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I had known Matt, for the last twelve years. He about twelve years younger than me, but we were cool with that. In fact at one time he was a client of mine, but now we were in business together. We had just rented and were remodeling our new offices ourselves. We had been there several hours and now it was pouring down rain. Our car was parked about six blocks away, so we decided to wait it out. We cracked open some Southern Comfort, and set down on the piece of furniture we had, a big sofa. We decided to view some porn videos he had copied. It was long we had our cocks inour hands while enjoying the action on the screen. Then it happened. Apparently he has used an old tape of his old pardner to re-record these videos over, because the last 45 minutes were not your usual hetrosexual fuck and suck flick. No, here was Eric, his old pardner, his wife and another couple having wild unbridal sex together. Eric was a hunk and his wife could make you cream in your jeans. The other couple were good looking too. Matt, couldn't believe what we were seeing. Eric always came off straight-laced, but this was proving to be another story. We watched as Eric fucked his old lady as well as the other woman, the two girls doing each other, and both doing Eric and the other guy. Then it happen, Eric and the other guy started messing around with each other. They were sucking each other off and then it ended with the two guys fucking together. To me and apparently to Matt, this was one of the hotest parts of the movie. Matt & I talked about what it would be like to make it with another guy. We joked about little, but more and more we were wanting to try it ourselves. Now granted, since the first time I met Matt, 15 years ago, I wanted his cock in my mouth. Though I never really saw until that day, I used to fantasixed about having sex with him when I jacked off. Now, that fantasize was about to cum true. I made the first move, by taking that beautiful cock in my hand. It was about like I thought it would be. 8 inches long, surrounded by a lot of pubic hair and a outstanding treasure trail. As we talked, I slowly massage this already hard piece of meat. After a while, he reached out and took my cock in his hands rubbing it so well I was about to cum on the spot. I mentioned we should slow down and enjoy this experience. I then started to get him out of the rest of his clothes and he did the same to me. What a beautiful body he had. I leaned over snd started rubbing and sucking on his hardening tits moved up to kissing his neck and finally a long deep on his wonderful lips. His tongue and mine were soon doing there things. We held each other and let our finger explore each other's bodies for what seemed to be an hour. Then I couldn't wait any longer, I had waited for 15 years and I had to have that hot piece of meat between my lips. Again, I started licking and kissing his lightly hairy tits and moved down that glorious treasure trail to my goal. I gently kissed around the edge of his massive cock, licking the pre-cum out of his pee hole. He was going nuts now. I sucked on his cum-filled balls and started licking and loving the shaft of his cock. Now I was placing the head of his cock in my mouth. It tasted even better than I had imagined. I wasn't going to be satisfied until I had the whole thing down my hot throat. Now, I hadmy nose nestled in his passive patch of pubic hairs. The smell was about to bring me off, but I wanted to savour this moment. Matt was trying move around so he could take my cock and return the favor. I could feel his hot breath and then his moist mouth on my swollen cock. For a beginner, he was excellent at sucking cock. He just pumped it up and down until he had in the back of his throat. Here we were in the 69 position, sucking away on each others cocks. I placed one then two of my fingers up his tight hairy ass and finger fucked him as we sucked each other off. He got the idea and started finger fucking my horny ass with three fingers. Finally we both exploded in each other's mouth. He gaged a little, but swallowed most of what I gave him. I took his entire load and saved some in my mouth so we could share it. We kissed and savored his load together. We stayed at the office all night, due to the rain, but we made the most of it. I have since taught him how to fuck and be fucked, and now we have a wonderful new life together. And we we tell the wives, we have to work late, which is several times a week, they know that where we will be. Except very little work get done, if you know what I mean. By the way, we have worn out three sofas already.

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