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84.Yasin -My Habibi ( Part-1)

Yasin - My Habibi ( Erotic Story - Part 1)

Growing up as the youngest child wasn't always easy for me. Especially because I knew I was gay at the age of 12. What made it worse was growing up as a gay young man with an obsession for ghetto arab men. See, I grew up in an all white, somewhat racist Francophone family. I myself am not racist AT ALL!
Trust me, this story will prove it! :) But anyway, I've always dreamed of being with a thuggish arab, but it never happened. In fact, I was a virgin up until I was 18, which is when this story takes place.

Brown hair and Brown eyes, which were somewhat covered by my hairs length as it tickled my eyebrows. I was sitting in chemistry class thinking about something more entertaining than the teachers lecture on the table of elements. This class was always so boring. I'd find myself looking across
the hall at Mr. Lavigne's class as they'd experiment with chemicals, and do fun experiments. Not my class, we'd always have book work or something stupid and boring. Class eventually let out, so I grabbed my things and
left. My school was always messed up. We had Gym teachers teaching math, and English Teachers teaching Chemistry. 80 percent of the school was arab Buers - mostly from Morrocan and Algerian backgrounds, whereas the other was a mixture of Whites and others.

I walked out of the cafeteria exit and headed to my car.

"What up Jean!" I heard a voice say. I turned to see who it
was. It was a friend of mine named Yasin. He and I met in freshman year.
He was so fine. But he was also straight. I knew I never had a chance with
him, so I never tried pursuing anything with him. He was always dressed in
the most ghetto fabulous street gear. Today he had on some Saggy Jeans,
with some tan boots (Timbs), a wife-beater (White tank-top), and a white
bandana neatly folded and wrapped around his curly head of hair. He
and I always got along. We never hung out, and we barely talked. I'd
usually just get him out of trouble. That was the extent of our
relationship. The first few times I'd just lie to teachers for him, or to
his girlfriend, about where he'd been. Then it was like he'd use me as a
lifeline. It got so bad that he called my cell phone at 3 am one time and
asked me to go pick him up from the police department. It was kind of a
weird relationship but for some reason I'd enjoy helping him. Sometimes
he'd make me go over to his house for stupid stuff. He'd ask me to go over
there to fix his computer, he'd borrow money, and he'd even ask me to come
over so that he could pay me back. Anyway, back to the story.

"What up Jean!" I heard Yasin say.

"Hey, what up?" I replied.

"Jean, let me get a ride."

"Alright," I said without hesitating.

Yasin walked over to the passenger side of my blue 1994 Renault. He looked across the top of my car and glanced at me and let out
a half smile before getting in the car. "So what you getting into
tonight?" he asked. "Nothing really," I replied as I backed out of my
parking space.

"Hey Mon ami, lets hit up the liquor store'," he asked. I nodded. I pulled
up along side the store, and Yas (His nickname) asked me if I wanted
anything, and I told him I didn't. He went inside just as two very nasty
looking skinheads walked from behind the store. They walked casually up to
my car, and just as one of them got to the window, he lifted up his shirt. I could
see a gun tucked into the waistband of his sweatpants. I froze. "Out" I
heard him say. I got out of the car. "Act like nothings happening mother
fucker," the other one said. I tried my best to casually get out of my car,
but I couldn't help it. I was so scared, that I started crying. I couldn't
control it. "Damn it,...why the fuck you
trying to make a scene here," Said the Skinnie at the drivers side door. He
reached for his gun and pulled it out. He kept it close to his waistline,
and pointed it at me. "No, please!" "You can have my car!" "I'll go, just
please don't hurt me." I begged. I stood out of my car, suddenly the man
pushed my head right into the side of the car. The impact from it caused me
to fall to the ground. I instantly had a headache, and felt sick to my
stomach. I felt blood dripping down the side of my face, and got
delirious. I heard my car start then pull away. Then everything went black.
I woke up in an ambulance. There was a paramedic shining a
flashlight in my eyes, and one examining the cut on the side of my face. I
flinched and he moved the flashlight. After my eyes adjusted to the lights,
I could see Yas looking at me with tears in his dark piercing eyes. He was sitting
towards the back of the Ambulance, never taking his eyes away from
mine. "Can you hear me?" asked one of the paramedics. "Yeah...what
happened?" I asked. "Apparently you were car-jacked." "Ohhh," I
replied and passed back out.
Later that night I woke up again inside a hospital room. My Mom was
sitting on the side of the bed. Yas was no where to be found. I told my
Mom everything that I remembered happening. I left Yas completely out
of it. I told her I stopped at the store to get a pop. The doctors checked
me out, and I ended up leaving at around 5am. I had to have 18 stitches
down the side of my face, and my head was bandaged up. I didn't go to
school that day. My doctor gave me prescriptions for extra strength
vicodin, and an antibiotic. So when I got home, I took two pills and passed

