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73.Scarlet Geraniums

Scarlet Geraniums by Shawn James

From the privacy of my bedroom window I watched him work. It was
not the first time I'd seen him working in our yard. He was a cute kid,
attired in baggy jean shorts and cut-off t-shirt. His father had tended to
our landscaping for as long as I can remember, but it wasn't until this
year that his son began to accompany him.
I watched the handsome boy as he filled the clay pots, surrounding
the patio with scarlet geraniums. He moved like music, as if he was in
perfect tune with everything around him. My surveillance became
impassioned, igniting within me a flame, that seemed to melt my lovestruck
heart. The stiffness forming between my legs beckoned my immediate
attention. Recklessly, I tore at my clothes until I stood naked. I felt
warm inside, burning with the hope that he would look up and see me
standing at my window, stroking my throbbing cock. He was far too involved
with the task at hand to notice me. I watched him until he had finished
with his work and ambled from sight.
There was something different about this young man. Something that
set my manhood on fire. My nuts tightened as I imagined seeing him naked.
The mere thought of his slender, bronze body and jet black hair fiIled me
with a sense of overwhelming intrigue. No one had ever appealed so
thoroughly to the lustful preference of my skittish young desires. My
valiant lust peaked and my cock erupted with a generous load of hot, sticky
jism. With every spurt of my hurling load, my longing to solicit the
company of the gardener's beautiful son intensified.
A week went by before I saw him again. It had been a week of
agonizing erotic fantasy. By week's end, I had lost all track of how many
times I had jacked off in an attempt to appease my insatiable sexual
appetite. Jacking off, while gratifying as always, did little to curtail
my urgent needs. I had never wanted anyone so bad in my life. My body
ached to be near him. My ears ached to hear the sound of his voice. My
mouth thirsted to taste his male flesh. From my window, I again watched
him tend to the scarlet geraniums.
When he stopped to rest in the shade, I saw my opportunity. As I
approached, he appeared to be deep in thought. He didn't even seem to
notice me. He looked so at peace, I almost felt guilty for intruding upon
his tranquil solitude.
"Excuse me," I called softly.
His head turned and he looked up at me through his sunglasses. The
corners of his mouth curled into a pleasant smile. My cock did a flip flop
in my shorts. Wicked thoughts of unbridled passion surged through my brain
like sparks from a short circuit.
"Are you talking to me?" He asked. I would have thought that much
would have been obvious. He was the only other person there.
"Yes," I said. "I'm sorry to bother you, but would you happen to
know what time it is?" It was such a corny line. I was surprised he even
bothered to answer me.
"Sorry. I don't wear a watch," he chuckled. I looked at him more
closely and was dumb struck.
"Is something wrong?" He asked.
"No. Not at all," I stammered, trying to recover from the
embarrassment of having made a monumental blunder...
"You didn't realize that I'm blind, did you?"
"I'm sorry, but no. No, I didn't. I feel like such a fool."
"Don't be sorry. I'm glad you couldn't tell. I hate it when
people can tell. You'd be surprised how weird some people act when they
find out."
I sat down on the ground near him. His sleek legs were smooth and
well muscled. It was all I could do to keep my hands off of him.
"My name is Chin," he said, extending his hand to me.
Grateful for an opportunity to touch him, I eagerly shook his hand.
"Glad to meet you, Chin. I'm Pete."
"Pete, I'll bet I know what you're thinking."
I was quite sure he had no idea what was going through my mind. My
thoughts would have curled his beautiful, straight hair.
"You can ask if you want," he assured me. "I really don't mind
talking about it."
I realized before making a complete fool of myself that he was, of
course, referring to his blindness.
"Have you always been blind?" I asked. The question seemed so
cold. I felt bad for even asking.
"No;" said Chin, unaffected by my curiosity. "Only for two years."
"What happened? If you don't mind my asking?"
Chin took off his sunglasses and wiped the sweat from his face.
For the first time I saw his eyes. They were gorgeous eyes; dark,
passionate and distinctly oriental.
"A baseball," he said. "Can you believe it? I got smacked in the
head with a baseball."
"Isn't there anything that can be done? I mean, surely the right
doctor could do something."

"At first the doctors said my blindness was only temporary. But
now they're leaning more toward permanent. I've seen specialists. They
all scan, prod and x-ray, and come back with the same answer."
"I've sure got to hand it to you. You do remarkably well. I had
no idea. How do you do it? Work with the flowers, I mean."
"I see with my fingers," he said. "It's like I touch something,
and I can see in my mind what it looks like. Sounds weird, huh?"
"I think it sounds pretty amazing."

