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Multimedia gallery

101.Locked Out

Still dripping from his shower, Matt stepped out into the hotel hallway to pick up the newspaper. Holding his towel around his waist, he fumbled to pick up the paper, and then heard the unmistakable sound of the door to his room closing behind him. "Dammit!" he swore, turning around to try the handle. He felt a draft of cold air as his towel, which had gotten a corner wedged in the door, fell to the floor. He tugged at it without success.

Covering his semi-erect cock with his hands, Matt ran down the hall, hoping that the early hour would mean that no one was awake. There was a house phone across from the elevators. He lifted the receiver and heard silence. Matt swore again as the door of the room across the hall opened.

"Need a hand?" Matt looked to see a man, wearing only a towel, which exposed his muscular, hairy body. He was about Matt's height, but with dark hair and eyes, where Matt was blonde and fair.

Matt gestured helplessly down the hall, where his towel was hanging out of the door to his room. "I'm Ted," the man said, stepping back from the door. "You can come in and use my phone."

Matt could see the prominent bulge under Ted's towel, and in spite of his awkward situation, he felt his prick beginning to grow. He could see the head poking out from between his hands as he ran into Ted's room. He called the front desk and then turned to see Ted smiling, holding out a towel for him. Taking a deep breath, Matt removed his hands from in front of his cock. It was fully hard by this point, and bobbed heavily in front of him. Ted looked down and smiled.

"Nice," he said, reaching out and brushing his hands over Matt's prick, as it bulged and throbbed in response. Ted unhooked his own towel from around his waist and let it fall to the floor. His dick wasn't as large as Matt's, but it was heavy and thick, and his balls were incredible, hanging low and heavy against his thighs. Matt looked into Ted's eyes as he reached out and fondled his cock.

Matt soon discovered that jerking another man's cock was very similar to doing his own, and that having another man's hand on his prick felt just as good as any other hand, maybe even a little better. Ted was stroking Matt's cock with long, firm strokes, holding the skin taut at the base with each downstroke, making Matt's dickhead bulge. Matt was using shorter strokes on Ted's cock, glancing down every once in a while to see the pre-cum oozing from the slit at the top of Ted's prick.

"I'm gonna come," Ted groaned, pushing his hips forward so his cockhead rubbed against Matt's wrist, and spraying a heavy load. His enormous balls twitched repeatedly, releasing his load in hot spurts onto Matt's stomach. Matt watched, entranced, and then as he felt his own dickhead pulsing, he closed his eyes and felt his climax wash over him, his cum jetting into the air and landing on the carpet.

They were still standing there with each other's cocks in their hands when there was a knock on the door. They grabbed their towels and Matt went to get his room key. "Come back later," Ted grinned as Matt left. "If you get locked out again."

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