I woke up at about 9pm, and heard a knock at the door. "Come in," I
said, feeling my words intensify my headache. Yas walked into my
bedroom and closed the door. "Hey J, you feeling OK now?" he asked. "No, but I'll
live." I replied. "I'm sorry about what happened to you. I should never had you take me to the store." He
said. "It's alright, it's just my bad luck." I took two more vicodin, and
laid back down. Me and Yas made small talk until my pills worked their
magic and drifted me off into la la land. I was awaken from having to pee
so bad, so I lifted up the covers and saw Yas sitting in the chair he
was sitting in before with his head in his arms resting on my bed. I smiled
and went to the bathroom. I relieved myself and headed back to bed. I took
two more pills, and laid back down. Yas looked really uncomfortable. I
felt bad for him. I sat up and tapped him on his shoulder.

"Yas," I said. "Hmm?" he mumbled. "Here, you can lay down in the
bed, I have two blankets. He sat up and looked like a Zombie. His eyes were
half way open. You could definitely tell that he was tired. He stood up
waited for me to scoot over. I slid over to the other side of my double
bed, and got comfortable. He took off his shoes and laid down and covered
himself up with the other blanket. I laid there trying to fall back asleep
waiting for my pills to remove my headache again.

I sat there for a good twenty minutes when I heard Yas shifting
his position. I suddenly felt his arm reach across me and somewhat
forcefully, pull me up against him. I moved away from him. I didn't want
him to think I was his girlfriend or something and have him wake up with me
enjoying his muscular tattooed arm holding me.

"Where're you going?" I heard him ask.

"It's me, Jean," I said, hoping he'd realize what was going

"I know...and I said, Where are you going?"

"Oh nevermind then," I said with sounding tired as hell, I laid
back down and he once again pulled me up against him.

"There we go," he said.

I almost cried. I instantly fell in love with this man. I wanted him
so bad that it hurt. Feeling his muscular arm draped over my side with his
hand placed flatly on my chest, I felt like I was in heaven.

"I have to tell you something," said Yas.

"Hmm?" I mumbled.

"I think I'm in love with you Habibi," he said.

I didn't say anything. I couldn't. My head was spinning. Here I was
lying with the man of my dreams, and he tells me he's in love with me. I
couldn't say anything if I wanted to. So I just stayed silent. He kissed
the back of my neck, and I felt his neatly trimmed goatee tickle my skin. I
could feel his heart beat in my shoulder blade, so I knew he was just as
nervous as I. He pulled me onto my back and climbed on top of me.

He supported his weight with his hands on either side of my head,
and looked straight into my eyes. "Do you love me too?" he asked.

I still couldn't say anything. My eyes filled up with tears, and I
nodded yes.

He smiled that sexy smile of his, and leaned down and kissed me.
Lightly at first, then he parted my lips with his tongue, and he gave me
the sexiest, gentlest, sweetest kiss I've ever experienced. He then laid
his body on top of mine and started to passionately kiss me. I wrapped my
arms around him and started rubbing his back. My hands worked their way
down to his waistline and I moved my hands under his shirt, and back up his
back. I loved the feel of his warm _mocha skin. It was so soft. I moved my hands to his
stomach just as he was sitting up. He took off his shirt, and came back
down and continued kissing me.

A few more minutes of making out, and we ended up completely naked
under the covers. He was again lying on top of me. He kicked my legs out
and pulled my ass to his groin. He started pressing his hard cock against
my butt and I couldn't believe how huge it felt. I reached down and grasped
it, and almost lost my breath. He was humongous. It was about 10 inches
long, and as thick.

I pulled on his dick signaling him to bring it up to my face. He
moved and ended up kneeling over my chest, putting his dick in my face. I
stuck out my tongue and licked the tip of it. He was already leaking
precum, and so was I. I gently licked and nibbled on his dick for a while,
then I sucked it down as far as I could go. I probably only took like five
or six inches. The rest wouldn't fit. I started sucking his dick like I had
never had before. I had such passion and lust for this man. I felt
incredible (I think the vicodin had something to do with it too). I sucked
and sucked, and he eventually pulled back.

He slowly moved back down into his first position. He once again
had each of my thighs resting on top of his, with his glistening slick golden brown cock sliding up and
down my ass crack. Suddenly I felt his head pushing in. I winced a little as the ass ring stretched at the piercing tool. I gasped as I felt the head sliding past the tight ring, causing my ass muscles to clench and relax in waves. I was quite surprised at how quickly the pain ...
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