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adsa - Man Private Parts

107.Lust By The River

While walking through the Indonesian tropical jungle,
Carl could not help stealing a look at his handsome
tour guide next to him. Both of them had been hiking
for about an hour to find a good spot to camp. As a
tourist, that 34-year-old Australian man did need an
experienced tour guide. Without one, Carl would surely
got lost in the countryside. Especially because he had
never come to Indonesia before. But he had never
thought that he would be so lucky to get a handsome
one. Carl had always had a thing for Asian guys.
Indonesian guy was one of Asian types he liked. Yudi,
the tour guide, was in his mid 20s, still fresh. Carl
never stopped imagining how Yudi would look like if he
was naked. Staring at Yudi's body intently, Carl
pretended that he could see through that young man's
body. He imagined seeing Yudi's brown athletic chest.
The image seemed so real, yet it was only an illusion.

"Ok, let's stop here. You must be tired," Yudi
suddenly said, pulling Carl back to the reality. Carl
found themselves on the bank of a small river. Yudi
added, "The water is clean and there is no one here.
So we both can get naked comfortably." After putting
his bag pack on the rocky ground, Yudi hurriedly took
off his clothes. His T-shirt, jeans, and underwear
left his body one by one. That young man showed no
embarrassment, parading naked in front of another man.

The idea of getting naked in the wilderness intrigued
Carl so much. If only Yudi knew how much Carl wanted
to get naked with him. Trying hard to hide the big
package in his crotch, Carl watched Yudi's body
movement. Standing behind him, Carl could take a
better look at Yudi's fabulous bare ass. As that young
man walked to the river, his ass cheeks were rubbed
against each other. Lust stirred in Carl's mind. That
Australian horny man reached down and grabbed his
hard-on, hoping that it would go down soon. But the
more he touched his cock, the harder it became.

Carefully, Yudi waded through the river, water rushing
through his feet. Carl only stood there, frozen like a
statue. His eyes were bulging out of their sockets as
they were greeted by free striptease show. The hard-on
he sported grew larger uncontrollably. Whimpering,
Carl tried to reposition his erection but there was no
more space left in his briefs. Yudi's naked body was
just like what he had imagined. The Indonesian guy's
skin was brownish, covering the flesh underneath. His
body was proportionally nice, not fat and not thin.
Carl's eyes feasted on Yudi's torso. The chest mounds
looked very sexy and arousing, although they were not
muscular at all. Most of Yudi's body comprised flesh
and little fat, as he was just an ordinary guy who
never frequented the gym. At that point, Yudi had
already submerged his body in the water, up to his
torso. Calling out to Carl once again, he asked that
Australian man to join him.

Carl knew he could not avoid it. Thus, he was willing
to take the risk. Bending forward, he pushed his
trousers down after unsnapping the button. The thick
fabric slid down to his ankles, revealing a throbbing
package in his briefs. A large wet stain smeared the
front of his white briefs, declaring to the beholders
that Carl had been aroused sexually. Carl did notice
that, but he wanted to act normal and pretended to be
stupid. Next, Carl took off his T-shirt. Once he lost
the shirt, he revealed a firm hair Australian torso.
Carl did not frequent the gym too much, but he still
had a good hard torso. Genetically, Carl was born with
a well-shaped bones. And that gave him the benefit of
having a large sturdy body without going to the gym.
Fat of course had infiltrated his body, but it was
well-hidden in his flesh.

"Oh man, Yudi looks so sexy. I don't think I can
restrain myself from kissing him," Carl said to
himself softly as he prepared to slide down his
briefs. "I want him. I want to have sex with that sexy
Indonesian guy. But will he let me fuck his ass? Oh
what the hell? I'm gonna take my risk."

Thus, with full determination, Carl slid down his
briefs. As soon as he did that, his hard cock sprang
ut. The uncut meat throbbed passionately as it hoped
to worm itself into Yudi's tight ass hole. The
foreskin had been retracted, exposing the glistening
precumming glans. Carl intentionally took some time to
stand naked so that Yudi had chance to take a look at
his naked body. Carl realized that he was not a model,
yet he could always easily attract gay men's attention
with his body. He just hoed that his body could also
attract straight man. To Carl's expectation, that
young man did look at him. For some moment, Yudi
stopped his bathing activity and fixed his eyes to
Carl's body. Wanting to seduce Yudi, Carl deliberately
stroked his hard-on in front of him. Not being afraid
or ashamed, Carl also maintained eye-to-eye contact.
In his mind, Carl knew that he had got Yudi to where
he wanted him to belong: in his arms.

