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40.the liquor store

It had been one of those seemingly-endless workdays. Tuesday, Wednesday,
who knows? I'd been working 7 days a week for the previous couple of months
and after so much overtime the days seemed to melt together. I was ready
for it to be over. Unfortunately, the end wasn't near.

I left the factory after coming in early and staying late. The night was
somewhat warm. Winter had finally given way to spring and, as I pulled out
of the parking lot to head home, I was suddenly struck with dread. The
prospect of going home just didn't seem to be as appealing as it had just a
few minutes earlier. I guess I hadn't wanted to go home; I just didn't want
to be in that place for another minute longer. In a last-minute,
split-second decision, I steered the truck in the opposite direction of
home and roared off into the night.

I fired up a roach I'd found in my ashtray and headed for a bar frequented
by my co-workers after a hard day's work. Being a workday, I hadn't
expected the place to be hopping, but I certainly hadn't expected to walk
into a morgue either. One lone drunk, passed out on the bar and the
old-woman bartender were the only souls there. I stayed only for one beer
then headed back out into the night. All of the other bars were just as
dead, and my joint was gone, so I pulled into a tiny liquor store on the
outskirts of town. I figured I'd get a six pack, head home, roll me a new
joint, drink a few in front of the TV, and sleep till it was time to go to
work again.

The liquor store was more deserted than anywhere else I'd gone that
night. Even the clerk was away from the counter when I first entered. After
the door finally closed behind me and the buzzer quit making its noises,
out of the corner of my eye, I saw someone pop out from behind a huge stack
of beer cases.

"Hello!" he said, smiling. "Anything I can help you with tonight?"

I was speechless. He was one of the most gorgeous guys I'd ever laid eyes
on. "I…I…I…" I stammered, "I'm just here for a 6-pack of beer."

"Well, they're all there in the back cooler." He said, pointing. "Help

"I know what I'd like to help myself to." I said under my breath, as I
pulled the pack from the cooler.

As he rang up my sale I couldn't help but notice how his movements oozed
sexuality. I stood enthralled at how his arms, legs and chest strained
against the fabric of his clothing. Within seconds I felt a rush of
hormones surge through my body. Instantly I was hornier than I'd been in a
long time. In that same instant the conflict began. Should I or shouldn't
I? My body ached for him but my shyness won out. I paid for my beer and
left the store.

All the way out to my truck I cursed myself. I should have at least struck
up a conversation. I tossed the bagged beer on the passenger seat and
slammed the steering wheel with my fist, "You chicken-shit stupid ass!!" I
hollered then looked back in the window of the liquor store. I knew he
couldn't see me in the dark parking lot, but I could see him well. He was
still behind the cash register. He looked out the window in my direction,
then disappeared behind the stack of beer cases where he'd been working

The look that crossed his face nearly broke my heart. I guessed that I was
possibly the only person he'd seen in quite some time that night, and that
he was dreading the monotony and loneliness of finishing his shift. I don't
know if it was from the few drinks I'd had that night, or if it was the pot
messing with my head, but I was suddenly overcome with tremendous pity. I
felt sorry for him. I too knew the feeling of not wanting to be at work,
yet having little choice in the matter. Mostly though, I felt pity for
myself in not having the courage to at least try to get something I
wanted. I remember looking at myself in the rear-view mirror and suddenly
feeling a rush of courage well up within me. Next thing I remember was
headed back into the store.

Again, he popped out from behind the beer cases and came up to the
counter. "Hello again." He said smiling, "Forget something?"

"Sure did." I said, nervous shyness ripped again at the pit of my gut.

"Well then, what can I help you with?" he asked, innocent of the things I'd
been doing to him in my mind.

"I was wondering…" I began to stammer and lose control. I knew if I
didn't finish my sentence, I'd never get the courage to head down that path
again. "…It's been a long time…and I
thought…well…maybe…umm…you'd let me suck your cock?" Finally, it
was out!

Wide-eyed, he stood staring at me for a long moment. I felt the blood rush
from my head as adrenaline surged through my veins. My heart was pounding,
my body on the verge of panic.

Nervously he looked towards the front of the store at the doors and
windows. He was thinking about it! At least he hadn't come back immediately
with a negative response!

Now it was his turn to stammer and all I could do was smile at
him. "Ummm…I never…uhhhh…you know… ummmm… had anyone ask me
anything like that before." He finally managed to say.

