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I was a graduate student at a mid-western university a number of
years ago. It was a medium sized college town and moral in its
outlook. There was not much opportunity to find anyone out of the
closet. On afternoons when I would drive from the campus to
downtown, I would always cruise the studs walking, paying special
attention to their buttocks as well as their baskets. I would often
stop along the street when I would see a very good looking hunk. I
would pause, as if I were reading a map or looking for an address.
When they would pass by I would look at them and nod that I would
be willing to give them a ride. Not very often but once in a while
I would have the company of a young sexy college stud. Usually it
was only for a ride and pleasant conversation, but a few times,
they wanted sex as much as I did.

One summer afternoon a very solidly built Latino was sauntering
down the sidewalk. As I passed him I turned and smiled and pulled
to the side, down the street a ways. His round full and firm
buttocks, as I passed were moving deliciously up, down, back and
forth. I turned and looked at him, especially his basket and how
well he filled out is clothes. He had on levis and short sleeved
shirt with a knapsack over his shoulder. His neatly cut black wavy
hair highlighted his classicly beautiful face. He had a sensuously
pleasant smile, his perfect white teeth added to my desire to have
this stud.

As soon as I could make close eye contact I winked and smiled, and
motioned with my hand that I would give him a ride. He came up the
car and I opened the door. "Can I give you a ride?" "Yes, sure, I'd
like that, it is hot out here." As he got in and put his knapsack
on the floor between his legs, he said, extending his hand to shake
mine, "My name is Juan, what's yours?" I said, "I'm Robb." I was
shaking his hand and we both held on a bit longer. I asked, "Where
are you headed?" Juan said, "To my room, up Central Street a ways,
are you going that far?" I said, "Yes, I take you where ever you
want, I'm just going for a drive, to relax from school work." Juan
said that he had finished his class for the day and was going to
relax also, and maybe take a nap. He said he lived in a room in a
private home, but they were at work and he had a private entrance
to the upstairs room. While we drove and exchanged hometown's,
majors in school, what we like to do for hobbies and sports, I was
rubbing my hardening cock and looking at Juan's sensuous eyes,
deepset, dark and sparkling. Juan massaged his crotch and said,
"Would you like to come up to my room for a while?" I said, "Yes,
that would be nice, you are a very handsome hunk!" Juan reached
over and massaged my thigh and moved his hand onto my hard cock and
squeezed it. I reached over and felt his crotch. His cock was
getting harder as I continued my ministrations. Juan slid down a
bit in the seat so I could get better advantage. Juan said, "You've
got a big one, I like that, I haven't been with anyone else for
quite a while, that feels good."

I had a hard time concentrating on my driving, but we were quickly
at his place. I parked and we walked up the back stairs, and into
his room. His perfectly shaped globes were moving sensuously in
front of me. He apologized for not having much room, but it was
adequate for his needs. He locked the doors and we embraced,
hugging each other, and feeling backs and buttocks. Juan smelled
good, he had that young manly odor, sweet, musky, clean, delicious.
Our lips met and we opened our mouths to entwining tongues. I
grabbed tight to his firm ass cheeks, as Juan pushed his tongue
further in my mouth and arched his ass into my kneading hands and
he squirmed around and then thrust his hips forward crushing his
groin into mine. We ground around and around, as I hummed on his

When we broke, Juan said, "I'll put the mattress on the floor
because the bed makes too much noise. I knew we were going to have
some fun. When the mattress was on the floor, we had taken our
shoes off and we were on the mattress, undressing each other, with
some speed. I removed his shirt first, revealing a husky firm body,
with beautiful dark chocolate brown tits sticking up from gently
defined pectorals. His upper body was hairless and a beautiful
bronze color, clean and unmarred by any blemishes. Just below his
naval a narrow, dark line of hair went down into his pants. I
leaned over grabbed his crotch and sucked on his nipples, pulling
him in close to me. Juan moaned and said, "Oh, Robb that feels
good, suck the other one, please." I moved over and sucked on his
other tit and pinched and massaged the one I had just left, still
holding onto his crotch, which was getting very hard, and straining
at the cloth.

Juan was feeling me all over my back and reached under me to
unbutton my shirt. I stood up and he removed my shirt and kissed
and tweaked my tits as I ran my fingers through his hair, and I
felt his face and chin as he sucked on my tit. I lifted him up and
knelt down in front of him and unbuttoned his levis. As I folded
back the flaps I exposed a pair of white jockey briefs, contrasted
against his dark bronze skin. I pushed his levis down to his ankles
and he stepped out of them. I grabbed a hold of his ass cheeks and
pulled his crotch into my face and smelled of his clean and musky
groin. The delicious smell of youth. I nibbled on his balls and
then his cock through the cloth. Juan's cock responded to my
sucking, holding my head and pushing me in close. I was kneading
his nice ass cheeks and he started to thrust his hips forward, dry
fucking my face.

