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60.Fucking with King Tut

Fucking with King Tut (Erotic Story)

Fucking with King Tut
by Aihu Fist ( see e-mail at the end of story)

Except for a few exaggerations, this story is no fiction

It was my fourth day in Cairo; I choked on the desert dust, which was
sweeping through the city. I believe it was a Friday: prayer time. I had
nothing to do but I only had ten days of stopover before I had to move on
to Europe. Having left Bangkok just last night I found myself in total
culture shock. What could I do? A visit to the Cairo Museum would be
grand. Having decided this I queued up before the entrance and filed like
most of the visitors at leisure pace from room to room. It was extremely
fascinating to see the various sarcophaguses and the immense polymorphic
statues, until I stopped in front of a bust of some Roman dignitary of the
Alexander the Great Period I think. The sculpture showed the man with
genitals and all. It impressed me.

Each room had a guard nearly, they were young about twenty something. As I
kept staring at the statue I felt the guards presence looking my way. A
tourist next to me and much older, smiled looking at the piece, then back
at me and left for the other adjacent room. My head followed where he went
to I looked into the young guard's eyes. He too had a broad smile on his
mocca colored face. Out of the blue he pointed at the statue and with his
index finger and thumb gestured that the penis of the granite guy was quite
small, than he lifted his left arm, folded it and showed his lower arm as a
big cock pointing his other right finger at him.

So yes he had a bigger cock, was the message.

I smiled at his secretive language. I grabbed his crotch and show me the
package's volume.

I walked on, I wasn't really here for sex and with all these tourists
swarming allover the place, it became quite embarrassing, but guess what?
He managed to follow me and continued to stroke his cock through his
military uniform.

What the hell was going to happen? I made my way to the first floor; I met
him there again because he had managed to swap with every colleague, in
order to be with me.

I arrived at the VIP mummies room. This was 1996 and a special room had
been consecrated at the bodies of Hatchebsoot, Tut ankh Amon and others of
the royals. There he stood in front of the entrance. It wasn't really
crowded here. One person left, another came out. I went in and saw myself
surrounded by glass coffin like cases. Each royal lay in there exposed for
everyone to see, observed, admire or in other cases to feel horrified. A
bit like at Madame Thusaud museum. The young guy winked at me and had his
cock in huge shape in his hand, though still enveloped in his pants. I
avoided his looks, I felt proud that such a young guy followed and wanted
to get it off with me. But here? He must have been out of his mind. Either
he was oversexed or starving of it.

I slowly visited case by case, bowed my head over them and stared into
their faces. The two remainders left the room. Now we were alone again. My
heart beat faster as if I felt trapped with a predator on my tracks. I
admit I was a bit crazy too, to say the least, as in this Moslem country I
had decided to continue to wear my 'lungi', which I had bought from the
Karen in Thailand. It looks like a sarong and is probably not know here,
though Moslems use a kind of sarong in Indonesia too to go to the mosk. Had
this piece of dress turned my young fan on and given him an instant hard

Hadn't much time to think about it as he was already standing behind
me. Pressing me against the glass coffin. I felt his hard dick push against
my gluttons.

-Lift your skirt, he whispered, looking attentively at the entrance,
anxious to see whether someone would walk in.

I am sure he told his friends he was going to have me pierced on his
manhood. Reluctantly I rolled up my sarong, which made my underwear

He pulled that one down in flick of second, had his fly unzipped and
started screwing his way in-between my buttocks. He hadn't even spat on his
cock, I remember.

The curtain moved and another tourist walked in. That must have frustrated
him. I looked up like I got caught red handed, then pushed him away and he
nearly blushing walked on to the corner pretending nothing had
happened. Then another two walked through the door. He kept winking at me
to come near him; he absolute had no shame or fear to continue flirting
with me. I ignored him completely until all left again.

They too had gone at last. I was vibrating with lust and had lots of
expectations from this young lad. He came close and asked me: how much you
pay me?

I laughed at this.

-Are you nuts? You follow me, it is you who want it and I should pay

I made moves to leave him instantly.

He grabbed my arm:

-Bend over, he said.

No need for me rolling up my skirt. He had ripped it off me and thrown on
the glass case. I was now staring into Tut's face. My arms were lying next
to my face, covering the upper glass plate. He spat a few times in his
hands and rubbed it savagely against my anus.

I thought:

-what the fuck Am I crazy or what?

I resisted a bit and he barked: don't worry it is museum closing time. I
close up this room. We are totally alone, nothing to fear.

As he said this, my sphincter embraced him coming in, poking about,
adjusting, finding its way to higher regions. He grabbed my cock and
gripped it like it was something he was going to sever any time soon. He
went on about it, frantically, nervously. I was now relaxing my rectum and
my mind, now that I knew that we were alone.

He fucked me for like half an hour without respite. I got tired; I only
looked at King Tut exposing his rotten teeth at me in a deadly grin.

The young man humped up my rump like a savage ram.

Finally he came. He felt my cock and wobbled my ball in his hand.

-Good cock he said, you nice man. Wait here. Ok. I look if coast is clear.

I waited like fifteen minutes. As I was about to leave the room, the
curtain fluttered and shoved aside. In came like four other guards with a
huge grin on their mustached faces.

The last one to come in was he.They had mean looks and stared at me
obnoxiously evil-minded.

-Zid, he said and the guys moved in surrounding me.

I had dressed myself, but in vain. He waited outside doing his job:
guarding the museum rooms. Only now with another purpose.

They closed in on me. My skirt was ripped from my body. A guy from behind
slid his fingers inside my briefs from the back and tore them down. I only
had a T-shirt left. My cock still limp from the wanking- I hadn't
ejaculated yet.

He shouted something at them like: it's ok. Zid (go on), he said.

They unbuckled their belts; their pants fell on the floor over their black
boots. The scent off urine and manly sweat wafted through my nostrils.

They stood their boys like in old-fashioned underwear which I had worn
myself when I was twelve. The gang of four stood there in a their bulging

The guy in the back pushed me forward.

-Suck this one first, he ordered.

I looked at a tight muscled abdomen, genitals exposed, balls hanging over
the fly of his briefs. The huge swelling cock was lying on my nose and
falling into my trembling fearful lips.

-I first, one said behind my back. The other three had lined up behind
me. I was going to be gangbanged by these twinks. The guy behind me moved
in snake wise, softly, smoothly and went for it in soft moaning, in and out
and in and out, I felt him sliding over my prostate. It felt warm and
nice. By contrast the guy who mouthfucked me thumped in his meat like he
was pecking some wood. No one sucked me, of course not; I never met a
Moslem who would do this.

One after one they came, the guys all came in long spurts and shuddering
contractions. They took there turns alternating from mouth fucking to ass
wrecking. I felt sore but relieved. I was allowed to go to the loo where I
whacked off my own wood. Why do Moslems always get away with humping me and
I get nothing out of it. Never I can feel my rod up their kitchen hole. The
guy who brought them here had a smile from ear to ear. He pinched me in the
butt and said: come back tomorrow? They all laughed as we ran down the
stairs. The guard at the main entrance winked at me and then had a serious
look at them. Was he aware of this?

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