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71. Pleasant Alterations

Pleasant Alterations

I purchased a new pair of pants for a party at which I was hoping to make a
good impression. There would be many people from my office there including
my boss. The pants, however, needed tailoring. The crotch and seat needed
to be taken in a little and the legs were about an inch too long.

A friend recommended a tailor to me, and on a Saturday afternoon I went to
his place of business. It was a fairly small shop that was located in a
residential neighborhood. It looked like the shop might have at one time
been the living room of an apartment. In any event, I was the only
customer in the store that Saturday.

Working behind the counter was an elderly gentleman who I assumed was the
main proprietor and a young man of about twenty who I thought might have
been the older gentleman's son. I said hello and placed my pants on the

"How can I help you," the older man inquired. I explained my situation,
and the man said that he could easily help, and proudly pointed to a wall
that was covered with photographs of famous people for whom he had
personally tailored. My friend, it turns out, had recommended a tailor who
was quite renowned for his skills. The pictures on the wall included
famous entertainers and highly regarded politicians.

It was also fortuitous that he was still open for business when I arrived.
I had walked into his store just before he closed for the day at the early
time of 2:00. At this point the gentleman motioned to the young man and
introduced him as his apprentice. He proudly exclaimed that many talented
people had applied for the apprentice position, but this young was the most
talented and would assuredly some day be a heralded clothing designer. The
young man smiled at me and introduced himself as Jacques.

Jacques stood about 5' 10" and was as trim as a track star. But what was
most stunning was his smile and perfect complexion. He must have had his
teeth straightened and whitened because such a perfect smile was
improbable. His skin was movie star quality, slightly golden without a
single blemish or other noticeable imperfection. I was immediately envious
knowing that no person, male or female, could avoid admiring his beauty.

The older gentleman pointed to a series of small fitting rooms that lined
one side of the room. He instructed to me to please change into my pants,
and said, when I was ready, he would have Jacques join me in the fitting
room to take the necessary measurements and prepare the pants for

I entered the fitting room, closed the wooden door behind me, and changed
into my new pants. I opened the door and called Jacques. The older
gentleman was no longer in sight. Apparently, with the store now closed,
he had retreated to the back of the shop and was preparing to go home for
the remainder of the weekend. Jacques entered the fitting room and closed
the door behind him. He asked me to stand on a small wooden box positioned
in front of a mirror. He then kneeled before and just gazed directly at my
crotch for at least a minute. He then grabbed the waist band of my pants
and hiked my pants up. Unintentionally or otherwise, he wedged the fabric
straight into my crotch, producing a pouch in the front of my pants where
it surrounded my penis and balls. He held the pants in that position for a
minute, seemingly much longer than necessary, but he was supposed to be the
precocious and talented apprentice, so I did not protest or really think it
out of the ordinary.

He then released his grip on the waist band and ran each of his hands up
the inseam of my legs, bringing them to rest at the base of my balls.
Again, he held his hands there for seemingly an unusual length of time.
The fabric had again bunched up around my cock and framed it against the
front of my pants. After a minute of just observing my pants in this
position, he ran his hands up the back of my legs until they cupped the
base of my ass. He next pulled the fabric away from ass, tightly pinning
my cock against the front of my pants.

As he held the fabric away from my ass, he inserted his thumbs between my
thighs and rubbed them against the strip of delicate skin than connects
between my ass and dick. All of this contact to my crotch, intentionally
meant to stimulate me or not, was having an unavoidable effect. I am not
immune to erotic stimulation, and my cock began to instinctively respond.
I did not know whether to be embarrassed or not, but I certainly could not
hide the growing bulge in my pants, especially since he continued to
tightly sandwich my penis between the front of my pants and my waist. His
thumbs, meanwhile, continued to caress my lower ass.

