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59.John & Shahid - Part 5

John & Shahid - Part 5 (Concluding Part)



Part 5

John who was fucking Shahid gently now rested his hands on the bed on
both side of Shahid's body, bent little forward and started giving
strong jerks to him. He kept on going in and coming out of Shahid's
body. Then while his cock inside the tunnel, he bent more and reached
Shahid's face and got involved in an mouth to mouth suck. They had
crossed the limit of dirtiness and started spitting on each other's
face and then rubbing their faces with each other and spread it all
over. John again started giving thrusts. Their bodies were vibrating
in rhythm. John fucked him like this for 15 long minutes. Both were
sweating like anything.

Now John started masturbating Shahid while he was still inside his
hole. Shahid's moaning increased as John rubbed his cock up and down
vigorously. And a time came when Shahid no longer could stop his
eruption. He let out a loud moan and shot out his hot cum. Jets of
his thick juice spread his own chest all over. He was breathing
superfast, John was still jerking his cock and squeezed it so as to
take out till the last drop of his sperms.

John took some of the cum in his fingers and put them inside Shahid's
mouth. Shahid licked it off from his fingers. John took some more and
put it again. In this way, Shahid swallowed his entire outburst, a
single drop of his cum didn't go waste. John the took out his dick
from Shahid's ass and started sucking his cock to get the taste of
his cum that was still glissenning on its tip. He sucked for sometime
and then started masturbating himself.

Shahid got up and grabbed John's cock in his hand and started jerking
it, and within a few seconds John blasted off his load. It hit
Shahid's belly as they were facing each other in kneel down position.
The later shots dropped on the their thighs and some on the bed.
Shahid collected the cum as much as he could and started applying and
spreading it all over John's cock that was still moderately erect. He
rubbed the cum all over the shaft, the sticky smell of his sperm was
spreading fragrance in the air. After spreading it nicely, he bent
down and started licking the sperm covered cock. e took it inside his
mouth, sucked it and cleaned it nicely. Shahid had got the taste of
his own cum as well as of the sexy hunk John.

After clearing the cum from his cock, Shahid laid down on the bed.
John was also terribly exhausted. He too laid down beside Shahid,
turned towards him and kissed him passionately. They closed their
eyes, and slept there for the whole night in each other's arms.
Shahid woke up early morning and also made John wake up. They
exchanged one more kiss and put on their clothes. Shahid bid goodbye
promising to have more such meetings in future.


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