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available - Man Jobs/Masturbation


When I hit 10y/o and I started having erections. I never really knew
what to do to make my hard-ons go away. And, my Dad would always
change the subject when I'd start to ask about it. So, I would go
hours with my cock poking through my shorts every morning and
whenever I watched Baywatch with Dad. Then, at night, I'd have wet
dreams. This went on for a long time…since, I had no idea how to
relieve my sexual arousals. When I reached 12y/o, my Dad finally
decided to give me my sex talk. As he started telling me about
masterbating, he placed his hand on my upper thigh and started
caressing my thigh. I looked at him and asked, "Why are you doing
that?" "Sorry. I just got too much into our discussion." He replied.
He took his hand away, and started talking about girls' sexual parts
and needs. Finally, he started talking about Cumming and orgasms. As
he talked, he kept eyeing my crotch as my cock got hard, again. He
placed his hand on my thigh, again. This time, he moved it upwards
and stopped at the end of my shorts. He started rubbing my cock head
with his finger through the material. "What're you doing, now? It
feels good." I moaned "I'm going to teach you how to make your
erections go away." He claimed. He stopped and undid my shorts. He
unzipped my fly tracing his fingertip from the tip of my cock to my
balls. Then, he slipped his hands under my waistband and pulled my
underwear down over my cock. Slowly and gently he wrapped his hand
around it and started stroking my cock up and down. I moaned and
started really enjoying his lesson. "See how you do it. You just
wrap your hand around your cock and stroke it. Sometimes, you can
use visual stimulations." He explained and continued stroking my
cock. It only took 3mins more before I started Cumming all over his
hand. I came and came. I didn't think I'd ever stop. Finally, I
stopped and he went clean his hand off. My cock started to shrink
and I laid down to rest. I thought that was it. 2hours later, he
came back into the room with a condom. He pulled down my pants and
underwear. He started caressing my cock, again, making it hard. He,
then rolled the condom onto my cock, removed his pants and underwear
and straddled me. "What're you doing, now? I don't think you should
be on top of me like that." I asked. "Nobody's going to come in nor
find out about this. I've been eyeing your big 7" erection all day,
and I'm horny." He exclaimed as he guided my rock hard cock into his
asshole. He, then started bouncing, making my cock slide in and out
of his asshole. He then took hold of my hands and placed them on his
cock. I automatically wrapped my hand around it and stroked it as he
bounced up and down and grinded his hips. He started moaning. He
made my cock go in and out. "Oh god, I'm going to cum. Keep stroking
me." He moaned as he grinded his hips. My dad's body tightened as he
started Cumming. He came and came, making my belly wet and sticky.
After he finished Cumming, he started riding my cock, again. "I'm
going to cum, again." I said. "Hold on, dear. Don't cum, yet. I want
to taste your cum." He gasped as he got off and grabbed my hard
cock. He aimed it at his mouth and opened up. I started cumming all
in his mouth and down his throat. After I finished I laid down in my
bed and rested. "That's how you make love, dear. Hope you enjoyed
your lessons." He said. My Dad went wash his hands. All I could do
is lie there and think about the experience.

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