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b v - Man Jobs/Masturbation Private Parts

123.My Friend Ron

I used to commute daily about 40 miles from our suburban home to
downtown. It sure beat having to cope with freeway traffic. I used
to prefer to sit in the upper part of the two-decker cars in a face-
to-face seat where I could spread out paperwork in front of me
(unless someone happened to ask to sit there, which was very rare).
I was entertaining clients late one evening in the city, and managed
to catch the last train home - about 10:30P. I'd had a number of
cocktails, and was feeling pretty mellow. There were very vew riders
at that time of night, so I had my pick of seats.

I was also feeling horny as hell that evening....a few drinks tend to
do that to me. I hadn't gotten off in almost a week, and the old
libido was raging with all that pent-up sperm still lurking in my
balls. As I relaxed with my legs in front of me in the upper deck, I
started playing a little pocket pool with myself. I got an immediate
erection right there on the train, as I fantasized about getting it
on with some stranger (BTW - this is a true story).

I was deep in thought, with my eyes half closed and my penis fully
erect under my suit pants, when I happened to glance down to see a
guy in the four-man seats below. I recall that he was wearing a navy
NY Yankees baseball cap. He was staring up at me with a half-smile
on his face. He'd apparently figured out what I was doing, and
seemed turned on by it. He was rubbing his crotch also, as he locked
eyes with me. This move was anything but subtle. After recovering
from my surprise, I started thinking about what we were doing. I
looked down at him and slightly nodded my head. He nodded in return,
and continued to stroke his crotch. I could plainly see that he had
a nice hardon under his pants also. This went on for maybe five
minutes. Then he pointed to himself and then up to where I was
sitting, in a gesture that suggested that he wanted to come up and
join me. I hesitated a bit, then nodded yes.

He gathered up his things, and went to the end of the car and climbed
up to my level, and walked back to where I was sitting. He extended
out his hand and said, "Hi, I'm Ron." I introduced myself, and
commented that it appeared that we were both entertaining similar
thoughts. He said that he'd always wanted to jack someone off on the
train, but had never had the opportunity to do it. "Maybe this is
our lucky night" he observed.

There were maybe 4 people in our car, and all of them on the lower
level, either asleep or with their nose buried in a newspaper.
Nobody was paying a bit of attention to the two of us. We talked for
awhile about what each of us liked to and where we detrained. As it
happened, we both got off at the same station, but had never run into
each other because of the later hours he worked. We were still a
good 20 minutes from our stop. He said, "Show me your cock." I
unzipped and pulled out my penis. He did the same. We were both
nice and hard and about the same size - about 6" and cut. I love
seeing other guy's erections.

He reached over and started stroking my cock. I shifted so I was
angled with my back toward the people below, while Ron discretely
masturbated me. Then we reversed positions, and I jacked him off.
We played like that, with nobody below noticing a thing, for a good
15 minutes. Then we decided it'd probably be best if we finished our
masturbating activities in one of our cars at the station. Before
our train pulled in, Ron leaned down and took me into his mouth for a
few head bobs. Then the conductor called out our stop.

We detrained, and elected to use my car, which was a larger SUV with
tinted windows, parked at the far end of the commute lot. I opened
the tailgate, spread out a blanket I kept behing the spare, and we
climbed in. We sat facing each other as we removed our pants. A
distant streetlight provided just enough ambient light for us to
see. Ron leaned forward and started sucking me off to get my
erection back. It didn't take long. Then we switched around and
69'd with both cocks buried in each other's mouths. I told Ron that
I was close to cumming, and he pulled off briefly and asked me to cum
in his mouth. About 20 seconds later, my cum was shooting into his
mouth, and he was moaning approvingly as he took my load as fast as I
spurted. He swallowed some of it down, then he laid back with a
smile. He said, "There's still some left. Wanna a taste?" He leaned
forward, and we snowballed the last remnants of my semen back and
forth between our tongues. Usually I lose my libido right after
orgasm, but after sharing that cum with him, I was still on track. I
said that I'd still like to jack him off and watch him cum. He laid
back as I started sucking him off. As he started getting worked up, I
pulled off and gave him a nice frantic handjob. Quickly, he started
humping my hand and announced, "Here it comes." He shot at least 3
spurts straight in the air as I watched in fascination. I kept
pumping as his cum shot. It was all over my hand and his stomach and
thighs. Then I bent forward and took the last few spurts in my
mouth. He tasted great! I cleaned him up with a towel. He gave me
his phone and address, and we agreed to get together sometime at his
apartment, where he lived by himself. We did so on many occasions in
the ensuing months.

On one occasion a few weeks later, when we played at his apartment, I
remember he asked me to suck him off with his Jockey underpants on
and he wanted to cum in my mouth thru the cotton....he shot a
surprisingly big load of semen that day. He kept those crusty
underpants unwashed for weeks as a memento, and told me that he
masturbated into them constantly. A few weeks later I sucked him
off again thru those same cum-filled underpants, and took another
huge load - it was a hot, kinky new twist. I could taste his dried
sperm in the cotton fabric as I sucked him. Another time he put them
on his face and asked my to jack off and shoot on the crotch of his
yellowed, now-crusty underpants, then all over his face. I was glad
to oblige. Another time, I remember that Ron fucked me in the ass,
pulled out, rolled me over, and ejaculated spurt after spurt of his
fresh, warm sperm all over my face and tongue, we then shared his
load in a long cumkiss. I did the same to him the next time. When we
69'd, I became a game to see if we could both ejaculate into the
other's mouth about the same time. We got pretty good at it with
time. The two of us enjoyed many similar kinky activities until he
moved out of the area six months later. Miss that guy.

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