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MY SISTER'S BOYFRIEND - Part 2 ( Erotic Story)


Here is the second part of a my fact_inspired story,


Part Two

`Erm... yeah, I'm alone, wh........?'

Ben pushed me against the wall and held me there with his big, powerful
hands. In his pause I prepared myself for a beating. I squeezed shut my
eyes and tensed my body. I could not believe what he did next. I felt his
stubbly jaw graze against mine and then his lips press onto mine. His
tongue forced apart my lips and pushed into my mouth. Now, I know I'm
almost 23 but the truth is I have never been kissed and here I was
experiencing my first real kiss with Ben! I opened my eyes as his hands
squeezed my trembling arms. He pulled his wet face away from mine and I
could see the desperation in his dreamy blue eyes.

I couldn't speak. So he did.

`This is what you want isn't it?'

I had to catch my breath but before I could reply he grabbed my semi hard
cock through my jeans and said,

`I think this means yes!'

And then he smiled. Oh, that smile was enough to make me melt and knowing
it was all for me made my cock juice up in my Calvin's. As his smile
dropped it was replaced with a look of lust. I don't know if he noticed, or
even cared, that I was completely terrified but he took hold of my hand and
lead me to the living room.

It was funny because even though I was paralysed with a mixture of fear and
confusion I trusted that he wouldn't hurt me. I don't know if this is
because I wanted whatever was going to happen, to happen, or because I was
kind of in love with him and viewed him as my big brother. Whatever it was
I felt able to do anything he told me. He sat me down on the sofa and
quickly pulled his jacket off and told me to unbuckle his belt. I didn't
need to be told twice. Fuelled with adrenaline, I fumbled his trousers down
and he stepped out of them, throwing his damp white shirt to the floor. I
was sitting at eye level to his bulge. The bulge I had dreamed about a
hundred times before. I guessed it was substantial from my secret glances
to his crotch in his tight jeans and sexy fottie shorts but I wasn't
prepared for what I saw tenting out his white Calvin's.

`You wanna help me out here Thom?'

It was the first time he had said my name and I looked up passed his furry
defined stomach, pumped up pecs and his round shoulders straight into his
devouring eyes and said,

`I've never done this before Ben. Tell me what to do.'

`Pull them down', he commanded.

I grabbed hold of his branded waistband and pulled down but his cock had
become so hard it had caught on the opening of the fly and caused his shaft
to flick up and thwack me across the face. It was like having a rolling pin
hit me! We both laughed which changed the atmosphere instantly.

`Bet you've wanted to feel my cock on your face for sometime', joked Ben a
bit arrogantly, which I loved.

`I can't believe this is happening. Why are you doing this?'

What the fuck was I doing? I'm staring at a straight man's huge cock which
I've lusted after for five years and I was asking him questions!

`If you suck me off well enough I'll tell you, okay?'

He was grinning down at me and I clung onto his massive thighs.

`How fucking huge are you Ben? I've seen a lot of cock on the net but this
thing is massive!'

I grabbed hold of the base of his shaft and my fingers couldn't touch my

`Well I've not measured it for a long time but your sister, and every other
girl I've fucked actually, said it's the biggest she's ever seen too.'

I was shocked at his brazen response but as turned on as ever. I estimated
if mine was 7"x5", he was easily over 10" and way thicker than mine, maybe
7" round. It was truly huge, but amazingly in complete proportion to his
body. It curved up towards his chest like a huge pink banana. I tentively
started to move his foreskin back and forth and he gratefully moaned.

`Come on mate, you can do better than that. Lick it bro.'

He called me bro. I was in heaven. I started at the bottom of his
wrist_like shaft, now holding his full bollocks with one hand. I tasted my
first cock. It was hot and rock hard. Like a steel girder covered in skin.
It smelt so horny, like when I had smelt his cum stained pants before. I
knew I was born to suck cock! My tongue reached his large piss slit and....

`Hang on, let me sit down and you get on your knees. I like it that way.'

I didn't complain. I got up, he sat where I was and I knelt down between
his open knees, cock jutting out like a baseball bat.

`Now suck me good fag!'

`Oi!', I mocked offence.

`You know you love it!'

He was right. I really did love to be called a fag by this hunky straight
man while I held onto his marble_like dick. I leaned down and took his golf
ball sized helmet into my mouth.

