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92.GARY the Scally

Part two

written by Gaymarky

Tony arrived at the house he shared with wife Maria and their two daughters
about half later after leaving Gary and the park. Tony walked into the
house and was surprised on how quiet it was he walked into the lounge and
saw a letter on the table it read.

Dear Tony

I've had to go to home to Rome my mother is seriously ill I've taken the
girls to your mothers so you will need to collect them. I did try and phone
you but your mobile was off i will ring you later love Maria xx

Tony placed the letter on the table and picked up his mobile and phoned his
mother after lying to her by saying that he had to go somewhere he asked if
the girls could stay there tonight. His mother agreed and Tony immediately
left the house and headed back to the park hoping that Gary was still

Gary meanwhile was just about to leave the park when a police car pulled
up. Gary hid behind some bushes, The two police officers walked past not
seeing the young lad and carried on walking away. Gary ran out of the park
gates and down the street towards the town centre.

Tony drove past and saw Gary he stopped the car and called him.

Gary turned round and ran towards the car and jumped in.

Tony said "I thought you would be still in the park?" Gary laughed and
said "Yeah but a pig mobile pulled up and they started to patrol it"

Tony laughed and said "Yeah they do that sometimes but don't worry they
never do anything apart from giving you a smack on the knuckles"

Gary laughed and said "Well they scared me which is unusual as i don't give
a monkeys about the filth usually"

Gary then said "anyway how come you came back i thought you had to get home
to the wife?

Tony smiled and said "Yeah i was but she has had to go home to Italy as her
mum is very ill so i have the house all to myself so i was wondering if you
would like to come back and we can carry on where we left it or we can go
back to the park".

Gary laughed and said "Nah your place is fine"

Tony pulled his car into his garage and got out and shut the door leaving
Gary in the car. Two minutes later Tony appeared and let Gary into the
house via the side door. Gary was surprised on how big the house was and
notices the pictures of Tony Maria and the girls all over the house as Tony
lead him towards the bedroom. Tony noticed Gary looking at the pics and
smiled he grabbed him and started to kiss him passionately. Tony slowly
lifted Gary's t shirt over his head and lifted the cute lad onto the double
bed. Tony slowly pulled Gary's tight blue trackies down revealing his
throbbing cock .Tony went down and started to run his tongue up and down
his cock .Gary groaned loudly as Tony licked his cock faster and
faster. Tony started to take the young lads cock further and further into
his mouth sucking it lick a lollipop as the young lad groaned louder and
louder .Gary was panting and groaning finally giving out a huge groan as
his cock started to fill Tony's mouth load after load of his cum. Tony
lapped as much as he could but some managed to escape. Tony pulled off
Gary's cock and smiled and said "wow you are a hot lad ".

Tony stood up and undid his shirt revealing his hot body to the young
lad. Gary smiled as Tony pulled his jeans off revealing his big throbbing
cock. Tony smiled and went back onto the bed and took hold of Gary and
started to kiss him again. Gary kept looking at Tony's cock as it throbbed
harder and harder. Gary went down and took hold of the cock into his hand
and started to play with it. Tony smiled and started to moan. Gary slowly
took the cock into his mouth and started to lick and suck it. Tony looked
down and saw the hot lad's ass looking at him. Tony said move round a bit
sexy Gary moved up allowing Tony to get to his tight virgin ass. Tony
started to run his tongue up and down his ass as he licked and suck Tony's
cock. Gary was sucking faster and faster as Tony ran his tongue up and down
the sexy lad's ass. Tony gave out a huge groan as his cock started to cover
Gary's cute face with load after load of his hot cum .Tony started to push
a finger into Gary's ass. Gary groaned as he felt the finger invade his
tight ass. Tony carried on fingering the tight ass faster and faster
pushing one then two and finally three fingers into Gary's tight ass.

Gary was groaning louder and louder as Tony pushed his fingers in and out
faster and faster. The faster Tony went the more Gary groaned. Tony smiled
and said "well sexy boy you ready to try a cock in you".

Gary nodded yes

Tony slowly pushed his now erect cock in between Gary's cheeks. Gary
groaned as he felt the big throbbing cock push against his tight
hole. Gary's hole at first resisted but eventually it gave way allowing
Tony's cock in .Gary groaned and panted as he felt the big cock slowly push
further and further up his tight ass Tony waited a little while and slowly
pulled his cock out and then started to gently fuck the hot scally. Gary
started to moan and pant louder and louder as Tony slowly fucked his ass.

Tony groaned loudly as his cock started to spurt load after load of his hot
juicy cum. Gary was still panting as he felt the hot cum fill his insides
up, Tony reached round and started to wank Gary's now throbbing cock harder
and harder causing Gary to moan louder and louder until his cock exploded
covering his smooth sexy body with a huge load of his juicy cum. Tony
pulled out of Gary's hot ass with a pop. Tony grabbed Gary and started to
kiss the hot sexy lad. Tony held the hot scally in his arms as they drifted
off to sleep.

Well guys that is part two.

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