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76.So ... I Asked Him

So ... I Asked Him (Story)

So - I asked him over to help out with the bikes and one thing lead to another... He caught me checking him out and he approached me with an aggressiveness I couldn't resist. Before I knew it we were on the floor and going at each other like playful puppies. I didn't have a thought in my head but how fine his cock felt in my hand and mouth and how I could blow a wad right there when he choked on my cock.

When he lifted my legs up in the air and I started to hesitate, but when his tongue pressing into my arse I couldn't believe it was happening. Suddenly, every inhibition when out the door and I was his. I felt myself relax as his tongue tickled and teased. When he penitrated my arse with his tongue my cock bounce around like a fishing rod with a handsome catch on the line.

He must have thought better - for lack of proper supplies - as his mouth soon returned to my balls and toying with my leaking bone. I could tell from his labored breathing he was getting close to loosing it. On his knees and over my chest he coaxed his load to shower me. I almost lost it myself as I watched him close his eyes and his chest heave with groans. I watched his cock spit like he was milking a strong venomous snake in his stroking hand. His cum sprayed into my chest hair and pooled on my flesh like warm rain.

I told him I was about to cum and he quickly bent down and slipped the exposed head of my member into his warm mouth while my hand worked the shaft for all it's worth. I felt his left hand reach between my legs and his fingers began to work my arse. When his finger worked it's way into to me - my trigger fired. His thick knuckle slid into me and he touched my prostate. I hadn't shot a load of cum so hard in my life as it coated my belly and soaked me to the skin. He leaned in and bit hard on my nipple as the final throws of my climax seeped from my being. He laughed at me when my whole body jerked involuntarily as I squeezed the final drops onto my fingers.. I started to lick the fresh cum from my hand as he watched and smiled - like he was taking pride in what he had done for me. We laid there spent on the floor of the garage near the bikes we hadn't even touched. He gently rubbed our sperm together onto my chest as I tried to catch my breath.

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