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97.Jack’s Adventures

17 yr old Jack Mills is a typical teenager he likes nothing better than spending time messing about with his mates. Jack has known for a couple of years that he is gay but has never admitted it to his mates in fear that he might lose them.

Jack has shaved brown hair with brown eyes. Jack’s body is well toned from playing soccer and is slightly hairy. Jack’s arse is his best feature as it is a pert bubble arse, his cock is uncut and measures a good 7 ½ inches.

Ben Reynolds is also 17 and has been mates with Jack since they were 11.Ben also likes hanging around with his mates. Ben is straight and has been seeing his long term girlfriend Lucy since he was 15. Ben, unbeknown to Jack, has always suspected Jack was gay but has never said anything in fear of upsetting Jack.

The lads along with a few other mates had booked to go to Ibiza for a summer holiday and the time was getting closer.

The lads were soon at the airport checking in.

The group of lads were soon in their hotel in San Antonio and all excited about hitting the town. Jack remembered the lecture his mum had given him and laughed. Jack and Ben were sharing an apartment at the hotel and the other lads were in other rooms. Ben didn’t worry about the fact that Jack would see him naked as they had both seen it all before so sharing wasn’t a problem for him.

Jack was sat out on the balcony overlooking the pool watching a group of lads messing around in the pool when Ben walked out dressed in a tight white t shirt that hugged his toned body and a pair of knee length shorts. Ben said “So what are we doing tonight?”
Jack smiled, “Getting rat arsed” he said and laughed.
Ben laughed back. “Yeah, but where we going?”
Jack said “Who cares as long as we get pissed, I don’t care”

The lads met up in the dining room for the usual crap talk from the tour operator’s rep before hitting the town.

The night wore on, Ben and Jack and a couple of the others ended up in a club. Jack was surprised that he had even got in but had managed to. Ben soon hit on a girl and was up dancing with her; Jack was smiling thinking what would Lucy think. Jack then noticed a cute looking shaggy haired blonde lad standing by the bar with what looked like his girlfriend.

Jack kept looking over and the lad smiled back a few times. Jack headed to the toilets and was pleasantly surprised to see the blonde follow him. Jack went into the cubicle and left the door partially open. At first he thought he had misread the signs, but then the door opened and the blonde lad came in and grabbed Jack and started to kiss him passionately. The lad locked the door and started to pull down Jacks shorts. The guy went down and started to suck on Jack’s now fully hard cock. Jack looked down at the sexy blond and started to push on his head as he felt the sensation of being sucked for the first time. Jack tried to stay quiet in fear of being caught but he gave out a moan as his cock started to leak precum into the lad’s hot mouth. The lad moved back up and kissed Jack and started to wank Jack’s now leaking cock. Jack groaned and finally his cock exploded covering his now hot sweat ridden body with a huge load of his cum. The lad kissed Jack and left.

Jack was a bit shell-shocked when he left the toilet and walked back into the main room. He saw that Ben was now snogging the face off that girl; he also noticed that the blond hunk who had just given him the amazing first blow job was also kissing with his girlfriend.

Jack bought himself a drink and stood at the end of the dance floor and kept watching the blond. The girlfriend went to the toilet and Jack walked over and said “Thanks I m Jack by the way”

The lad smiled and said “I’m William but you can call me Will and as for what just happened, well the pleasure was all mine but I can’t talk now Karen will be back in a minute. Here’s my mobile number maybe we can meet up sometime this week for some more fun”

Jack smiled and said “That’s cool I would really like that.”

Ben noticed Jack chatting to the blond and smiled.

Jack gave Will his number and went back over to the dance floor. Jack got fed up and left the club heading back to the apartments. Will noticed that Jack left looking upset and sent a text message to him saying “hi sexy cu soon love will”

Jack smiled as he read the message. Jack opened the door to the apartment and went in. He went out onto the balcony and sat smiling to himself as he remembered what had happened in the club.

Ben meanwhile had seemed to have forgotten all about his long term girlfriend and left the club heading back to the sexy girl’s apartment he had picked up.

Jack fell asleep but was woken up by his phone. Jack picked up his phone to see that it was none other than Will. Jack answered and said “Hi babes.”

