled our account
grabbed me by the arm and felt my forehead. He pulled his hand back and
said I was burning up. Between him and the bellman, they got me up to my
room, my clothes off (down to my briefs) and into bed. Jeff, the sales rep
said that he would stay with me but I told him to go home to his wife and
kids, I would be fine it was probably just a touch of the flu and I just
needed rest. Then I must have passed out completely.

The next thing I remember, the bellman that had delivered the flowers and
fruit the previous day was shaking me awake and asking if I was okay. I
got my bearings and must have looked at him rather quizzically. Admittedly
I was wondering why he was in my suite. I looked at the clock and realized
I had missed the scheduled morning meeting. It was already 11 o'clock and
I was supposed to have been at the hosting company's office at 10. The
bellman said the company had phoned and asked that they check on me. I
hadn't heard the phone, or his knocking on the door into the suite so he
had used his master key to enter.

He left the bedroom so I could make myself presentable and used the phone
in the other room to call the company to tell them I was alive .. but just
barely. I was still feeling like hell, but not quite as bad as the
previous night. I asked if there was a hotel doctor. The bellman left
immediately to make the arrangements. I must have drank a couple gallons
of water in the next half hour. The doctor arrived and proceeded to check me

Yes I still had a fever. My blood pressure was elevated and my coloring
was not good at all. Midway through his exam I told him I had to pee and
excused myself. As soon as I started to go I started worrying. My piss
had a red-orange tinge to it. Then the most excruciating pain I had every
experienced. I literally screamed in agony. My dick and balls felt they
were on fire ... like someone stuck a red-hot poker up my piss slit. Just
as I thought I was going to pass out, the doctor came in and grabbed me. I
finished pissing and he helped me back to the bed. Well that question was
answered, he said, I do believe you just passed a kidney stone.

Over the next half hour or so I started feeling much better. My blood
pressure was returning to normal and my fever was coming down. Who knew?
The doctor said he would try to get me into see an urologist that day or
the next ... that I should see one to make sure everything is okay. He
then left to make the arrangements. Each passing minute it seemed I was
feeling better. I showered, shaved and even called room service for some
breakfast and coffee.

As I was finishing breakfast, the phone rang. It was the doctor. He was
able to get me in to see a urologist but I would have to be there in an
hour and would that be a problem. I told him that would be fine that I
would be there.

An hour later, by now it was about 3:30 PM, I was opening the door to the
urologists office. What greeted me was totally unexpected. Boxes, full,
half full and empty all over the place. As I was taking in all this
clutter, a good looking guy of about 30 emerged from a hallway. You must
be my emergency, he said. I was speechless. Shoulder length black hair
that fell carelessly across his forehead. Eyes so brown they were almost
black. He looked like he had a 5 o'clock shadow. My eyes took in his
slender nose, square jaw and sensuous lips. You could see the straight
white teeth as he smiled. Full strong neck led to broad shoulders and
chest encased in a slightly loose white t-shirt. As my eyes traveled lower
I became aware of his outstretched hand. As I reached for his hand to
shake it, I quickly made note of the slender waist, form fitting jeans and
full basket. I cleared my throat and said that yes, I guess I am the
emergency. He chuckled and said I had better be because I was his only

He apologized for the mess and explained that he was just setting up his
office and had not intended to see patients until the following week. When
the hotel doctor called and explained that I was a visiting VIP and the
other Urologists couldn't see me for a few days, and explained my
experiences of the previous few hours, he acquiesced and agreed to see me.
He had been spending the time since the phone call setting up the equipment
he felt he would need.

He locked the office door and led me down a hallway and into a room that
was definitely set up for business. The doctor asked me if I was bashful
and I told not usually but I did have my moments. I asked him why he asked
and he said his examination gowns wouldn't arrive until the next day. I
told him that under the circumstances I could withstand a little
embarrassment as long as he could. We chuckled together, then he said he
would leave the room for a minute to get some equipment and could I strip
down and hop up on the table.

I was more easily embarrassed than I was letting on. Due to ribbing I
received in my youth about my hairy body and small dick I was decidedly
hesitant about being seen naked by strangers, but I decided I would never
see this guy again so what the heck.. I was sliding myself up onto the
table when he wheeled in what I was to learn was a portable ultra sound

He seemed to take a sideways stare at me as he entered. I still had a
fairly good build from my teen years of weight lifting. I was about 215
lbs., 6' tall, 56" chest and 38" waist. I wasn't as firm as I use to be
and didn't pack as much muscle, but still not too bad. On cue, my small
dick had shriveled and was trying to retreat further into my abdomen. The
doc sat in a chair and began writing. I told him the course of events
since the previous evening culminating with my suspected passing of the
kidney stone. He listened, writing occasionally but always seeming to be
looking at my hairy body.

The doc stood and asked me to lie down so he could examine me. I took a
quick glance down at his crotch and could see there was much more packing
there than there had been previously. Immediately, my mind started looking
forward to this examination. He took my soft dick in his hand and squeezed
it, pulled it a bit, encouraging it to come out from its hiding place. Sex
had been the last thing on my mind until I had seen him stand up, and now
that ...
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