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b - Man Jobs/Masturbation


Weekend came and I was happy. My best friend was coming to sleep
over My parents were goin away for the weekend, and we were gonna
have the whole house to ourselves. Just me and my friend. After he
came, we sat on the sofa and played video games. It was fun. I beat
him 5times out of 7. After the game got boring, my friend suggested
a new game.

Gary asked "Would you like to have a race?"

I said "Sure. What kind of race?"

Gary said "How about a jack off race?"

I said "Ok...why not. Sounds like fun."

So, we both undid our pants and lowered our underwear. We pulled out
our cocks. His and mine were same size. 6".

I said "Ready...get set...stroke'em."

We started strokin and strokin. I was starting to look at Gary's
cock. It was darker and, thicker than mine. I started gettin close
to cummin while lookin at his cock. 3mins of strokin, and I shot my
load. I shot a big one and hit the TV with it. Gary looked at me
when I shot it.

"Wow! What were you thinking about?" he asked.

"Victoria from WWE." I lied. "How about you?"

"Nothing. I was actually lookin at you stroking." he said

I looked at him funny and said. "Really? Cuz I lied. I was lookin at
you, too. I just didn't wanna sound gay."

"It's not gay just to watch. It's only gay if you're attracted to a
guy." he said

"Interesting." I said

"Some guys think jack off racing's gay, too. But, it's not." he
claimed "Wanna try another game?"

"Sure." I said

"Close your eyes and lay down." He ordered nicely

I did what he said. Suddenly, I heard him unzip his pants, again. I
opened my eyes and saw him pull his cock out and stroke it till it
was hard.

He looked at me and said "Close'em. This is a game called how does
that feel?. You have to close your eyes and just tell me how
something feels. Ok?"

"Ok." I said. I closed my eyes again

I was on my back. Gary walked up to me and lowered his body until
his waist was even with the sofa. He grabbed his rock-hard cock and
rubbed cockhead along the length of mine. My cock grew hard and
started throbbing.

"How does that feel?" Gary asked

"mmm...feels good. It's makin me hard." I said

"okay. How about this?" He asked. Gary lowered my waistband and
uncovered my cock. He took my cock in his hand and stroked it.

I gasped "Oh my god. That's awesome."

"And, this?" He asked, licking the head and shaft.

"Ahh...mmm...good. Keep going. I'm gonna cum." I moaned

"Ok." He said. He straddled my waist, and put my cock in his hole.
It was pretty big, and slick. My cock went in instantly. Gary
started bouncing up and down on his knees, slappin his butt on my
thighs, makin my cock go in and out of his hole.

"Oooh...yeah...mmm...I love this...i'm gonna cum." I moaned

6mins later, I couldn't hold it any more. I came and came. My cum
splattered all in his butthole. After my cock shrank down, Gary got

"How did that feel?" He asked

I didn't answer. I was so worn out, I fell asleep. Gary got some
towels and cleaned off the cum on his ass and TV. He laid next to me
and fell asleep soon afterwards. This was the first and best
sleepover ever.


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