I slowly pulled down his briefs around his buttocks and spread his
cheeks apart and ran my hands up and down the cleft finally finding
his rosebud. I circled it with my finger as Juan pushed back onto
it. I only teased him a bit, because I wanted his cock first, and
wanted him to suck me hard and wet so I could slide between his
tight ass cheeks and into his hot hole. I pulled his briefs down in
front with my teeth, exposing his hard uncut cock, about five
inches long and tapering to a pointed lance with his foreskin still
covering all of his head. His pecan sized balls were hanging in a
hairless sack firmly against his shaft. The black luxuriant curly
hair that poised itself above his beautiful phallus, was like a
small fan being held upside down by his naval.

I sucked on both of his balls, taking them into my mouth to taste
there sweetness. Oh, how nice! Juan moaned, "Oh, Robb, Oh, your
mouth is so hot and wet. Oh, it feels so good, don't stop. Ohhh!" I
sucked and tugged on them as I took hold of his shaft and slowly
felt the size and shape and moved the skin up and down, jacking him
off slowly. My other hand was between his legs, with one finger
probing his tight hole. "Hummm! Hummm! Ohhh!" Juan moaned as he was
pushing forward and then backward trying to enjoy both ends at the
same time, "Ohhh! Robb! that sooo good, Ohhh! you'd better stop
before I come, Ohhh!"

I stopped, slowly letting his balls out of my mouth and sitting
back on my haunches. I just kneeled there admiring his full
masculine body, an Aztec Adonis, what a joy to behold. Juan reached
over and helped me up, while he licked his way down from my tits to
waist, unbuttoning my levis and pulling them to my ankles. I
stepped out of them and kicked them aside. My seven inches of hard
cut cock bounced straight out and up as I wasn't wearing any
underwear. Juan was on his knees, and grabbed a hold of my shaft
with one hand and was jacking on it as he exclaimed, "Oh, Robb,
what a big cock you have, I want to eat it and have you fuck me,
Oh! Wow! Hummm! It's nice." He got one ball in his mouth and sucked
on it and felt my thighs and buttocks and tugged on my balls and
then sucked hard until his almost got the other one in, but
couldn't keep it there. He immediately went down on my cock over
half way, hitting be back of his throat. I grabbed his head and
felt his cheeks with my cock thrusting in and out of his mouth.
"Wow, Juan, you sure have a hot mouth. Oh, yeah! that's it! Suck it
hard! Get it as hard as you can so I can fuck your big hot ass.
Ohhh! yeah!, That's it, do it." He was tugging on my ball sack and
sucking hard on my cock.

I had to tell him to stop for a minute, so I could cum up his ass.
I said, "Let's 69 for a while, shall we?" "OK" Juan said. We lay
down facing each other on our sides. I looked at and played with
Juan's cock, to make sure I didn't forget what a beautiful genitals
he has, with its small but dense black furry crown. I had not had
his cock in my mouth and I was looking forward to sucking out all
of his juices. I pulled Juan's lower knee forward, so I could rest
my head and stuck out my tongue to lick the head of Juan's lance. I
pulled his foreskin forward and made a small mouth out of it and
put my tongue in and could only get the tip of it to find his
glans. Juan moaned and thrust his hips forward shoving his cock
into my mouth. I sucked on this hard shaft and went all the way to
the hilt. His cock head touched my throat, I had all of him in my
mouth. It was just the right size mouthful. My right arm was under
his leg and I was poking at his ass hole and kneading his firm

I backed off of his shaft to get a good taste of his cockhead and I
tried to pull his foreskin back. Juan thrust backwards to get away
from me and came off my cock fast and said, "Robb, that hurts, I
can't skin it when I'm hard, please don't do that." I said, "OK!"
and I pulled his foreskin as far forward as I could, and stuck my
tongue in the tight ring and licked as much of his precum as I
could. That drove Juan crazy, he bucked back and forth like a wild
bronco. He was panting, and moaning, "Ohhh! Robb! Ohhh! Ohhh!
you're driving my crazy, I'm going to cum! Ohhh! Robb! Here it is!"
He drove forward and stiffened out his legs and shot wads of cum at
the back of my throat. I swallowed some and kept some. It was sweet
and delicious. I held him tight and he started sucking on my cock
again. in long slow strokes. When Juan's cum stopped I rolled back
away from him so that I wouldn't come in his mouth. and I twisted
around so that I could kiss him and share some of his sweet juices
with him. I lay on top of Juan and embraced him and kissed him,
sharing his load. I ground my hard cock into his, and he responded,
thrusting back. Our hard cocks rubbing against each other.

He lifted his ...
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