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Reading some of the stuff on here, I guess I was a late bloomer, but
it wasn't from lack of trying. I knew I was hot for guys since I was in
junior high school, but I never felt like trying anything with my friends.
The one or two guys that I did know that were cute enough to want to do it
with were real straight arrows and I never had the guts to any more than
jerk off while thinking about them. As a result, I didn't have my first
time until after I had graduated school and started working and moved out
on my own.
One night after work I stopped off at one of the porny bookstores to
see if there was anything I felt like buying. There wasn't, so I decided
to check out some of the loops in the booths. In those days, the holes
were covered up with anything, but despite my horniness, I'd never done
anything in one of them. This particular night, I was standing there
rubbing my dick through my pants, and I saw a big dick come though the
hole on the right. I wanted to play with it sooo bad, but I thought this
was sleazy and I was very nervous. It disappeared as soon as my quarter
ran out and the lights came on, and since I was nervous, I decided to go
home and beat off.
As it happened, he came out of his booth the same time I came out of
mine, and I got a good look at the guy. He was very handsome, about my
age, dressed in a suit just like I was. He was almost the exact opposite
of me. I'm dark-haired and he was blonde. I'm brown-eyed and he was blue.
He was cleanshaven, I had a 'stache. I would have liked to invite him home
with me but I was too scared and I didn't know exactly how to do it or
whether he'd be interested or whether he was an axe murderer or anything.
My dick was so hard it hurt, but I was scared.
I left and went out and down the subway stairs that were right there,
and only started to relax once I was on the platform. That didn't last
long though, because I turned around - after looking to see if the train
was coming - to see him standing behind me. I could feel my heart pounding
in my chest, that's how nervous I was. My hard-on also came back, so I was
really getting conflicting signals here.
There weren't too many people on the platform, and I guess I was
looking at him as often as he was looking at me. Once I found myself
willing to participate in this, I realized I was more horny than nervous,
and I started to calm myself down. Maybe this is how guys meet each other,
I thought.
It took all the courage I had to do what I did next. I walked over
next to him and asked if he had the time. As soon as I said it, I realized
how stupid that sounded. He gave me the time, and smiled at me. I smiled
back and said thanks. We just looked at each other for a minute, and he
said, "Guess you didn't see anything upstairs?" I turned beet red, and
said no. He said, "Me either," and then after a brief pause, "except you."
If it was possible to turn redder, I did, but I managed to say thanks for
the compliment. I tried to compose myself, and then said that I thought he
was very good looking too. Then came the big moment: he asked if I wanted
to go home with him.
I said yes.
The train didn't take too long, and he lived in an area that I knew
(which I was happy about in case I had to leave in a hurry). As he closed
his apartment door, he didn't even turn on the lights, he just turned and
grabbed me, hugging me, and I nearly creamed myself right then and there.
He hugged and kissed me, and then fell to his knees on the floor right in
the foyer, opened my belt and unzipped my fly, and pulled my pants and
briefs right down and sucked my dick into his mouth. It felt so good I
almost passed out - and I had no idea of what I should be doing! It must
have showed, because he took my dick out of his mouth and asked what was
the matter. "Nothing," I said, and then admitted, "I've never done this
He stood up and gave me an odd look. "Then it's time we made up for
it. Let's do it right." Right there in the hallway he took off my jacket,
then unbuttoned my shirt and made me step out of my pants and briefs, which
were down to my ankles. I kicked off my own shoes, and found myself
standing there in just my socks, with a big hard-on jutting out from
between my legs. Then he said, "Now you undress me."
It was strange taking the clothes off another man, and my hard dick
kept brushing against him, causing me to shudder every time. I had to
stand behind him to unbutton the buttons on his shirt and undo his belt,
but then I moved around to his front to take everything off. I tossed his
clothes where he'd thrown mine, right on the arm of the couch by the door.
He did his own shoes, and when he started to take off his socks, I did the
same thing, and we were both standing there naked in the foyer with hard
Now I had a chance to look at his body, and I guess he was doing the
same thing to me. Once again, we were still opposites. I had a really
hairy chest, and he was very smooth. I was cut, he looked uncut (I'd read
enough porny magazines to be able to spot one, though this was the first
one I'd ever seen). My groin was really hairy, and he only had a small
patch of blonde hair right over his shlong. My dick was long and only
average thick, but his was thicker and not quite as long. I couldn't
believe I was standing there naked with another naked man, finally!
All of a sudden he reached out and grabbed my dick, and pulled me by
it right into his bedroom. It looked like mine - a mess - but I didn't
care. He pushed me down on the bed and then kneeled down between my legs
and took my dick into his mouth again. Again I felt like I'd pass out, and
I guess he was experienced enough to know it, because he let go quickly,
and hopped onto the bed with me, pushing me down. He climbed on top of me
and started kissing me, sticking his tongue into my mouth, and grinding our
cocks together between our crotches. This was hot!
I felt him reach down for a minute and take his cock and push it
between my legs. It felt great - I could feel it up against my balls and
between my legs, and my cock was rubbing against his lower stomach and the
little patch of hair above his meat. It felt great! He went back to
kissing me and I could feel him thrusting up and down between my legs, like
I was a woman and he was fucking me. I guess he thought so too, because he
growled and groaned and stiffened up, and I could feel it getting wet down
there - he had come between my legs! As soon as I felt his body relax from
the orgasm, he swung around and sucking my dick into his mouth again. This
time he didn't stop, and too fast, I came. It felt like I was turning
inside out, and I must have really shot more than usual, because he (the
experienced one), gagged a little and I could see the cum dripping out of
his mouth.
After we both finished, we didn't say too much to each other. We got
dressed and exchanged phone numbers, but he never called me and I never had
the guts to call him.

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