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63.Love is Beautiful

Love is Beautiful
Dear Friends, My name is Ravikumar. I am a Computer Network Engineer. I am working in a multinational Company in Chennai, Tamilnadu, INDIA. Most of the regular readers of know me. I have written some of my experiences as stories in nifty stories collection. This time I would like to share one of my early days experiences that happened with a 7-year-old boy. During my College Days, our family was at Coimbatore. My Dad was a Govt. Employee in Postal Department; So Govt. allocated a new home for our family in Postal Department Officer’s Colony. First few months went out without any changes. My mom started to move closely with neighbors. Because of my College timings, I use to wake up early and go to college at 7:30am. In evening also, I use to come to my home very late, after my football practice. I really love my home very much. It was not a big home, but a nice one. One hall, one bedroom and one small room (it was my room) and kitchen and bathroom with attached toilet. From my room window the nearby railway-line is completely visible. I use to see the morning train and night train regularly. In initial days, the sound of train in mid nights spoiled our sleep but in later days, we started to adjust ourselves.

I started to improve my sex knowledge from my school days itself. Anyhow, college life is different. It gave me chances to meet new friends with same frequency. In boring class hours, I use to sit with some friends under one big near bus stand and chat about everything. Of course, some of them are very intimate friends. However, only one of them is very close to me. His name is Ramesh. He is very attractive. He was not in my football team, but he is a chess player. He looks very nice and he moves with me very friendly. After few months of our friendship, somehow I started to fantasize about him while masturbating. I really do not know how and why I started to think about him in such way but I loved to fantasize about him a lot. Whenever I masturbate, I think about him as my lover and in dreams I play a lot with him. This started to make a new kind of interest on him. I started to make chances to be with him every time. Sometimes I touch him on his buttocks and thighs casually, sometimes on his shoulders. However, I never noticed any negative reactions from his side. This made me to make my moves more boldly.

One Saturday afternoon, he came to my home for combine studies. Normally in exams times we use to sit combine study. My mom and dad welcomed him and we went to top floor. It was an open terrace. We put a mat, sat there and started to discuss about our subjects. Inside my mind I started to make plans for making next level moves. I usually wear lungi in home. Therefore, while sitting casually I made little adjustments, so that he can see my thighs and glimpse of my underwear. As I expected I noticed his eyes moving towards my hairy thighs. It became evening and still we had more lessons. I suggested him to stay in my home that night. He hesitated first them agreed. So, he called his dad over phone and conveyed the message. My mom cooked Chapatti and Curry that night. He loved the food very much. After food, I gave him one lungi and t-shirt. Inside my room, he changed his dresses. We again went to top floor. I went to toilet and removed my underwear before coming to top floor. Usually I sleep without Underwear. However, this time I purposely did it.

After few hours of our subject discussion, slowly we started to discuss about other general things. As you know about boy talks, we started with friends subject; cinema then our talks came to girls and sex subject. At First, he hesitated to chat about it, but because of my open talks about everything, he also started to talk openly. Our talk turned about masturbation. With shy, he said that he does not masturbate anytime but sometimes he leaks his semen in underwear while sleeping. I know he is talking about wet dreams. I said I masturbate at-least twice in a week. We chatted about many things about sex and girls. When chatting about girls and sex sometimes I say the bulge in his lungi. I smiled. While chatting, I said I also love cute boys. That sentence made a sudden silence between us. I noticed his reaction. He saw inside my eyes. Then in soft voice, he said that he also loves little boys. Wow… god, I am hearing a real nice news. My close friend and me are in same frequency – we both have same kind of interests. I did not asked anything about it. Even I stopped our conversation about boy-sex then. I asked him to stay there; I went to toilet and thought about my next move. ‘He also loves it – so making a move is not a problem – but be careful in everything…’ my mind suggested. I came back to top floor. The time became nearly 1:00 pm. It was time for sleep. I arranged the bed for us. It was summer time. Therefore, sleeping in open terrace is better then sleeping inside the closed room.

We lay next to each other. After few minutes, I positioned myself close to him – like touching his body. No negative signs. So I made my next move. I put my arm around his waist and softly pulled him. He opened his eyes. Our eyes met directly in dark night. I moved even close to him – my penis touched his buttocks and pressed hardly. Without a word, I moved close to him and kissed softly directly on his lips. He could feel my huge erection over his thighs. I hugged him softly. In few seconds, I felt his right arm coming around my shoulder and hug me. Good – my moves are working and this is playtime. The night is totally dark so nobody can watch us. I quickly took off my t-shirt. However, I looked very confident and great, but inside I was feeling a bit strange because I had not really done this before with such a grown close friend. He had also taken his T-shirt off and was sitting on the mat in his lungi.