Chin's father had gone to another job across town, leaving him
alone to work in the familiar surroundings of our lawn. By mid-afternoon,
clouds began to roll in, and the sound of thunder rumbled in the distance.
Occasionally, Chin would look up at the angry sky and listen, but would go
right back to his work.
The rain came suddenly, taking him by surprise. He was soaked to
the skin, from head to toe, before he made it half way across the lawn. I
saw him hurry into the tool shed to escape the storm. I was sure he was
fine, but felt compelled to make sure.
Putting a few things I thought he might need into a bag, I grabbed
an umbrella from my closet and ran to join him.
Chin jumped with a start as I bolted through the door. I felt bad
about startling him, but was glad I'd come. He sat shivering. His black
hair laid flat against his head. I'd never seen anyone look so forlorn.
"It's just me," I announced. He breathed a sigh of relief. "I saw
you caught in the rain. I thought you might need some dry things."
"Thanks. I was really hoping to finish before the rain."
"Oh well, there's always tomorrow," I said, lying a towel in his
"I really appreciate this," said Chin, as he set out to dry
The rain continued to pour down. "I brought you some dry clothes,
if you'd like to change."
"You shouldn't have gone to so much trouble," he said.
"Not at all. I'm sure they'll fit." And I handed the clothes to
I sat back and watched as he pulled off his drenched t-shirt. My
cock tingled with excitement when I caught a glimpse of the small tufts of
black, hair under his arms. Out of habit, rather than necessity, I tried
not to stare. But when he stood up and unfastened the front of his jeans
shorts, I couldn't take my eyes off of him. Holding my breath, I watched
as he peeled the wet denim down over his hairless thighs.
"How old are you?" I asked. I was thinking and the words just kind
of slipped out.
"Nineteen," he replied. I couldn't believe he was a year older
than me.
"You're kidding?"
"No. I really am nineteen."
"I thought you were fifteen, maybe sixteen."
Chin gave me a courteous, but obvious look of discontent. I
quickly apologized for my error in judgment.
"Most people think I'm younger than I am," admitted Chin. "Don't
feel bad."
I couldn't feel anything but pure joy when I saw how his wet
underwear clung to his manhood. It didn't matter that his cock appeared to
be as petite as the rest of his magnificent body. I wanted to see all of
him, and grew anxious for him to reveal the secrets of his flesh.
Chin seemed a bit nervous.
"Are we alone?" He asked. "I mean, there's no one else who's going
to come rushing in?"
"No one else," I assured him.
Chin still appeared to be a bit shy, but hesitated no longer. With
one rapid swoop, he pulled off his underwear and stood in front of me,
stark naked. My eyes immediately dropped to satisfy my haunting curiosity.
While his cock was indeed much smaller than mine, I found it to be the most
beautiful, uncircumcised dick I'd ever seen.
Wet and cold, his balls had drawn up tight in their satiny pouch.
But much to my surprise, his slender cock was actually half hard.
The scent of his damp flesh was pleasantly sweet. The small shed
quickly filled with his aroma. The thunderstorm had served my purpose
well. It was a gift from heaven. I watched Chin dry his hairless torso.
When he ran the towel over his exquisite ass, the head of my thick cock
slithered down the inside of my thigh to peek out from beneath the leg of
my shorts. I trembled with nervous anticipation as he focused his
attention on his ticklish manhood.
"You know, this isn't fair," he said.
"I know you're watching. I can feel your eyes on me." I felt my
face warm with shameful humiliation.
"I wish I knew what you looked like," he said, putting the towel
aside, feeling for the clothes I had given him.
As he searched, I reached out and intercepted his hands.
"Can you really see with your fingers?" Almost breathlessly, Chin
nodded as I placed his hands on my face.
"You're quite attractive," said Chin, his fingertips gently
caressing every distinguishing curve of my face. He ran his hands down my
neck and across my shoulders.
"Just hold that thought," I said, interrupting his exploration just
long enough to remove my shirt.
"Your skin is very smooth," he said, dragging his fingers over the
erect nipples of my well- defined pecs. My abdominal muscles tensed as his
hands descended to my narrow waist.
"You have a great physique."
The sight of his now fully erect cock indicated to me that he was
anxious to investigate further, but was apprehensive to do so without a
proper invitation.
"Have you seen enough, or would you like to see more?"
Chin shrugged trying his best to appear indifferent. His stiff
five-inch cock twitched with lustful eagerness as he listened to the sound
of my clothes coming off. The ...
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