Unbelievably, he next cupped my ass and gently kneaded my ass cheeks. My
cock was now three-quarters hard and steadily growing. He continued
massaging my ass and once again pulled my pants into my crotch. My
erection was now unmistakable as it strained against my pants, perfectly
outlined by the fabric. His released his grip and again let his hands
travel up the inseam of my legs. Only this time he did not stop at the
base of my cock, but instead ran his hands over my hard shaft, giving it a
gentle squeeze as his hands passed over it.

A quiet moan escaped my lips. His hands returned to the front of cock and
he began rubbing my now completely erect cock through my pants. I didn't
really know what was going on, but I was sure as hell not going to be the
one who ended this incredible moment.

He rubbed the palms of his hands over my cock, up and down, side to side.
This continued for a minute before he leaned in a little and plunged his
hands between my legs and squeezed my ass. After manipulating my ass for a
minute, he unzipped my pants and snaked his hands into them. He wrapped my
cock in my silk boxers and rubbed my shaft. The sensation of the soft
fabric against my rod was glorious. It felt so good in fact, I was
actually a little disappointed when his fingers penetrated the fly of my
boxers and caressed my naked cock. He next completely wrapped his hand
around my rock hard cock and stroked me as much as the confined space would
allow. Between his hand and my erect seven inches, there was little room
in my boxers for wide movement. Recognizing my frustration, he removed his
hands through my zipper and unbuttoned my pants. I seized the waist band
on my pants, and with his assistance, lowered them to my knees. He took my
cock and eased it through the fly of my silk boxers. My dick extended out
in proud display and full glory.

He began massaging my shaft while the silk fabric tickled my sensitive
balls. I committed that the next time I jerked off I would definitely
involve silk boxers in the activity. The combined ministrations of his
hand on my shaft and the fabric against my balls created a simply amazing
erotic sensation. When he pushed my dick back into my boxers and massaged
my shaft and cock head with the now precum stained silk, I was unable to
control my reaction and loudly moaned.

What happened next was a dream brought true. He pulled my cock back
through my fly and licked the tip. "Holy shit," I thought. "This could
not really be happening." He dragged his tongue over the tip of my cock
and then flicked the sensitive ridge. He lifted my cock against my boxers
and ran his tongue along the entire sensitive underside. While he trailed
his wet tongue up and down the underside, he slowly rubbed the top side of
my cock against my underwear. The stunning sensation of the silk against
my hard prick was still unbelievably wonderful. I was even disappointed
that I had never before taken advantage of the silk pussy that often
encased my dick.

He next released my cock, allowing it to flop down and stick out directly
from my body. He moved in a little closer and took the head of my cock
into his mouth. He sucked just the head, sending shivers of pleasure from
the ultra sensitive slit through my engorged shaft and into my body. He
focused just on the head for a minute before leaning in still further and
taking my entire dick in his mouth. His hand now found my cum filled
balls. He shrouded them in my boxers and gently massaged them while he
sucked my cock.

He bobbed up and down on my dick, leaving no nerve untouched. I was
spewing precum and my balls were contracting into the base of my groin.
Sensing my encroaching orgasm, he increased the pace and intensity of his
blow job and brought his hand to the base of my cock. In perfect
coordination, he would suck my cock down to my balls, burying his nose in
my pubes, and then as he released my cock from his mouth he would stroke
and twist the entire length of my shaft with his hand. This was clearly a
rehearsed skill.

After repeating this process a few times my cock began its unavoidable
march toward orgasm. My balls finished their contraction into my groin and
my cock electrically tingled from base to tip. The tingling sensation
intensified as the pressure in my cock built and my cum began its race to
freedom. His mouth and hand maintained their relentlessly mesmerizing
dance, and with a volcanic growl, I came in his mouth. He never broke his
rhythm, and allowed me to gush into his mouth with several squirts of
exquisite pleasure.

When I was finally dry, he stood up and smiled. I thought he would now
want me to reciprocate the pleasure, but instead he simply asked me to
change into my old pants and leave the new pants on the counter. He said
that he knew exactly what alterations to make and that my pants would be
ready for pickup next Saturday. With that he exited the fitting room,
leaving me stunned and contemplating the purchase of a dozen new pairs of

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