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18.Love Comes to Stacy

I want to thank my good friends Stacy (Little Demon Boy) and Ed with
their help and guidance in writing this story.

This is not a story about fetishes but about how two people over
come separate tragedies then learn to accept and deal with what life
had given them. Together they find that there isn't anything they
can't over come.

I reply to all emails, except flames. You may write me at

I hope you enjoy this story.
Miguel Sanchez

Love Comes to Stacy

Stacy wasn't your average teenager. He had problems adjusting to
meeting people his own age. When he was younger, it wasn't bad but
as he got older it started getting harder because of his diminutive
size. You see Stacy is a little person and is at least eighteen
inches shorter than most average people.

When he hit puberty he started looking at his peers in yet a
different way. When he had gym class the sight of the other boys in
class being naked started giving him funny feelings in his groin
that he didn't understand.

One day as he was going home from school his bladder started telling
him it needed to be emptied and he ran to the front door but he
couldn't get the door opened. The harder he tired the more stressed
out he got and just as he opened the door the dam broke and Stacy
wet himself.

Stacy stood there crying until his Dad Mike heard the commotion and
came to see what was going on. He saw his son standing there wet and
crying and said, "What happened son?"

Through the tears Stacy said, "I tried Daddy to open the door but it
stuck again. I'm sorry."

His Dad took his books from him and brought him into the house then
closed the door. He kissed him on the cheek and said, "It is all
right son, accidents happen."

He lifted his shirt off then removed his tennis shoes so he could
remove his wet jeans and underwear. He led him into the bathroom
where he helped him clean up then get dressed.

His Dad had been noticing this was getting worse so he made an
appointment with his pediatrician. The Doctor ran some tests then
they were sent to another doctor, this time a specialist. After it
was all was said and done Stacy's doctor talked with them and
said, "Mr. Mullins you son has an under developed muscle in his
bladder and the fact that he is a dwarf is adding to the problem.
It seems that that muscle is weak and it can't always hold back all
the urine if it gets really full. There is a surgical option open
but I don't think Stacy is a good candidate for it. It also carries
risks that could leave him totally impotent, incontinent or both."

Stacy just sat there in silence then said, "You mean I'm going to
keep having accidents?"

The doctor looked at him and said, "I'm sorry son but I'm afraid so."

The young man broke down and said, "This just isn't fair Daddy. It
isn't fair."

"I know son," his Dad said. "Let's go home and sit and talk about

Stacy and his Dad left the doctor's office and neither of them had
much to say on the drive home. When they got inside Stacy looked at
his Dad and said, "Daddy, why am I so different? I mean look at me,
I'm little and I'm not going to grow. My bladder is causing me to
wet myself and to top it off Daddy, I'm gay."

Stacy was in tears again and his Dad picked him up and sat him on
his lap. His son was out of control with his crying so he took him
into the bathroom and stood him in front of the toilet. Stacy got
the message and emptied his bladder then looked back to his father.
They went back into the living room and his Dad said, "Son, I love
you. You are my child and the light of my life. It doesn't matter if
you're gay and you may be short in stature, but to me you're six
feet tall. There is something I haven't told you since your mother
died and that is the fact that I'm gay also. As for the bladder
problem, if you can make it to the bathroom that's great but
otherwise, there is only one choice son and that is diapers."

Stacy closed his eyes and thought about what his Dad just told him.
He was about to speak when his brother Ed came in from work. He saw
everyone in a glum mood and said, "What's wrong Dad?"

His Dad explained everything the Doctor said and Stacy's revelation
then Ed looked at his brother and said, "First off little bro,
what's so bad about being gay? I am and I have a boyfriend. The
reason I haven't said anything to you was I wanted to wait a little
until you were older. There isn't anything that can be done safely
to fix your bladder so I only see one answer bro and I'll make sure
no one picks on you."

As Stacy got older, he learned to accept what he could change and
what he couldn't. His doctor wrote a letter to the school exempting
him from gym class so he wouldn't be exerting himself and causing
embarrassment from an accidental wetting.

His grades were well above average and he was making a few friends
but there was something missing from his life. He saw most of his
friends talking about going out on dates with their girlfriends or
how they were falling in love. He came in from school and went right
to his bedroom and just listened to music. When Ed came in he
said, "Hey Dad, where's Stacy?"

