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Multimedia gallery sexy story

my story

hope you like this story, true but not me

I am going to tell you the story about my best sex encounter ever,
but before I do that let me describe the players in the show to you.
First there is me a 5'6 white guy that is average in every way.
Sexually I am a bottom and I am attracted to BBC, ever since High
School, and now for the other person, Tony a beautiful 6'4 Black male
that since he is an athlete is really ripped and muscular but the
best part of Tony is his cock, a full 8 inches when not erect and 10
inches when fully at attention. We hung out in the same places and I
blew Tony a few times, each time was great and during some
conversation I confessed to him that blowjobs is all that I had ever
done before, sure I played with toys but I was an anal virgin.

On a Saturday morning Tony called and said to meet him at a Rest Stop
along I-20, well I thought he had car trouble so I agreed to meet
him, after all I was just playing with myself at that point and maybe
after helping him he would let me suck that beautiful monster cock of
his and give me his seed for breakfast. When I got to the rest area
I looked around and finally spotted him by the toilets, when I walked
up to him he told me to follow him which of course I did, maybe he
would make me suck him off in the rest room. He headed straight over
to a white delivery van that was parked opposite of the rest rooms
and got in the drivers side and motioned me to get in on the
passenger side.

When I got in I noticed he was wearing a tight t-shirt and Bermuda
shorts and oviously nothing else since I could see the outline of his
cock through the shorts. There were only two seats in the van and in
the back was a large piece of foam and nothing else, well he started
the van and began to pull out of the parking space, I asked him what
was going on and he reached out and grabbed my neck, you have to
understand that he has really big hands the kind that could grab a
basketball and pick it up with no problems, and hissed at me to get
down on my knees and suck his cock. He pulled me over and told me to
pull down his shorts and to get busy, well I did while he was driving
down the interstate and took his beautiful cock in my hand and
started to suck it for all it was worth, it swelled up to its full
ten inches immediately and especially truckers could see what we were
doing while we were driving down the interstate. Well I thought
maybe this was one of Tonys fantasies but I would be proven wrong
once again we pulled off of the interstate and then pulled into a
dirt road and drove down about a mile. He parked the van and looked
down at me and told me that this was the day I would find out what it
was like to be fucked by a black man. When he told me that I was
still sucking and licking his manhood and his balls, I tried to
protest but with a tone of voice that I had never heard from him he
told me that this was going to happen even if he had to rape me.

Again he grabbed me by the neck and flung me to the rear of the van,
right onto the foam pad. He followed and grapped me shorts and
literally ripped them off and grabbing my hair pulled my head up to
his mouth and told me to get on all fours like the good little bitch
that is was and that he was going to make me his little bitch, well I
did as I was told and got on all fours, he got behind me dropped to
his knees and grabbed my hips with both hands and positioned me right
in front of him. He reached into a bag and pulled out some lube and
smeared some on his dick and some on his fingers, then he proceeded
to stick one of those fingers into my boy cunt, swirling around
moving in and out, soon it was two and then three fingers, by now I
was enjoying the attention he was giving my hole and let him know
that by moaning softly a few times, I was still scared of what would
happen once he replaced his fingers with his monster cock, as I was
moaning he said that I must be ready for more since I was moaning
like a good little slut and he grabbed his cock and brought it up to
my opening, just when I thought he would push in the was just teasing
me, he rubbed the tip of his cock up and down the crack of my ass and
slap his cock on the small of my back once in awhile.

Just when I was getting used to him doing that without warning he
placed his tip back on my entrance and pushed forward hard, I
squeeled like a little pig as the pain seared through my body and my
cunt started yielding to this black bull cock, my god I thought this
is what women must go through when giving birth, except this baby was
going in not coming out, and just as I was getting used to the
fullness and the stretch of my poor little hole he pulled his cock
back out just to push forward with even more force as he penetrated
deeper into my insides. He would pull out slow and push in fast and
after a little while the pain was more bearable but how do I describe
the sensation of being filled by his massive manhood, to have your
every fiber tingle with every motion of his cock, I was way past
scared and he did not have to force me anymore, he continued to fuck
me, talk dirty to me telling me how hot and tight my hole was and
that he liked to fuck white boys because they are all little sluts,
all I could do was moan and those moans were getting louder with
every stroke until finally I could feel him tense up and with one
final push unload his seed deep within me, it seemed like an eternity
before he collapsed on top of me.

But if you think that was it then you are mistaken because after
feeling him soften for a few minutes I could feel his cock hardening
still inside of me and then he flipped me over on my back. As he
started fucking me again he told me that he wanted me on my back so
he could watch my face as the ecstacy would overcome me that his
black cock would bring me. He fucked me what seemed like forever and
with every stroke he would bring me pure pleasure, he fucked me like
a stallion with my legs interlocked behind his back until he gave me
the second load of his seed, as soon as he was done the made me clean
his cock with my mouth. As we were lying there exhausted, he told me
that he had one more surprise for me and with that pulled out a
piercing kit and a gold ring with a selflock mechanism, puzzled I
looked at him as he grabbed my ankles, raised them up in the air and
told me to keep them there, he then grabbed a piece of skin below my
balls and before I knew it he pierced the skin and inserted the ring
and as he explained that once locked it could not be removed unless
it was cut off, right above my boy pussy I was now pierced and on
the ring there was a little tag that had Tony's property written on
it. With that he got dressed and told me to do the same, without
speaking he drove me back to my car and told me to get out and that
he would call me when he wanted some more faggot pussy. As I walked
to my car I noticed that my pussy was very sore and still leaking his
seed which it did all the way home. I am still wearing that boy
pussy ring and my big black bull is still breeding his bitch on a
regular basis, and he even lends me out to some of his friends on
occasion and I must say that I am happy and glad that it was a bbc
that took my virginity.

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