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Around 1990, I met in a bar in Montreal a tall young man ( 28 years old).
After chatting for a while, he told me that he liked very much jacking off
with an another man. This was also one of my fantaisies.

As he was living in Toronto, and because I had visitors from France at
home, we had no idea where to satisfy our curiosity in a confortable place.
Sauna is not a particular good place. He then invited me for the next
week-end in Toronto as that week-end was our Thanksgiving in Canada (
second monday of October). The trees are particularly beautiful at that
time, all covered with colors. This is what we call here Indian Summer.

As I had to work till late that friday, I made only half of the distance to
Toronto and I stopped to a motel after driving half way. I was so excited,
I wanted to jack off, dreaming of what was coming up but I decided to spare
my cock juice.

I arrrived at his place at around 10 AM that saturday morning. He was so
handsome. He was wearing only jeans and a white t-shirt, but I saw a bulge
in his jeans and his lips were like a fruit full of juice. After the usual
talks, we both decided to spend the week-end in Niagara Falls; that should
be marvelous at that time of the year.

Around 1 PM, we were in Niagara lingering in the park around the falls,
taking that fantastic boat trip near the falls and we talked and talked and
talked of nothing and everything. Then, around 4PM, we decided it was time
to get a room for the night. We chose a fantastic hotel room at the top of
a building of about 15 floors. We had a fantastic view on the falls.

He then sat on a reclining chair near the bow-window looking directly on
the falls. I sat on the other chair separated from his by a little table;
so we just have to turn around to be facing one another.

When I said I was going to take a shower, he said we had enough time for
this and he began to caress himself slowly: the bulge in his jeans now
protruding through his jeans.

I looked at him realizing that I will finaly see what I expected to for
many days and that we will going to jerk off together.

I followed his example and began to stroke myself. I forgot to tell you
that I was about ten years older than him ( 38, and that I am rather short
and slim) but my cock has an average of 8 inches.

We looked at each other for a while caressing ourselves. Then we unbottoned
our jeans and opened the fly. We put our hands on our cock in our
respective jeans and continued to look expectingly at each other. My
breath and his began to be more deep and slow.

He raised up, came close to me, turned around, bent over and showed me his
bottom through his jeans . I could not resist and put my nose in it . I
wanted to get every piece of his fragance even the subtle one coming from
his jeans bottom.

He then went back to his seat, took off his socks and threw them to me. I
took mine off and gave them to him. Looking at each other, we sniffed our
socks containing the natural odor of our ride through the Niagara park.
But there was something else I wanted to inhale and he knew it but was
taking his time.

We then proceeded to undress from our jeans and t-shirt, but we still kept
our briefs caressing ourselves through them.

Our cocks were very hard and were not able to continue to be contained in
our briefs. So we both took off our undies together and we exchanged them.
I got the treasure of his briefs in my hands. His cock and mine were
almost the same size, but he had big balls hanging in a rather long
scrotum. My balls are smaller than his. But they were tight cause I did
not jack off since few days. And it was the same for him. He told me that
he was saving his load for our encounter. We continued to jack off making
slow motion and revealing to each other the very specific curiosity of our
respective intimacy while we were inhaling the interior of our briefs.

His fragrance was fabulous. We had walked through the day in Niagara and
his briefs contained the marvalous acid smell of his balls tension of the
day and the musky fantastic fragrance of his asshole rubbing againt it
during the "promenade". We were exploring the deepest part of our body and
traveling into ordinary forbidden zones as if we were walking on the edge
of the falls. I felt so strange like if I was allowed to get into secret
caves. I consider all this like a privilege, a rare occasion in a life of
a man. I was swimming into his intimacy and, at the same time, I felt
invaded by his curiosity about mine. He was smelling my briefs , sometimes
closing his eyes, sometimes opening them to see me jerk off and concentrate
on the movement of my hand and the thightening of my balls.

Then, he stood up, turned around, put his knees on the chair, bent and
showed me his asshole. What a target! I was invading the most secret part
, I was allowed to have a look in the "sanctus sanctorum" of his body. He
sprended his buttocks and invited me to come close. I came very close, and
like if I was walking through the valley of Petra, my nose found its way to
his beautiful "red rose". All his afternoon of patience and sexual
awaitening was hidden into the fragrance of his asshole. I was in haeven!
I smelled and smelled and almost passed out. He told me he wanted to have
the same privilege he gave me. So, I turned around, put my knees on the
chair and gave him passionalely the favor he so gently gave to me first.

Then, after putting our own fingers in our ass and playing with it to
provoque our prostate, cumming close to cum, we sniffed our fingers to
compare and melt our fragrance. We played this game for ten minutes and
then we both stood up, came in front of our great bow-window overlooking
the Niagara Falls, and we accelerated the movement of our hands looking to
the falls and to each other. Our breath became steady like if we were
searching more air, and at the same time, we came on the window splashing
our load retained in our now over-caressed balls for a couple of days.

Our load was running on the glass like it was milking with the steam coming
from the falls.

We went on the bed, we embraced and we took a nap. We woke up around 7 PM
, took a shower and dressed for dinner. The week-end was just beginning.
We still had another night and an another day.

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