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MY SISTER'S BOYFRIEND - PART 3 ( Erotic story)


Here is the third and final installment of my story,


Part Three

Ben's mouth enveloped half my dick in one gulp.

`Holy fuck', I yelled in ecstasy.

I moved my right hand to the back of his head and my left made its way to my
contracting hole. I had fingered myself a hundred times before but having
my hunky sister's boyfriend sliding his lips over my cock at the same time
was overwhelming. I came within a minute. Now, our loads couldn't be more
different. My cum is very thin, probably due to the amount of wanking I do,
and was nothing compared to the torrent Ben produced for me.

`I never thought I'd say this, but your cum is delicious Thom!' He didn't
miss a drop and swallowed my juice.

`I never cum much, sorry Ben.'

`Shut up, I loved it. Anyway, I've got enough cum for the both of us. And
it looks like I'm ready to go again.'

It was hard not to notice the column of meat jutting up from his groin. I
sat down between his enormous thighs and wrapped mine around his sexy waist.
Our bollocks pressed together and his cock head actually rested on my left
nipple! He wrapped his arms around me and I could tell from his _expression
he was feeling aggressive again. Precum was drooling down his shaft an over
my torso. My cock was reaching full mast again as he picked me up with ease
and stood with me wrapped around his waist. He then carried me up stairs,
kissing me deeply all the way. My room was at the top of the stairs. He
lowered me on to my bed saying,

`I'm going to fuck your tight virgin arse now, my queer little brother.'

He looked at me almost possessed with lust. He obviously relished in the
incestuous act we were playing out as much as I did. I lifted my heels onto
his ample shoulders in reply.

`That's it baby, open up for Big Ben!'

He loved taking charge and got off on his own arrogance. So did I. He spat
down onto my hole and pressed his fat pink helmet against my opening.

`Whoa Thom, this is the tightest hole I've felt in a while! Guess your
sister's used to this big fucker up her arse by now. I gotta work on you

By now I wasn't shocked by his dirty comments about my sister; it obviously
turned him on even more. He proceeded to take a sausage like finger and
slide it up me. I was writhing in unparalleled ecstasy as he greedily
pushed another one in.

`AAHHHH', I moaned.

`You're a horny little poof aren't you boy!', he said in a menacing way,
reminding me he is still very straight and knew it.

`Ben's big dick can't wait anymore. I'm just gonna have to force you bro.'

He said this with such relish I could tell he was into dominance in a big
way. I was glad to be getting raped by my big brother and I showed him by
gritting my teeth and spreading my arse cheeks wider.

`Come on then bro!', I urged.

He didn't hesitate and within a second he had pulled his two fingers out and
replaced them with his slimy cock head. He drove it forward, grinning down
at me.

`AAAARRRRRRRRGGGGHHHHHH!', I screamed in pain.

He was face to face with me. I was in tears. He was clenching his teeth,
now slowly pushing in deeper. I never felt so full down there in my life.
It felt like an arm was shoving up my arse. He stopped and let my sphincter
try and relax.

`I'm half way, baby. Ready for the rest?'

I couldn't answer but he didn't wait for one anyway. He continued to slide
into me. His arms were now rippling as he tugged down on my shoulders. I
felt two large furry globes on my bum and then the crispness of his pubes
pressing up against my perineum.

`Well done baby, how's it feel with a man up inside you at last?'

With watering eyes and short breaths all I could muster was,

`Fuck me Ben.'

`Hold on Thommy.'

He called me that all the time, but now it took on a new significance. He
withdrew for what felt like ages until only his helmet was left inside then
he slammed it home again. It was still hurting but as I began to relax I
started feeling other, orgasmic sensations. He was now grunting like a bull
as he impaled me again and again on his enormous pole.

`Take it baby. Can you feel your BIG bro inside you boy? Fuck, I love
fucking your faggot arse, your so tight. AAAARRRNNNNGGHHH'

He was in a trance as his thrusts speed up and I wailed in delight.

`Oh yeah Ben, fill me up. Make me cum for you.'

As I shouted it, it happened. His shaft was rubbing my prostate so hard I
shot without touching my cock. I erupted my biggest load ever across my
chest and over Ben's tight stomach. It pumped out of me in time with his

`Oh fuck yeah!', he yelled.

The sight of himself fucking the cum out of my cock caused him to swell even
thicker; I could feel his girth increase in my bowels! It was amazing. My
body had gone limp but he kept going like a steam train. He had so much
power and stamina. It was over 30 minutes before he shouted,

`I'm gonna fill you up this end now Thommy! Take it you fucking whore!!!!'

He erupted deep up in me. I felt the warmth of his liquid coating my
insides. After a minute of full flow he slowed. The sweat was dripping off
his face onto mine as he began to stab his cock into me, milking out the
last of his cum. He collapsed on top of me. We lay there for a few minutes
catching our breath.

`Thankyou for being my first Ben', I said panting.

`That's okay buddy. Same here.'

He turned to look at the clock.

`Shit it's almost 9! I said I'd meet the boys for a drink at half past.
Good job I told your sister I was working late tonight.'

I didn't really have time or the sense of perspective to feel guilty about
my sister. Yet.

Ben pulled his still firm but softening cock out of my arse with a squelch.
It was as though he had unplugged me. The remains of his spunk bubbled out
of my slack hole and dribbled down between us. He got up and went to the
bathroom. I was left lying there in a puddle of our cum, my mind reeling.

He came out of the bathroom, slightly freshened up. He was just in his
Calvin's My heart began to beat faster at the erotic sight before me. His
bulge was obscene. He looked even more handsome after sex then he did
before. He smiled down to me, adjusting his semi and said,

`You make me fucking horny Thom, but I gotta run.'

He went down stairs and by the time I had joined him he was back in his suit
and checking himself in the hallway mirror. I had just my pants on,
standing on the bottom step.

`Okay, sorry I have to leave so quick but I can't let my rugger boys down.
I wanna do this again Thom. I'll text you soon mate.'

He flashed his winning smile at me one more time, grabbed his bag, opened
the door and strode down the street as though he had just scored the winning
try for England or something. I guess it was his arrogance and sexual
prowess that made him so attractive to everyone who saw him.

But now I was alone again. Alone with my thoughts. As I stood there
touching my aching, damp bum hole I knew I had experienced something I could
never forget. But I wouldn't have to. He said he would be back for more

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