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ace - Man

106.Jr.Hi.Gym Class

I was about 14 years old when this happened, and I'll remember this
forever. I was on a medical deferment in my gym class from any
physical activities. So my coach put me on locker room duty, you know
making sure all the guys got towels, locking away their clothes
during gym class, etc... Anyway, little did I know that there was
another boy my age in the same situation I was in, so he was also
assigned locker room duty. We knew each other not only from gym class
at school, but we were also neighbors. We lived not more than a five
minute walk from each other. Well, we became closer that day than
ever before while on locker room duty. You all know how boys are at
that age, and we were no different. First thing you know, we started
playing grab ass with each other. That led to a more friendly game of
grab ass as we then started to grab more than ass.
We started grabbing each others cocks, gently at first, then the
game got a little rougher. This went on for the better part of ten
minutes, and before you know it, we had managed to take our cocks out
to compare them as boys will do in school. The more we touched and
admired each others cocks, the more turned on we bacame. We started
stroking each other and it felt so good to have another boys cock in
my hand and my cock in his. We then got a little braver and bolder,
and we looked at each other and nodded yes to each other. Then it
happened, we turned into position of sixty nine, and we started to
suck on each others cocks. Man was I in heaven having my cock sucked
for the first time by another boy. He evidently felt the same way as
I did, because we both got so hot and bothered over this, we started
cumming in each others mouths at the same time. We didn't stop
either, we both took the loads and swallowed them all down. Of course
it's dangerous to do that now days, but back then it was not
considered to be dangerous.
We were on locker room duty together for a six week period, and let
me tell you. We played our little game for the entire six weeks we
were in there. After that we started seeing each other more out of
school, like on weekends and during summer breaks from school. We
camped out together one summer and we took our sexual pleasures to a
new level. We had anal intercourse during that summer, and enjoyed
every momment we spent together. Then his father gave him the bad
news that tore us both apart. They would be moving out of town to
relocate for his fathers job. After they moved, I could never get in
touch with him again, and I really missed being with him and hope he
felt the same for me. I am older now and have a wonderful partner,
but part of me would still love to see my first love again.

True Story,

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