"I'm sorry. I never should have come back in here and asked you that." I
said, turning to head for the door.

"Wait." He said, taking a step in my direction. "You surprised me. That's

"I don't normally go around asking guys if I can suck their cocks, but I
would love to do that for you if you'll let me. You're very sexy, and I'm
very horny." I said, my palms sweating and my heart still threatening to
leap from my chest. I was being completely honest with him. Only once
before in my life had I been bold enough to be so aggressive with a
guy. Years earlier I'd just as boldly seduced a UPS delivery driver, but
that had been in the privacy of my own home. Since then, I'd been
tame. This was the first I'd been so bold in public with a complete

"To tell the truth, someone has asked me that before." He smiled then
laughed out loud. "Guy I knew my first semester in college asked me that
one night when we were drunk."

"Did you let him?" I asked.

"No, I didn't." he answered.

An awkward silence began to threaten everything. He hadn't actually said
yes, but he hadn't said no. I wasn't sure what to do next. My boldness was
fading fast and a little voice inside my head told me that if I was going
to do this, I would have to do something, and quickly. He too must have
sensed the eerie silence. "Did you want to meet somewhere after my shift?"
he asked, still glancing around the place as if afraid someone would hear
what he was saying.

I took a deep breath. "No." I answered curtly, backing him against the wall
behind the mound of beer cases he'd been stacking earlier. I remembered
when I first came in I hadn't been able to see him so this was a perfect

I dropped to my knees in front of him, keeping my eyes on his face. His
_expression was priceless as the realization of what was going to happen and
where it was happening suddenly flashed across his face.

This happened several years ago when surveillance cameras were very
expensive. I knew the "Mom and Pop" liquor store wouldn't have been able to
afford but maybe one camera, and it would've been pointed at either the
front door or the cash register. I felt pretty safe that where we were, we
wouldn't have any troubles unless someone decided they needed liquor at
that time of night.

"Watch the door." I whispered as began rubbing the front of his khaki
shorts. He was beautiful, his body in peak physical condition. As I ran my
hands up and down his clothing I could feel every muscle, taught, tight and
hard. Judging by the bulge that was growing in his shorts, another part of
his body, that I had yet to touch, was going to be just as hard.

My hands found their way under his t-shirt. His torso was riddled with
knotted abs and awesome pecs, his nipples were rigid with youthful
exuberance and a growing sense of eroticism. He moaned softly as I squeezed
his butt, a cheek of his ass in each hand, and pulled the growing mound of
flesh in his pants against my face.

His body was electric, receptive and alive at my touch. His skin warm and
inviting as I lightly kissed the baby-fine trail of hair that spilled out
of his navel to disappear beneath the waistband of his shorts.

I looked up at his face. His head was leaned back against the wall and his
eyes were closed. "So much for watching the door", I thought to myself. No
matter. He was apparently enjoying what I was doing and I'd barely begun.

I encircled the mound of flesh that lie just behind his fly with my thumbs
and index fingers. "Damn!" I thought. He was packed into his underwear and
hard as a rail spike. I was overcome with lust. I wanted to rip his pants
and underwear from his body and swallow him whole. Thankfully though,
enough of my sanity remained to keep me from losing control. I knew we
could be discovered at any moment yet I wanted this to last as long as it
possibly could. I already knew he'd remember this night for the rest of his
life, but I didn't want it to be a memory of a quick suck and go.

Slowly I unbuttoned the waistband of his shorts and lowered his zipper, the
fabric parting against the pressure of his manhood. Suddenly I found my
mouth on it, wetting the stark-white cotton of his briefs. I felt
everything with my lips, first his left nut, then both, then the right. The
heat of his desire radiated against my face. He smelled wonderful; a heady
aroma of masculinity and soap filled my nostrils. I was lost in the abyss,
falling deeper and deeper into my own desires. I began to make love to his
cock and balls with my tongue, my lips, and my face. The prominence in his
underwear was soon drenched with my saliva.

I drug the elastic band that stood between me and the thing I wanted most
from him, down his hips. His cock, now free from its confines, reached out
and slapped against my face. He moaned and I looked up, his cock throbbing
hot against me. His eyes were wide open and he flicked his tongue across
his lips in anticipation, almost begging me to go on.

His cut cock was perfectly proportioned to the rest of his body, and ...

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