Preparing to prey upon his prospective victim, Carl
walked into the water. As the cold water came in
contact with his skin, coldness coursed through his
naked body. It stimulated Carl's cock and balls. The
shaft was hardened while the balls grew tauter and
lifted up themselves. Approaching Yudi, Carl submerged
his body to the waist. He kept walking, trying to
maintain balance as his feet stepped onto the slippery
rocks below. Seductively, he kept looking at Yudi's
face. Yudi was not a stupid young man. He knew what
Carl wanted. As a straight man, he did not want it to
happen, but Carl was his client. He could lose the job
at the travel agency if Carl sued him. When Carl was
standing right in front of him, he did not know what
to do.

Reaching his hand, Carl touch Yudi's shoulder. He
decided that he should go straight to the main idea,
rather than beating the bush. Thus, he said, "Yudi,
I'm gay. And as a gay man, I can't help getting
aroused when I saw you got naked. You are really a hot
sexy Indonesian young man. I happen to like Asian men
very much. Yudi, let me be honest here. I think I like
you a lot. And I do hope you will give me chance to
pleasure you." Seeing that Yudi ws about to reject his
offer, Carl quickly cut him off. "Wait, I know you're
straight. But it doesn't mean that straight guys are
not allowed to have hot sex with a guy. You'll love
it, I promise."

With that, Carl lunged forward and took Yudi in his
arms. The Indonesian man was speechless, not knowing
what to do. Lustfully, Carl smelled Yudi's manly scent
as he ran his nose up and down that young man's neck.
Both of his arms clutched Yudi's body possessively,
not wanting to let it go. Under the water, Carl's
erect cock was poked through Yudi's thighs. Sensually,
that Australian man was fucking Yudi's thighs. Deep
breaths were whirling in Yudi's ears as he had no
choice but to let that man poured out his lust onto
him. As a horny man, Yudi did wonder how gay men had
sex. Thus, he thought that it would do him no harm if
he decided to play along.

Reciprocating Carl's hug, Yudi awkwardly wrapped his
arms around another man's naked body. It felt very
weird to him, yet he tired to enjoy it. He thought
that if gay sex hadn't been fun, there would have been
no gay men in this world. The warmth of Carl's body
somehow soothed him around the cool country climate.
Carl's broad fleshy chest was pressed against his.
When Carl's two pointy nipples brushed against Yudi's,
Yudi flinched. Although Yudi's nipples were more
sensitive, he liked when they were stimulated. As an
experienced gay man, Carl knew exactly that Yudi was a
nipple man. Pulling that young man's body close to
him, Carl rubbed his firm torso against Yudi's. It
brought so much pleasure for both of them. Groaning,
Yudi tried to break away from Carl's strong hug, but
at the same time, he also liked the stimulation.
Inevitably, Yudi's cock began to grow. Carl noticed it
because that meat was poking through his thighs.

"You're getting hard, Yudi," Carl commented, kissing
that young man on the cheek. "That's a good sign.
You'll love this, I promise." Reaching down, Carl
snaked his hand to Yudi's crotch. Under the water, he
tried to get a grip on Yudi's fuck tool. "Yeah, you're
so horny. I bet you can't wait to shoot your cum, huh?
I can make you cum." Lustfully, he groped the cock
helmet, twisting it. Carl knew exactly each erogenous
spot on a man's cock. Watching Yudi's contorted face,
he knew that the Indonesian young man was having fun.
"Oh, yeah, you like your cock being played by other
man, don't you? Yeah, I'm playing it now. I'm gonna
twist the cock head and stroke it. I'll force you to
cum over, over and over again. Oh, am I making you
hot?" Roughly, Carl jerked Yudi's cock off, in rapid
stroking rhythm. His callused hand slid up and down
the cock.

"Yeah, stroke my cock, Carl. Oh yeah, give me
pleasure. Keep stroking me, oh don't' stop," Yudi
moaned, hugging Carl. His arms were wrapped securely
around Carl's naked body, using it to support this own
body. Being a sensitive man, Yudi could not help
flinching as Carl resumed his stroking. "Yeah, stroke
my dick, you homo. Ah, you like cock. Stroke it then.
Ah yes!" His muscles contracting, Yudi's stomach was
flexing hard. "Keep masturbating me. I'm close, oh!"
Yudi had not cumming in days, thus he was easily
aroused. That horny man could not hold back from
cumming. "Carl, I'm almost there. I'm gonna cum, oh."

"Let it rip. I wanna see you shoot your cum," Carl
responded with heavy breaths. Looking down at his own
torso, Carl saw his pectoral muscles contracted as he
kept milking Yudi's throbbing cock. The water was
quite clear, thus both of us could see their dicks
under the water. "Shoot your um, boy. let me see how
horny you are. I bet you have gallons of cum in your
balls. Oh yeah, cum for me. Don't be shy. Just shoot
your cum. Release your pent-up ejaculation. Oh yeah, ...

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