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94.Hitchiking Deal

Keith had had enough. He packed up and left the house rather then have
what he knew would be a very loud argument with his father that night.
The man had discovered him and Morrie while they both were in high
school. There was an arguement and the man nearly kicked him out then.
But his mother used the word "phase" and Keith said he was just messing
around and that seemed to end it.
But the man told Keith, the next time he'd be totally cut off and kicked
Shannon sneaked in the back door the night before. Keith let him in. They
knew it was dangerous but their lust for each other was so strong both
decided to chance it. The sex was animalistic, exhausting and lasted
almost all night.
Shannon left that morning just as Keith's dad was leaving the house going
to work. The man paused and looked back at Keith. So Keith knew what was
It was winter. There was wind and snow still on the ground. Keith pulled
his parka around him and hitched rides that took him all the way to St.
Louis. Fortunately he had some cash and could get his dinner there and a
night in the motel.
Sammy was a kid he met on the street. The kid looked cold and destitute
so Keith offered him a place to sleep. The sex was ok, the companionship
was nicer. And when Keith woke up the kid was gone along with his
backpack. And in it his wallet.
He couldn't go home Keith knew. And there were some guys from school who
were in California, the very ones he had called to say he was coming. So
Keith took a chance and stuck out his thumb.
The large trailer truck pulled over after cars, trucks and vans had
whipped by during that cold windy afternoon. Keith was shivering despite
his parka.
"So where you goin?" the burly man asked and Keith told him.
"Run away?" the man seemed to know more then Keith had told him.
"Well kicked out is more like it." Keith said.
"I'm going to Denver and then to Los Angeles, so play your cards right
and you have a ride the whole way" the man smiled. He was Keith's Dad's
age, but chubbier. He had a kind face and grey eyes that stood out.
"Been driving long?" Keith tried to start a conversation and it worked,
they talked through the hours as the truck left St. Louis and became one
of the few vehicles on the highway west.
"Want some dinner?" the man asked. Keith was hungry but he had no money.
"Uh not really" he replied not to convincingly.
"So no money huh?" the man replied and Keith didn't answer.
"Tell you what, I like company, it makes the ride go faster so I'll buy
you something to eat if you want to go the whole way with me."
Keith thanked the man and found himself facing him in a booth at a truck
stop shortly thereafter. The food wasn't that good but it was hot and it
was food. Keith wolfed down his burgers, pasta, desert and coke.
The truck resumed it's direction.
"So it's going to be a long night. Might stop to get some z's, in the
back here" the man gestured the sleeping compartment behind their seats.
"You can tak off your clothes now"
"What?" keith said."Nobody else on the road and besides it's dark and the cab is warm, so
let me see what I picked up"
Keith suddenly got concerned. This nice looking, talking and acting man
was some kind of pervert.
"It's this simple kid. You want to be good company for me? Play along.
Dont' worry I'm not going to hurt you, just want to play a bit."
"You want me to strip naked?" Keith asked realizing that although he was
scared his cock was growing.
"That's right...and jerk off too. Love it when a young guy goes nuts
doing that." the man smiled at him. It was that same easy going friendly
smile Keith had seen earlier.
"or else I'll just pull over and let you out." the man started to slow
the truck down and guide it to the side of the road.
Keith took his shirt off and the truck resumed.
"good boy" the man said
Keith was naked, his erection revealed his sexual urge and he jacked
off....feeling the truck vibrate him as he did so. It added to
the eroticism of being watched by the man. His big hand reached over and
pulled Keith closer.
The hand felt his chest and finally his cock, taking over the
masturbation until Keith had no control and when he exploded it was
beyond his memory of past experiences. Morrie and Shannon had done some
mutual stuff but it wasn't like this.
"There that will take care of you for while, use your underwear to wipe
yourself off"
Keith wiped himself off and started to put his pants back on.
"no, stay naked" the man said kindlyu but certainly as an order.
Keith stayed naked sitting beside the driver. The man put his arm around
him and told him to curl up and sleep.
There Keith was naked, in a strangers truck, being warmed by the man's
arm and he slept.
The truck bounced him awake.
"Where are we?" he asked sleepily.
"got to stop, drove the maximum today so we have to stop. There's a motel
here" the man said.
Keith dressed hoping the man wouldn't tell him not to. He didn't.
"So here's the deal" the man said. "I'll spring for a motel room tonight.
Usually I just sleep back there, but I think you need a good shower and
warm bed and I could use a nice fuck tonight."
"You coming or hitching on without me?" the man stood outside the truck
"Don't worry kid, I'll take good care of you all the way to California"
Keith got out of the truck and waited while the man locked it up.
"Name's Denny" the man held his hand out, the same one that had jerked
Keith off earlier"
Keith took it.
"But I like to be called Dad, you into that?"
Keith paused then answered the words that would be repeated often for the
next 1500 miles, "yes sir".
The shower was nice and the bed was warm as Keith sighed after both Denny
aka Dad erupted and so did Keith. He fell to the side and nesteled his
head on Denny's shoulder. The man's large arms surrounded him.
"You ever think about a life on the road?" Denny asked.
Keith didn't answer he was fast asleep, content, warm and satisfied

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