Mike looked out back and he wasn't there so Ed went and checked his
room. Stacy was lying on the bed with his headphones on engrossed in
the music. Ed motioned for his Dad to see Stacy then they both went
in and sat on his bed. Stacy looked up and saw his father and
brother sitting with him then closed his eyes hoping they would

Ed got up and turned the stereo off and Stacy sat up saying, "Why
did you do that?"

Ed looked at him and asked, "Why are you holding up in here trying
to escape from the world?"

"You wouldn't understand," Stacy mumbled.

Mike reached over and lifted his son's chin and said, "Try us. We
were both your age once son. We weren't born this age."

Mike looked into his son's eyes as they filled with tears. He leaned
forward then fell into his father's arms saying, "I'm lonely Daddy.
Everyone at school is out in this spring weather with their
girlfriends and look at me. I'm here at home with no one. How do you
think you would feel if you met someone and they found out you wear
a diaper because you can't hold your water?"

Mike thought for a minute then Ed said, "Little brother if I met
someone and got to really know them and they said they were my
friend, it shouldn't bother them what I wear under my jeans."

Mike looked at his son and said, "As far as you being lonely son,
you sure can't make any friends being in here. Now can you?"

Stacy looked up and him and said, "No."

"You need to get out more bro," Ed said smiling at him. "Have you
thought about getting a part time job?"

"Why?" Stacy said with a sour sound. "You guys want me out of the
house now?"

Mike looked at him and said, "Of course not son. You know better
than that. Mrs. Branson called and said you couldn't baby sit
because you were sick. I didn't know she called nor did I know you
were sick?"

Ed sat down and looked at Stacy and said, "Bro, what is it? If you
get out more, you'll have a better chance of meeting someone. Dad is
right; you can't meet people here inside your room."

Stacy sighed and said, "OK Daddy, but what can I do? The only real
thing I'm any good at is babysitting."

We both thought about that for a minute then Mike said, "I just
might have an answer to that son."

Stacy went to get up and he realized with everything that had
happened he wet himself. He went into the bathroom to change when he
screamed, "Daddy, Ed come quick."

We ran into the bathroom and Stacy was standing there not only wet
but he had soiled himself too. Mike wrapped his arms around his son
and soothed while Ed got him cleaned up. Mike looked at his son and
said, "Has this ever happened before?"

Stacy shook his head and said, "No daddy. What's happening to me?"

Mike knew all to well that stress can reek havoc on the body.
Anytime Stacy got excited or stressed he would lose bladder control.
He decided that he would keep an eye on things and call the doctor
if things got worse.

Ed helped Stacy clean up while Mike made a phone call. He had a
friend that owned a childcare agency and she was always looking for
good help. Stacy sat for about six different families and every one
of them loved him. He felt very confident they would give him a good

Mike called his friend at the childcare center and she said she
would be glad to speak with Stacy. Saturday was a busy day and
Darla's place was hopping. Mike took Stacy there so he could meet
her and see if there was anything that could be done. They walked in
when a young girl said, "May I help you sir?"

Mike looked at the girl and said, "Yes, I'd like to see Darla
Richards please."

The girl picked the phone up and dialed a number and soon he was
facing his old friend. She came out of her office and said, "Mike
Mullins, what a nice surprise. It's been a long time. Who is this
handsome young man?"

Mike looked at his friend and said, "Darla, this is my son Stacy.
Stacy, this is Darla Richards. Stacy is looking for a part time job
and he is very good with children. He sits for five or six of the
neighbors and they all rave about him."

The woman looked at Mike and said, "I don't have any paid positions
open right now but I could use some volunteers. I take volunteers
that want to get paid and that is how I get my staff. It is a good
way to get in though. Are you interested Stacy?"

Mike looked at his son and said, "What do you think son?"

Stacy looked around and saw kids running all around the place. He
saw one girl break loose and head for the door. He ran over and got
her quickly and said, "Hey there little one, slow down."

She smiled at him then he turned her over to the staff worker. Darla
was impressed by what she saw and said, "Stacy you sure do have a
knack with children."

He smiled and said, "Yeah when you're my size it helps. They just
don't seem sacred of ...
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