“Hey sexy.” Will said

“I was wondering what you are up to, Karen is pissed and has totally crashed out and I’m bored” Will said

Jack said “Well, I’m sitting on the balcony bored senseless so why don’t you come on over”
Will said “Kewl, I’ll leave a note in case Karen wakes up; give me your apartment number”

Will was surprised when he realised that they were staying in the same complex.

Five minutes later and there was a knock on the door. Jack went to the door and opened it to see Will standing there dressed in a shirt with its top three buttons undone and a pair of tight trousers. Jack kissed Will passionately in the corridor and it was then that Ben appeared he saw Jack and Will. Ben decided that there was no way he could disturb his mate so he went along the corridor and knocked on the door of one of the other lads in their group’s apartment.

Ben told Richard that Jack had pulled and asked if he could crash in his apartment Rich told him no probs.

Jack was now slowly undoing the remaining buttons on Will’s shirt revealing the sexy blonds perfectly formed smooth body. Jack then started to remove Will’s tight trousers revealing his now fully erect cock. Jack smiled and went down and started to slowly wank Will’s 7inch uncut cock causing Will to groan loudly.

Will grabbed Jack and started to kiss him passionately.

Will then went down and took hold of Jack’s now throbbing cock and started to suck and lick it harder causing Jack to groan louder and louder. Will lifted Jack up and starts to run his hot tongue up and down Jack’s tight virgin arse. Jack screamed loudly as he felt the hot tongue run up and down his arse.

Will continued to lick Jack’s tight arse and slowly started to push a finger in. Jack groaned as he felt his virgin arse slowly let the invading finger in. Will soon had two fingers going in and out of Jack’s arse as Jack moaned and panted louder and louder.
Will then took hold of Jack’s cock and started to suck and lick it in time to pushing his fingers in and out of Jack’s arse.

Will then slowly replaced his fingers with his cock. Jack panted louder and louder as he felt the cock slowly push his virgin arse open. Will slowly pushed further and further up Jack’s tight arse as Jack panted and groaned louder and louder. Jack gave out a huge groan as he felt Will start to pull his cock out and slowly push it back in.

Will started to go faster and faster as Jack groaned and panted louder and louder .Will leaned forwards and kissed Jack as he fucked his tight arse faster and faster. Will then gave out a huge groan as his cock started to leak more and more of his hot sticky cum into Jack’s now well fucked arse.

Will pulled out of Jack and started to kiss him. Will pushed Jack onto the bed on his back; he positioned Jack’s cock against his arse and slowly sank down on Jack’s now precum covered cock. Will groaned and panted as he felt Jack’s cock split his tight virgin arse apart. Will then started to ride Jack’s cock as Jack groaned and panted louder and louder. Soon the room was filled by pants and groans as Jack fucked his sexy lovers arse faster and faster. Jack screamed “Fuck!” as his cock exploded filling Will’s arse with a huge load of his hot sticky cum. The lads collapsed into a heap and started to kiss passionately as they slowly drifted off to sleep.

Jack woke up the next morning and saw sexy Will lying there asleep; he smiled and walked out onto the balcony. Will woke up shortly after and saw Jack standing naked looking out over the grounds. He snuck up behind him and grabbed him into a passionate kiss, but, unbeknown to Will, his apartment was directly opposite and Karen was looking out of the window and saw everything.

Will led Jack back into the apartment and immediately went down and started to suck on Jack’s now hardening cock. Jack was moaning and panting as Will sucked and licked his cock faster and faster. It was then that Will’s phone went off.

Jack reached over and handed it to Will, who smiled and laughingly said “Looks like Karen saw us on the balcony!”

He showed Jack the message it read “you bastard I saw you on that balcony”

Jack laughed and said “Oh shit! Now what?”

Will shrugged his shoulders and went on sucking Jack’s cock .Jack groaned loudly as his cock exploded cover Will’s hot sweaty body and face with load after load of his cum. Will then grabbed Jack and led him over towards the window and kissed him passionately and said “Hope the bitch saw that to!”

Jack knew that this was just the start of his adventures……….


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