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58.My Internet Encounter

My Internet Encounter


Hey my name is Kerry and I wanted to share an encounter I had with you. I
hope you find it has hot as I did.

I'll start off by telling you a lil about me. I'm 5' 7" 155 lbs.
physically fit. I have dark brown hair, I'm tanned and I have a nice
white, round bubble butt that's very greedy at times and craves hot
chocolate cock from time to time. I have an 8" cut cock but today I was
feeling like a greedy fuckin bottom boy that wanted to get nailed on a
willing and able cock.

I was on surfing the web and chatting and suddenly this dude pops
up on my screen. I quickly check his profile pictures and imagine my
surprise when I see his HOT huge cock. He is Creole, light skinned and
appeared hot online. He has to be at least 8.5" but fuckin THICK. I
didn't realize how thick until I met him face to face.

So anyway he and I start to chat, find out we have things in common and
we both are looking for what the other has to offer.....He's got the cock
and I've got the hole. We agree on a time to meet later that day. I give
him directions to my house, clean up and patiently wait for this
mysterious stud to appear at my front door. Now keep in mind, the only
pictures I saw were of his cock. I had no idea what kind of body this guy
had or what his face looked like. I was completely mesmerized by his cock
and he was coming over...

A knock on my front door....

I open the door and suddenly my fuckin hole twitches with lust! This dude
is fuckin hot, sexy and hopefully really hung. He was about 6' tall,
real light complexion with a Creole background. He smiles and introduces
himself as Steve. He has a gorgeous smile. I smile back and say, "Come on
in Steve, pleasure to meet you."

We have some idle conversation about various things for about 35 minutes
or so. I just can't take it anymore. I just point blank ask....

"So stand up and show me if it's really that big." He looks a lil
shocked and says, "What?" I said, "Stand up and fuckin show me that cock

He laughs and stands up. He pulls down his shorts to reveal his white
briefs and I see that hot fuckin bulge and he proudly reveals a large fat
cock that I will bury my fuckin asshole on. I ask him how big it is....he
smiles back at me and said he didn't know but I could measure it.
LOL....I know I don't breath for nearly a minute, then suddenly I smile,
exhale and ask him if I can measure it with my mouth when I suck it...he
pulls down his briefs and says, GO FOR IT....SUCK MY COCK BRO!

His cock was hard before I even touched it. When I did reach out and grab
that fucker I couldn't even wrap my fingers completely around the shaft
because it was so fuckin thick. I just start suckin the shit out of it
like a greedy cock sucker. He's moaning some, and grabs the back of my
head and forces as much of his huge fuckin Creole cock as deep as he can
in my throat...I gag a lil, pull off with tears in my eyes and a string of
saliva from my hungry throat to the tip of his bone. I inhale and go
right back on it driving him crazy with the depth of my throat.

I love aggressive tops and he fit the bill like I had hoped. He asked me
to strip and I did. I sat back down on the sofa naked and dove right back
on to his cock. There I was laying flat on my stomach giving him a view
of my hot round bubble butt while I sucked his cock. It didn't take him
long to just run his hands down my back to rest each one of his hands on
each cheek of my ass. He leaned over, spread my ass and I heard him
exhale and smiled to myself. He said,

"FUCK that's a hot ass....I wanna eat that hot pussy of yours Kerry."

Before I knew it, he flipped me around and over facing away from him,
with my ass close to his mouth and he just dove face first into my hungry

All you could hear in the room was the suckin noise of his hot mouth
eating the fuck out of my asshole...literally he was making out with my
ass lips...I was moaning like a bitch in heat, grinding my ass back on to
his hot tongue. He ate my hole like he was fuckin starving. I was in
heaven. He'd take both of his hands and slap them down on my ass cheeks,
squeeze hard, shake them a lil and say,

DAMN THAT'S A HOT FUCKIN ASS and go in for more. He was fuckin my hole
with his tongue and I wanted more and more and couldn't wait for
something bigger.

I stood up from the couch, chest red, face flush with lust and a hunger
in my pussy I needed to feed. I looked over at him and said,

"Come on Steve, lets go to my bedroom so you can fuck me there." He
smiled that beautiful smile of his and pushed me to the bar near the
dining room...

He lifted me up and put me on the bar. He got me on all 4s, spread my
legs, and just stood behind me. I knew what was gonna happen and I let
it. He asked me for the lube and I told him it was on the side of the
bed....I watched his hot broad shoulders and tiny waist line and hot firm
ass as he walked away and into my bedroom. He came out with the bottle of
lube in one hand and greasing his HUGE FUCKIN COCK with the other hand.
His cock bounced hard and straight out almost 9" in front of him. I felt
that aching twitch in my pussy again and before I knew it, he was
greasing up my hungry hole with lube.