This night I would like to make me happy – that was the only taught in my mind. I should treat him as my special guest. I would do everything…the maximum possible…I knelt down and placed my lips on his. After smooching his lips for a couple of seconds I put his lower lip between my lips and started to suck on it. His lips were soft and nice. I slowly pushed my tongue into his mouth and found his tongue. We fenced our tongues for a long time. The kiss had become very wet and I was enjoying the taste of his mouth. I kissed all over his mouth then moved to his neck. He also did the same. While kissing me, he holed my face softly and kissed. I kissed his neck side. Then, I started to move down his body kissing his chest and started to draw wet rounds around his dark nipples with my tongue. Then I covered his left nipple with my tounge and sucked it softly. While sucking his one nipple my fingers traced his next nipple and pinched it softly. Then I switched to his next nipple and repeated the same again. Then I moved to his stomach, and started to tounge his belly button. In few seconds, I moved again and reached his lungi. I slowly lift it off and was glad to see his erect pole. He is also not with underwear. He whispered “ I usually sleep without it…”… “I know we are in same frequency… “ I replied. His cock was 5 or 6 inches long and was quite thick as well (almost 1'5 inch). I smelled his sweat deeply and I started to kiss his cock from top to bottom. I could sense his excitement because his cock was now rock hard and it was pulsating. I pulled the foreskin of his cock a little bit behind, then with the tip of my tongue started to slowly lick his rose color penis knob.

It was really fun, just the tip of my tongue licking the knob of his cock. I paid special attention to his pee hole and licked it couple of times. It tasted great. His cock knob was big and pink in color and it looked very good with my tongue on it. Ramesh was really enjoying my licking. He was running his fingers in my hairs. Suddenly he held my hairs tightly and pushed his cock into my mouth. His pole was entering my mouth and I loved every inch of it. He kept pushing his cock into my mouth till it was inside my mouth to its hilt. Then I slowly raised my head and took his cock out of my mouth. When his cock came out of my lips, it made a pop sound. That was really erotic. I started to suck his cock very fast. His cock was throbbing very fast and I knew he is about to come. However, I did not want that to happen, I did not want it to end just with a blowjob. Therefore, I took out his dick from my mouth and started to suck his balls instead. Ramesh had grabbed my hairs and he would pull or push my head in the direction he wanted me to lick.

Sometimes he would just hold my head in one place if he needed more licking of particular place. He held my head for a long time near his balls. I licked every part of his scrotum. I sucked his balls. Then he pushed my head a little below. I took out my tongue and licked the skin between his balls and anus. He began to moan. He held my head over there so that I do more of what I was doing with my tongue. He whispered "keep licking.... keep licking ... do not stop". Then he slowly pushed my head a little down and whispered again "keep licking ... do not stop".

I got the idea of what he wants me to do...and I decided to do whatever he wants me to do. So I kept my tongue jutted out of my mouth and let him guide it to where ever he wants. He kept pushing my head down. Slowly, the tip of my tongue came down and touched his anus. He kept pushing my head down till my tongue had passed his anus and was inside the crack of his ass. Then he pulled my head up. Again, my tongue came in full contact of his asshole.

Even though I love it very much, I was in mild shock that I had my tongue was in someone’s asshole. I shivered and got goose bums all over my body. Ramesh was moaning and breathing very heavily. His eyes were tightly shut. In short, he was in was in heaven. He kept pulling my hair up and I started to work my way up again. Till I reached the knob of his cock I licked every inch of his skin. Then he pushed my head down again. Again, my tongue was over his ass hole. Now he was moving his fingers in my hair and was enjoying his ass getting licked. He moved his hand, grabbed the back of my head, and pushed my head into his body. Now the middle part of my tongue was in contact with his ass hole.

Now my inhibitions were going away and I liked this anal licking. Therefore, I decided to lick and tongue Ramesh's ass hole. I grabbed his ass cheeks by hands and pulled them apart. Now I could see his hot asshole very clearly. I started to lick his asshole with my tongue. I was licking his anus like a dog and enjoying it as well. Occasionally I will have to stop and spit out a couple of his anal hairs, which will stick to my tongue. I grabbed his ass cheeks even harder now, and I brought my thumbs together near his anus and forced it to open slightly, then I pushed my face in, and kissed his anus with my lips and pushed my tongue inside his anus. Ramesh started to moan loudly. I was tongue fucking his asshole.

He was enjoying it a lot, as his fingers were moving in my hairs and occasionally he will pull my head into his body making my tongue penetrate his ass hole even deeper. Then he will hold my head firmly so that my tongue stays inside his asshole. Then he would contract the anal muscles forcing my tongue out. Then we would repeat the cycle. Then I thought of something nasty. I got up, grabbed the wrists of Ramesh with my hands and kissed his lips I forced his lips open and darted my tongue into his mouth. Now it was his turn to be shocked a little. He opened his eyes and tried to get up. However, I had both his wrists in my grip and had pinned him ...
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