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Bart was high in the branches of a tree, doing a little trimming when he glanced next door and nearly dropped the clippers he was holding. The two men who had just moved into the house next door were lying out naked by their pool.

As Bart watched in aroused astonishment, the black man, Jared, reached out for Dean's soft cock. He stroked it slowly, his large hand encompassing Dean's swelling dick. His own cock twitched on his stomach as he steadily grew a matching hard-on. When they were both fully hard, Jared rolled over onto Dean's towel. He rubbed his hand up and down Dean's prick as they kissed, and then he moved down.

Soon Bart's neighbors were locked in a 69, Dean's pale skin contrasting with Jared's dark body as they sucked each other out. Their heads moved back and forth, their pricks hard and shiny from the wetness. Bart could hear their moans. Bracing himself on a branch, he reached for his own dick, stroking as he watched them.

Jared's mouth was moving faster on Dean's cock, and when Dean's hips bucked, Jared took his cock all the way into his mouth, holding his lips firmly around the base as Dean spurted. Jared turned around, moving up, and lightly jerked off into Dean's open mouth. Bart watched as Jared's dark cockhead mushroomed, spraying a stream of white cum into Dean's mouth. Unable to hold back, Bart groaned, coming a second after Jared, his spunk landing on the leaves of the trees.

The next day, Bart peered over the fence to see his neighbors playing in the pool. He hadn't been able to stop thinking about how hot it was to see the two men sucking each other's pricks, and it had made him wonder what it would be like to suck another man's cock, or to have one suck him.

Jared got out of the pool, water sheeting off his glistening, naked body, his cock at half-mast. Dean got out just behind him, catching him and wrapping his arms around him. Bart could see Dean's stiff cock pressing between Jared's muscular ass cheeks. He watched as Jared bent over, gripping one of the patio chairs, and Dean eased his cock into Jared's asshole.

Bart's cock was about ready to tear through his shorts, so he freed it, beating off as he watched Dean fucking Jared's ass. Their balls bounced together as Dean's dick slid in and out, an expression of intense pleasure on his face. He reached around and took Jared's dick in his hand, pumping it as he fucked his ass.

Jared seemed to enjoy getting fucked and jerked off at the same time, because he began humping back against Dean's cock, taking him further and further inside with each stroke. When he came, Bart watched his dickhead bulging, cum spurting out in little jets.

Dean tilted his head back and moaned, pulling out just in time for Bart to see his orgasm too. His cum dribbled down onto Jared's ass cheeks, and then he bent over to lick it off, massaging it in with his hands.

Bart's hand was working quickly up and down his dick, and he felt his knees go weak for the second time in as many days, coming from watching the men next door fuck. Dean and Jared dove back into the refreshing water of the pool, and Bart put his softening cock away. He was thinking about going over and introducing himself next weekend. After all, it would only be neighborly to do so.

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