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bdbdb - Man Sex

125. My Real Sex Encounter

I am 19 now and verymuch
goodlooking and really smooth, I am healthy (not chubby) with round
buttocks and swollen breasts I am anybody's delight.
One of my real experiences is as follows, I hope all of you like it.
Actually its a letter I had written to one of my elder E-Friend very

Now I tell u more about Adnan.He has very smooth thighs, almost like
me. Small and tender hairs on them. When I first saw him he was
wearing very short shorts, revealing his thighs.Same evening he took
me to his place. After meeting his mother and father he took me to
his room, and I sat down on his bed, he went to the bathroom and came
out after a while changed in shorts and T shirt. I was wearing a
jeans and T shirt. He sat besides me and we started talking.All along
I was dying to touch and feel his thighs.From time to time I was
gazing towards them. Around 7.30 pm his mother called him and asked
him to shut the door from inside as his parents were going
somewhere.After closing the door he came back with two packets
of 'Lays', and asked me to be comfortable. We started eating and

I have swollen breasts. The portion arround nipples have become hard
and I enjoy pressing them. They do pain but I like that. Since few
months everynight I go on pressing them.
When I wear T shirt, they become conspicuous.

While eating and talking, Adnan very much unexpectedly asked me, "do
u have any problem with your breasts" looking towards them.
Immediately one of my hands went to one of them and didnt find the
words, before I can say anything he came closer to me and said" can I
see them" Then he gently touched one of those breasts, then as he was
opening the buttons of my T shirt I put my hand on his thigh. He slid
his hand inside to feel my breasts and I slid my hand to the inner of
his thigh and started caressing and pressing. I then myself removed
my T shirt.Then we laid down on the bed and he asked me, "naman,
shall I kiss them" I said ok and he not only kissed my breasts but
actually licked and chewed them, which I liked very much.Then from
there he moved to my lips. By that time I had slid my hand over his
very very hot and hard penis.Doctor he got a nice smooth big hard and
crcumcised one.I told him that his circumcised penis was too good and
he told me that he in fact liked the uncircumcised one, specially the
shining pink tip of it.

After that he removed all his clothes and also asked me to do the
same. I told him to switch off the lights which he did.Then doctor we
mingled. We both started enjoying. I was now caressing and pressing
both his thighs and buutocks and he was doning the same to me.
I told him that I liked foreplay and he also told me that real
enjoyment lies in foreplay. I was the first to move my mouth towards
his thighs.I wanted to eat all of him.I was kissing and licking his
thighs, and he spread his legs and my lips reached the inner of his
thighs almost touching his balls.Immediately I started sucking his
balls, it was too good, I cant describe it. I felt his hands on my
buttocks, I also started pressing his buttocks very hard. He then
tried to insert his finger which initially hurt me and he withdrew.
Then I think he put some cream on the hole as well as on his finger
and again tried, and slowly slowly pushed in to my liking. This was
the first time someone was inserting his finger inside me. And at the
time I was having his balls in my mouth, he was kissing and licking
the shining pink tip of my penis. I was really in trans. All was so
good, I enjoyed every bit of it. I couldnt resist myself and took
whole of his penis inside my mouth. As if Adnan was waiting for this,
immediately he also took my penis in his mouth. Without any
arrangement worked out earlier, we were in perfect 69 position.In
addition his finger was slowly and gently moving at my back. He was
sucking me in a much better way than I was sucking him.He was using
his tongue to my pleasure and I was following him. Both of us wanted
to prolong this, and we did prolong this to almost half and hour.
When about to cum we would stop for a minute or so. Finally we
decided to drink each others juices. It was first time for both of
us.Then we started the final round. Sucking and licking balls and
penis one by one. Then we settled on burning penis only. And started
sucking each other in up and down movement. Licking lengthwise and
sucking wildly, taking them deep down our throaths. He was the first.
With jerks and mourns he gushed into my mouth, and went straight down
from my throat to the stomach. Within seconds I also ejaculated. We
kept on sucking for quite some time after that. For few minutes both
the penis became flacid, but we continued sucking and then again his
was the first to gain erection, after that I also got the erection.

Then both of us went to the bathroom and washed. It was 8.45pm, Adnan
then insisted for another round. He told me that his parents wont
return back before 10.30 or 11pm. I actually suspected that now he
would ask for anal sex. But Adnan was so good I couldnt say no to
him. I told him to leave something for tomorrow but he told me that
he not only liked me but actually loved me.

We then again started anew. For half an hour or so we went on
kissing, licking, chewing and caressing each other. As I told u, I
was mad after his thighs, so my main consentration remained there. He
also worked alot on my thighs but main target remained my
buttocks.This time he has already kept a vasline bottle under the
pillow. He put some vasline on his finger and then on my hole and
inserted his finger in, and asked me " do u like it". and laughingly
I said no!. He then started kissing me. We were lying lengthwise, and
both our penis were touching each other.He then turned me and put his
penis on my buttocks and same time started pressing my 'swollen'
breasts with one of his hands and caught hold of my penis with the
other hand. Oh God ! my enjoyment knew no bounds. Then after 10
minutes of this he again turned me and came on me, we lie stomach to
stomach and breast to breast and penis to penis. Adnan was kissing me
non stop. On my cheeks, on my lips, on my breasts, below my stomach
and my balls and penis. Again and again repeating this.He was so good
that I left myself to his command.
When he put my legs on his shoulders, I suspected what he was trying
to do but I allowed him to do.He then put a lot of vasline on his
penis and on my hole, and whispered in my ears that "Naman, I shall
be gentle and slow". Then he put the head of his penis on my hole and
started pushing it slowly. Initially I got some pain and he
withdrew.Then again he put more vasline and tried to enter me. He was
really gentle and slow. He helped me to fold my legs as much close to
the stomach as I could and finally whole of Adnan was 'in'. Then he
did in and out and placed caught hold of my penis in his hand and
doing massage on it.Hardly after four five minute he ejaculated. I
felt the warm liquid inside, and alongwith that I also ejaculated in
Adnan's hand.

We again washed, and dressed up. It was 9.30pm. Adnan asked me to
wait til his parents come back. So I sat with him talking. He was in
his shorts. Now I was liberal to keep my hand not only on his thighs
but anywhere I liked but I preferred the thighs and kept caressing
and pressing And he was continuously pressing my breasts and kissing
me.And like this we continued this for over half and our. We were
again ready to do something. This time I told him that it was my turn
as he has already fucked me.Then he hugged me tightly and said "OK,
naman do what u liked", and unzipped his shorts. At that moment the
bell rang, and he putting his shorts on hurried to the door. His
parents were there.

I asked for the leave and returned back to my place.Seeing me off at
the 'lift' Adnan told me"Not to worry Naman, my parents go out almost
everyday. Take your turn tomorrow"

It was a ditto next day. I took my turn, and Doctor, it was tooooo
much and too good.It was hurting him also but he allowed me and
finally I was fully got inside him.

This was my first day encounter at Nagpur

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