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85. Yasin -My Habibi (Part 2)

Yasin - My Habibi ( Erotic Story - Part 2)

I woke up around 7am, and Yas was gone. I still felt like shit. I didn't
want to move. My head felt like it was going to explode. So what did I do? I
took two more pills. I stayed in bed, recollecting the events that took place
the night before. I still couldn't believe that Yas told me that he loved me.
That was really hard to believe. He was always the hard ass whom all the girls
wanted and all the guys wanted to be. My thoughts kept me awake for quite a
while...along with my headache. I tried so hard not to get attached to him,
and come to find out he's in love with me? I guess that would explain his random
phone calls to go get him, or come over to his house to fix his VERY simple
computer problems. He obviously just wanted to see me. The wierd thing about
all of this, is that I feel like I'm in love with him too. He's so fine, that
it's unbelievable. I never even imagined I'd have a chance with him, but
I guess my instict was off. All of these thoughts were getting tiring. My
brain was starting to hurt. I decided to get up and walk around. That didn't
last very long after I realized that it felt like a hammer was whacking my head
with every footstep. I ended up back in bed. Mom was at work, so that left me
home alone. I missed Yas so I picked up the phone and dialed his cellphone
number. It went right to voicemail, but I hung up before it began recording.

I hadn't talked to Yasin in almost two weeks. My stitches on the side of my
face fell out. I hadn't looked in the mirror in fear of the scaring that was
going to be left on my face. I knew it would kill my self-esteem, but today was
the day that I decided to look. I stood in the bathroom with the bandages still
on my face. I pulled at them, wincing as the tape ripped away from my skin. It
definately left a scar. It ran from just above my left eyebrow, all the way
down to just above my jawline. It was huge. I hated it! My eyes filled up with
tears as I could see the permanent damage left to my face from that asshole Skinnie at
the party store. I instantly felt sick. I quickly turned off the bathroom light
and headed back to my bed. I laid down and started balling my eyes out.

Ever since that night with Yas, he was the main thing that stayed in
my mind. I missed him so much! I just couldn't figure out why he hadn't called,
or stopped by. I assumed that he had regretted everything, and tried to avoid
me in order to void everything that had happened. I decided that it was just
a fluke, and tried to get over it.

After seeing myself in the mirror, I decided not to go back to school.
Instead I would complete my highschool career through homeschooling. I didn't
want to deal with the questions about my face. It hurt whenever someone brought
it up. Not just because it made me feel ugly, but it reminded me of Yas. I
didn't like thinking about him, because everytime I did, I'd get lonely.

Finally, about three weeks after the incident, at around 2:45am I was awaken
from my sleep by the ringing of my cellphone. I picked it up and looked at the
outside display and saw that it read, "Yas." I quickly flipped open the phone
and said, "hello?"

"Jean, can I come over?"

"Umm, yeah I guess."

"Alright...your window?"


"I'll be there in a minute."


I waited patiently, then suddenly heard a knock on my bedroom window. I got
out of bed and opened the window to see Yas standing outside wearing some
his signature saggy jeans, and a white wife beater. His golden brown skin glowed in the moonlight.

"Come on up," I said.

He crawled through the window and sat down on the bed.

"How are you feeling mon cheri?" he asked.

"Okay, I guess, but the question how are you feeling?"

"J, what do u mean?" he asked.

"Yas...listen...last time you were here was kind of wierd for both
of us, and I don't want you feeling like we can't be friends because of what

I could see him looking at me with a very serious look in his eyes.

"I meant what I said to you Habibi."

"Then how come you haven't called me? I don't know too many people
that fall in love with someone and don't talk to them. I know I wouldn't do
that, so whats going on?"

"I got arrested man... I was locked up for a lil bit, but I'm here

"What did you get arrested for?"

"That ain't important, what's important is that I'm here with
you right now. I've missed you J."

I didn't really know how to respond to this. I knew he wasn't lying
to me. I could always tell when he was lying. I'd see him do it when he was
lying to his girlfriends, and teachers. He always did this eye movement. He
was staring me straight into my eyes. He was serious. I decided not to bother
him with it anymore, and laid back down.

"Can I stay with you tonight?" he asked.

"Yeah," I replied.

He took off his shirt, and shoes and crawled under the covers with
me. He pulled me close to him just as he had done before. He held me like
that for a while. Suddenly I felt him move his hand up to my face. His
fingertips lightly brushed my scar.