`Keep going', he ordered.

I did my best and even surprised myself when I felt him opening up my
throat. I was only half way down his shaft. He placed a big hand on the
back of my head.

`Breathe through your nose. I'm gonna do the rest baby.'

He started to push down further, forcing my gullet to widen. He got almost
all the way in and then pulled out until his helmet was about to pop out of
my throat. Then he slid it back down again. He was wanking his shaft with
my throat. I was amazed how I managed to breathe whilst being impaled on
his giant manhood. My own cock was straining against my jeans as I held on
to his thighs and let him rape my face. He was grunting like an animal and
really ramming it into me now and I was loving every second.

`This is it baby, take it all.... EENNNNNGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!'

I felt his warm, thick cum gush down my throat. It was like drinking lumpy,
warm milkshake. He pulled his cock out, still spewing, and he shot the
remaining globs over my face and neck. His cum was just like the man;
thick, powerful and lots of it. He smeared his plump helmet over my cheeks
and lips, reveling in his dominance over me. He was breathing heavily and
his body hair was matted with sweat. I spoke through the mass of cum
dripping off my face,

`Oh my god Ben, you're better than I ever dreamed. And I'm a fucking mess!'

Laughing he said,

`Let me clean you up. Come here....'

He lifted me up next to him and he licked his own cum off my awe struck
face. I didn't think straight men ate their own.

`Taste good don't I?!'

He stuck his tongue back in my mouth and swirled more cum around in there.
His chunky arms wrapped me up and held me tight to him. I pulled my mouth
away to say,

`You have no idea how much I've dreamt of this Ben. I was so worried after
I sent that text that you'd hate me forever. I had no idea you were bi.'

`Ah, now that's what we need to talk about Thom.'

It felt suddenly serious.

`I've never actually done anything with a man before, other than 3somes and
stuff. That is until you sister told me you were gay. It made me think
about stuff I hadn't needed to before. I don't have any gay mates so it was
hard for me to know how to be around you. I think you felt that too with
me, so when I started noticing you checking me out, and me liking it, I was
very confused. When I got your text it took me a few days to decide that I
wanted to come over and do this with you. I'm a horny man and the thought
of exciting new sex was too much to resist.'

`I don't know what to say.'

My mind characteristically flicked to a negative,

`What about my sister?'

`We don't need to tell her do we?'

Ben told me more than asked me.

`I can keep this between us, I've had a lot of practice at concealing the
truth, I am gay after all.'

He smiled at me and kissed my sticky forehead. He then looked down to a
large wet spot on my jeans.

`I feel a bit underdressed here!' He was always so confident and able to
joke about, even when stripping his girlfriend's little brother out of his
I was left standing in my Calvin's, pressed up to the rugged lad's hard
body. He touched my hard cock through the material.

`I'm embarrassed with that monster still bigger than mine when it's soft!'

`Fuck off, I've watched enough porn to know you've got nothing to worry
about down there.'

He pulled my pants off and my cock slapped onto my stomach, splashing precum
over it, and rested at 45 degrees from my body, throbbing.

`My little bro's almost got a six pack!'

He rubbed his large palm over my just visible bumps.

`Don't mock me you cunt! Just because you have a body to rival Jonny

`Not bad for a lad almost in his 30's, eh?'

Ben flexed both his huge biceps and I uncontrollably gushed some precum onto
his furry chest.

`Whoa, and I didn't even need to touch it!'

`You have no idea how horny you make me Ben.'

`I think I'm starting to understand! How do you fancy receiving my first

It'll be my first time to Ben.'

`Oh yeah, you must be gagging for it, still a virgin at 22! I lost mine at
12 but I guess I wasn't like most boys.'
`You can say that again. How the fuck did you get to be that big anyway?'

`Good genes I guess. My dad was always big too. He caught me wanking off
once and told me he was glad to see the family trait was successfully passed

`Well I'm just glad my sister found you. It was obvious to everyone why she
fancied you but now I know the other reason! Why she calls you BIG ben!'

`Yeah, and let me say, you did much better than her the first time sucking
my cock. She only managed a few inches. I had almost all of it down you,

I got onto my knees and straddled him. My cock was pointing at his chin.

`Let's see if you're a natural too!'

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