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17.Journey from straight to Bi !

A real story so do comment !!

It all started when I was 16 year old, I meet this guy A* who was 15
year old. We became great friends use to do everything together go
for walk in the morning come home and then go to school, after
school meet each other everyday not a single day like that when we
never meet. On weekends stay together at each others houses, it was
great fun. We use to go movies, parties, clubbing, holiday, travel…
you can say best championship n buddies.

But, yeah there were fights now, a lot of them but we use to meet up
either I use to call back or he used to call me. I am not GAY and
neither is he, but after like 1 month from the day we meet, he was
at my place I was alone at my home… porn, bf and videos were all new
things for him but a little old for me. He asked me like do you
watch porn I said yeah! He said if he could also watch some, I
firstly said no your too young for this but he insisted so I had a
great collections I got some CD and played them on my DVD player, we
were both sitting on my bed... he was on left and me on the right
side, as the movie started and after some time I got an erection and
mine was very visible as I was in shorts but he was in sportswear
(lowers), his outline was visible too but not as badly as mine…
There was a blowjob in the movie, and he was like how can a girl
suck that and when the guy in the movie cummed he asked what was
that? (Till this point I did not know that he actually didn't know
or was pretending)

But, as my erection got harder I could not resist and was going to
the toilet, he stopped and said what you are going to do, I said I
am going to masturbate. He said I want to see how do you do that, I
said no and forcibly locked the door and started moving my dick and
when I was done and came out, this guy said I saw you I saw you and
I asked how he said using the keyhole of the lock. I was like how
could you, etc…
And, then I asked him to show me your dick he said okay but only for
a distance and I said fine. He removed his tracks and was in
underwear and then removed his underwear and his Albert was in the
air swinging hard at 5".

After this he quickly covered up and said lets go for a drive, I
said okay lets leave. We left my house.

The same day at night it was Saturday so we had to stay together,
other night stays before this one we used to play games, play
station, chit n chat, etc… but this time we were again watching
porn. He was in shorts and so was I, we were both in bed and while
watching porn at around 2 am I saw a hand at my crotch, wow! I said
what are you doing? He just lifted my hand and put it on his crotch…
I was speechless and then he asked me if I could suck his dick, I
said no no ways! He said he will suck mine, he finally convinced me
but I said you will suck mine first, he said ok and started to suck
my dick and that was my first time! He was sucking mine for nearly 3
minutes and jumped and said your turn, I also sucked his and now he
said I want to cum in your mouth and I said no, he said okay as you
wish… I was sucking and he cumed in 1 minute, my full mouth was
filled with warm liquid, I rushed to the loo to spit it out… he said
sorry I am really sorry and for this I did not speak to him for 7
days and then he again convinced me to be friends again and said he
was sorry.. now we were back on the track and on almost every night
we used to smooch, orals and touching… all because I have always
been very introvert kind of person in my life very choosy and very
sophisticated in choosing my friends, except my school friends I did
not have any other friend in neighborhood, all friends that I had in
my neighbor had to shift there house due to some or the other reason
I was very lonely, never use to go out always be at home busy with
something or the other…and since I had made a friend I did not
wanted to loose him so what ever he wanted I use to do it and even
while doing all this I never felt that I it was being gay or homo… I
thought it just fine I will get over with it with time!

But as time passed we reached annals and I fucked him because he
wanted me too he was chubby and had lil boobs and I use to feel as
if I m fucking a girl… both were enjoying it so I never ever
bothered about anything… It was now 1 year we had know each other
and all of a sudden this guy stopped talking to me, I still don't
know why and what happened… whenever I called him or sms he said you
are gay gay gay gay and gay was the only word I could get back. I
was very heartbroken and I stopped talking to him and few days later
some of his friend said that A was telling that I am gay and all
that rubbish.

I felt like killing him, but had nothing else to do but cry. I am
now back to normal life but really whenever I see that guy again I
remember all those days and time that we spend together. And people
yeah! I am not gay, I am bi I guess because my gf is very satisfied
from me, now I am18 but yeah am also looking for only
sophisticated, classy and yeppy people to have friendship with !

Now please tell me if I did anything wrong at my part? Who was the
real gay?

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