He stood his ground firm and I felt that fat cock head pushing at the
entry of my asshole....he gripped my hips, I exhaled and relaxed as much
as I could as he started to push hard to get that fat fuckin cock in my
tight hole. He got that huge cock in my hole and there I was again....on
all 4s, on top of my bar, moaning and groaning, but begging for more
while, he was standing behind me, feeding my hole that huge cock.


He started to pick up the pace and every time he'd drive that cock to
the base, he'd grind it side to fuckin eyes would roll back.

I finally just laid my chest on the bar, back arched, ass up and
eager...showing him I wanted to get fucked and fucked good.

He really started hitting my hole deep....PAP PAP PAP was the sound of his
hips slamming against my ass and into the depths of my hole. I was
holding on to the edge of the bar keeping my grip so that I wouldn't
move. I wanted to make sure that when he slammed that hot Creole cock
into my tight white hole, I would be solid and feel every fuckin inch of
his thrust.


He pulled out his big cock from my ass. He flipped me around on my back,
pulled me to the edge of the bar, lifted my legs, and UUUUGGGGGHHHH.....He
shoved all fuckin 8.5" back into my cunt. Damn my hole was being filled
like it's never been filled before. My ass was hurting so well and we
had just started.

He fucked me on my back some more and with one move, he pushed me further
back on to the bar, he climbed on and knelt on his feet. He pushed my
legs further back, my hole even more in the air and exposed while on my
back, and he dipped that fat cock back into my hole. So as he bent over,
his hands were on the side of my head, bending at the knees, on his feet,
he pummeled my hole even deeper. We fucked like animals lost in heat,
taken over by our lust for each other.

I looked up at him, wrapped my arms around his back and held on while he
drilled my hole deep! My eyes were rolling back, but I begged for more.


He pounded me. I could only whisper at this point as I stared into his


All you could hear in the room was the sound of his hips slamming into my
ass, the thud of my back hitting the top of the bar with each stroke of
his dick and the wet noises of his cock stretching my hole and using it
good. I would look up at him, watching his beautiful pecs bounce and flex
as he worked hard to fuck me like I wanted and like he wanted to give it
to me. I'd see that smirk on his face knowing how big his cock was and
how I was enjoying every fat fuckin inch in my hole.

He pulled out all the way and got down off the bar....he stared at my used
hole...he saw how he stretched me out and gently ran 3 of his fingers over
my hole and my ass just sucked them in me. As he stood there I heard him

DAMN THAT'S ONE HOT ASS KERRY! He felt the need to bury it
again...UGH...balls deep in me again.....I held him there, reached around
and felt his fat shaft inside of me. He pulled out again and I put 3 of
my own fingers in my hole and he exhaled....

FUCK THAT LOOKS SO HOT....and bam.....His whole fuckin cock was back inside
of me WITH my own 3 fingers...he fuckin loved stretching my hole.

I asked him to go to the bed. As I got up and started to get off of the
bar, my ass leaked some clear water on the bar....he fucked me so
was the hottest thing I had ever seen...he loved doing that to me. He
smiled a huge smile and said that looked so hot seeing my hungry ass

I got on the bed, lifted my legs and waited for my top man to get in
position. I brought my feet way back over my head, locked them in the
footboard, ass completely exposed. I looked up at him and said.....


In no time, swoosh, that fuckin pole was pounding my now experienced hole
again. Over and over, harder and harder he nailed me on his hard cock. He
continually fucked me over the next 15 minutes...non stop fucking,
grinding, pulling all the way out and then shoving it completely back
into me.......Steve said,

FUCK THAT FEELS GOOD DUDE....I could feel his cock in my gut, banging me
over and over again...hitting spots in me that have never been fucked
before....literally begging him to cum because my fuckin ass was getting

I reached around and held on to his muscular ass, feeling those glutes
pump and flex with each pounding thrust....over and over, harder and
harder....his hips slamming against my ass....his cock fuckin my hole...wet
noises, grunts, moans, pleas.....

He looked down at me and said,

YOU LIKE MY COCK? He smirked at me and said, YEAH YOU LIKE MY COCK.....and
fucked me even harder!

I reached down and furiously pounded my own cock in my fist and pulled on
his ball sac with the other, trying to make him shoot his wad.

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