"I'm sorry that happened to you," he said.

"It wasn't your fault." I whispered

"I'm still sorry about it though. It don't change the way
my heart feels about you, so I'm good."

I smiled at his comment. He moved his hand and started running his
fingers through my hair. I was once again wrapped in those muscular arms...that familiar musky sweet scent of his body surrounding me once again....eventually I drifted off to sleep. I woke up a
little while later to Yas kissing my neck. I smiled just as I was opening
my eyes. It's always a joy to wake up to a gorgeous arab stud nibbling on your neck. He saw my smile, and it sparked one of his award winning grins. He kissed my lips gently at first, then more forcefully as his latent passion took over him. We kissed feverishly for quite
some time - trying to make up for lost time. Then he kissed down my neck, down my chest, and down to my pubic
hairs, then suddenly he stopped. I was as hard as a rock at this point.
Suddenly, Yas' hands grabbed my hips, and he lifted my ass into the air.
I could feel him kissing my ass cheeks - his hot breathe tickling my soft smooth skin. Then his kisses moving deeper into my ass valley....ending up at the tight pink perfectly puckered pink rosebud of a hole. I could feel his slick warm tongue begin to swirl around the outside of my tunnel. I was in heaven. I wanted to scream out my pleasure, but I wouldn't dare wake my Mom.
Yas pulled my ass into his face just as his tongue forced it's way inside
of me. I softly moaned as I felt the tongue wiggle inside me and his whiskers rub against my sensetized perinium. This man definately knew how to work his tongue....and he did not skimp on showing his talent.

He set me back down onto the bed, and moved on top of me. He began
kissing me again, and this time, he was grinding his clothed cock into my abdomen.
He had me so turned on. I put my hands on his muscular arms, and felt them
flex as he held his bodyweight. This man is so fine! I moved my hands, and
lightly ran them over his glossy black curls. He looked into my eyes,
and smiled at me.

"J'Taime J," he said.

"I love you too Yas," I replied.

"You know, I've never said that to anyone other than my Mum." he said.

I smiled at him, and he smiled back...almost blushing....looking so cute....making me realize that beneath that macho, thuggish demeanor was the truely boyish sweet man....sensitive, vulnerable and cute as hell.

"For some reason, it's easy for me to say it to you. You're my
boy. You always helping me out when not even my buds do. I got mad love for you, and that look in your
eyes...thats why I'm in love with you. I never trusted no one
before, but I trust you... I love you"

"I love you," I said once again.

He once again flashed those pearly whites at me, and continued
grinding against me. He removed his jeans, and went back to grinding me.
After a while, he once again kicked my legs out and pulled my ass to him. He spit in his hand and rubbed it into my ass valley. He then put the spongy pink head
of his throbbing zeb up against my assring, and pushed...whispering for me to relax and let him show me his love. I tried to relax my hole and soon felt the ring slowly expand as his slick precum coated cock pushed through...eventually getting in, and he slowly made love to me. Long slow and and he moaned and groaned...telling me how much he loved to fuck me and how tight and hot my hole was....His voice echoing thru my mind as I remained mezmerized by the feelings he was extracting in my hole...his throbbing hard cock rubbing against my tender slick ass walls....sending shockwaves of heat and pleasure thru my body.
He felt so amazing. I loved his sex! He gently kissed me as he filled me up deeply, and after a while his breathing increased. Just like last time, he grabbed the sides of my face, and looked me directly in my eyes.....increasing his thrust....fucking my hole like an uncontrollable beast......his full low hanging balls slamming against my bubble butt.

"I love you," he said again as his cum began spraying my insides like a fire hose.....quenching the fire he had ignited in me with his foamy thick ropy shots of creamy cum.

Just like last time, I began cumming right with him. My creamy white spunk clinging to his _mocha brow skin and slowly sliding down his abs to his neatly trimmed fragrant sweaty pubes.

Feeling his sweatsoaked body laying on top of mine was so intoxicating. I didn't want to move, and I don't think he did either. After a while, he got up and went into my bathroom. He came back with a towel, and handed it to me. I cleaned myself up, and he laid back down with me. This time, he laid on his back, and I was on my side next to him with my head resting on his well-defined fingers running back and forth from one nip to the ear to his chest wall.... I ended up drifting off to sleep listing to the lullaby of his heart beats.

The end.

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