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39.The Marrakesh Express

I had spent eight totally disappointing days in Morocco. Oh, I
thoroughly enjoyed sites such as the Bab bou Jaloud (Blue Gate), and the
Moorish architecture of the medersas, and the amazing sites in the
medinas in Fez. I was fascinated by the sites and sounds of the people
in the Djna el Fna Square in Marrakesh, with its snake charmers and other
unbelievable human attractions. What I had not found, was the primary
reason why I came. I wanted some young, carmel-colored Moroccan cock!

I prepared for my trip over several months, studying a variety of
guidebooks, which, of course, included the leading gay guidebooks. I
had reserved a room months earlier in a hotel in Fez, which the
guidebook said had "attractive, young room service waiters, who are
available". Unfortunately, the hotel had been purchased by an
international chain shortly before my arrival. The room service waiters
were neither attractive, nor young. I did not care about their

In Marrakesh, the guidebook said to just "have coffee in one of the
rooftop cafes overlooking the square and you will be approached". I'm
goodlooking, and never had a problem picking up some attractive young
men anywhere in the world, but I was never approached, and I drank a lot
of coffee on the rooftop cafes in Marrakesh. One night, as I was
ascending the stairs in one of the cafes, I did come face to face with
a young Moroccan who was coming down the stairs with a very rotund
European tourist, whom he had just picked up. When we made eye contact,
we knew both knew that our timing was off.

I climbed aboard the train at the station in Marrakesh, preparing to
travel to Casablanca and catch the morning Royal Air Maroc flight to JFK
Airport. I walked about halfway down the aisle of a second
class-smoking car on the train and entered an empty cabin. About twenty
mnutes later, the train pulled out of the station on its way out of
Marraesh. No one had chosen to enter a cabin with an American tourist,
so it looked like I would be by myself for the next five hours. I started
to rummage through my overnite bag for a pack of cigarettes, when I
heard the cabin door open. I looked up, expecting to see the conductor
on his rounds for tickets, instead, I saw an exceptionally beautiful
young Moroccan, who appeared to be about 19 years old. He motioned
toward the empty seat across from me, and I smiled and nodded. He
closed the cabin door, placed his luggage overhead, and took a seat
directly opposite me.

He was wearing a striped sweater and navy blue blazer. I would have
estimated him to be about 5'8" tall, and about 140 pounds. He was
absolutely gorgeous, with very delicate facial features, and what I had
come to believe was the obligatory "coming of age mustache" (or at least
he was trying to grow it). We became acquainted, with some difficulty,
as he spoke very little English, and I spoke even less Arabic or French.
I learned that his name was Rasheed, he was 18 years old, and was
travelling to Casablanca on his father's train employee pass. I took
out a cigarette and offered him one; he accepted, and responded by
giving me a full pack of Moroccan cigarettes.

After the conductor had collected the tickets and closed the cabin door,
Rasheed caught me staring rather blatantly at his crotch. He smiled,
and asked, "you like?" I returned his smile, and replied, "yes, very
much". What happened next really was a surprise. While watching out
the window to make sure no one would be passing by, Rasheed reached over
and began to rub my crotch. In no time at all, he was rubbing 8" of
hard cock. He felt its length and thickness, and said, "very nice.
very, very big", and sat back in his seat.

I too looked out to be sure that no one would pass the cabin, then
leaned over and felt his crotch. I found a hard cock waiting for me. I
stroked him through his trousers, also checking out the length and
thickness of his cock. My hand found a very impressive cock inside his
trousers. As soon as I sat back in my seat, Rasheed again began to
carress my cock through my jeans. We both kept watch out the window.
When he sat back, I again leaned over to rub his cock. Since I was
looking out the window as I leaned forward and reached, I was completely
taken by surprise when my hand made contact - not with his trousers -
but with his bare, exposed hard cock!

Rasheed had managed to pull his cock out of his trousers while I was
looking out the window. I took my eyes off the window momentarily to
look down at a beautiful carmel colored cock, a bit over 7" in length.
I lightly stroked him wih my hand for several minutes, enjoying the
smooth velvety texture of his skin and the hardness of his cock. When I
remoed my hand and sat back, Rasheed stuffed his cock back in his pants,
and reached again for my cock. Once again he felt and rubbed my cock
trhough my jeans. When he stopped and sat back, I again watched out the
window while I leaned over and reached for his crotch. Once again, my
hand found his bare cock to be sticking out of his pants.

I just couldn't resist. I openend my mouth, and dove down on Rasheed's
cock until my lips met his zipper. I had his cock embedded in my
throat. Since this was not the safest place to be deep-throating
someone. I quickly gave him a little sample of my expertese, bobbing my
head up and down, whle sucking slowly, and swirling my tongue around his
cockhead then deep-throating him agin. When I came up, Rasheed was
grinning from ear to ear.
Literally. He stuffed his hard cock back into his pants, zipped up, and
opening the door, motioned for me to follow him.

I let Rasheed get a few yards ahead of me, then followed. He entered
the bathroom at the end of the car, and left the door ajar. I entered
the bathroom, locked the door, and turned around to find Rasheed
standing there with his pants and jockey briefs down around his ankles.
He was holding his sweater and blazer up over his nipples, exposing a
defined and totally smooth chest. I leaned over and began to suck on his
right nipple. Rasheed took my head in both hand and lifted it up to his
face. I kissed him and soon found his tongue on a tour of the inside of
my mouth. I sucked his tongue as lovingly as if it were his beautiful
carmel colored cock.

I stepped back, intending to drop to my knees to devour his cock, when
Rasheed shook his head "no". He turned, bent over and grabbed his
ankles - he was offering me his ass. I dropped my jeans and boxer
shorts, looked around, and took some pink liquid soap from the dispenser
to lubricate my cock. Rasheed placed his hands on his ass cheeks and
spread them for me. When my cock head touched his hole, he pushed back
into me, and I slid into his asshole, with my balls pressed against his

My cock was comletely - and tightly enveloped as if by a silky, warm and
wet glove. I grabbed Rasheed by the hips and slowly started to fuck
him. He responded by meeting each thrust, and gyrating his ass back
into me. When I knew that I was getting awfully close, I pulled out,
turned to the stool and stroked my cock until I fired several rounds of
cum into the basin. When I finished, Rasheed was standing there with
his hard cock sticking straight out from his body. I dropped to my knee
and began to make love to his cock with my mouth. I loved the taste and
velvety feel of his firm cock in my mouth, and I wanted it to last as
long as possible. After about 20 minutes, Rasheed pulled out of my
mouth, and fired a long stream of cum into the bathroom sink.

When we returned to our cabin, he was still smiling. When we arrived in
the next town, we were joined by two older Moroccan gentlemen and a
tourist from England. When we arrived in Casablanca, Rasheed and I
exchanged addresses and parted. It was probably the most unusual - and
one of the most memorable encounters of my life. I love trains.

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