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42.The Furnace Man 1

European Traveler

The fall season was getting cooler and in preparation,
Alan decided that he should be calling the furnace people and
have them do their annual check-up. He really didn't like
dealing with the owner of the firm because it always seemed
that he just could remember anything and Alan thought that
they should be a little more responsible, after all he had been
dealing with for the past 10 years. But he still called them
because the men that were sent out were always pleasant,
courteous and knew what they were doing.

When Alan called, the owner said that he could have a
man out there right away. Humm, Alan thought, things must
be a little slow right now if the could get a man to come shortly
after he called. "Okay, let him come out, I have tomorrow day

The next day came quickly and Alan had a lot of yard work to
get done. When he was finishing raking the leaves the
furnace truck pulled up to the side yard. In a couple of
minutes the driver of the truck stepped out and Alan couldn't
help but notice that there was a very well built blackman. He
was surprised because he knew the owner of the shop to be
quite prejudice, which is something that Alan could never

As the black repairman came up the walk, Alan noticed that
he was wearing a very snug uniform, which is something that
he liked to see on all men. As the repairman approached,
Alan introduced himself and the repairman introduced himself
as Mac. As they shook hands, Alan got the distinct idea that
Mac's held on a little longer than usual.

During this brief encounter, Alan's eyes did a quick roving job
over Mac's body and he liked what he saw, especially below
the belt. When Alan's eyes got back to Mac's face, he noticed
that Mac's was doing the same thing to him.

"I know it's a little warm today, but you know, winter coming,
and you're going to have to get rid of those shorts," was Mac's
comment. Alan hated wearing long pants, tight shorts were
more his style.

"Yeah, I know, but I just hate to see winter come and I prolong
it as long as possible."

"With legs like that, I can't blame you for showing off."

At that moment Alan could sense a little blush in Mac's face
and Mac just said, "guess you'd better show me the furnace."
Alan led the way into the house with Mac's close behind.
Mac's could help but notice Alan's ass, since Alan always
wore his shorts a little tight. Mac's was thinking, "boy, I'd like
to get my tongue between those buns and see just what it's
like, didn't know my boss had customers that looked this hot."

When they got to the furnace room, Alan helped clear out
some of the stuff that was in the way. A couple of times Alan
thought that Mac's had brushed a little too close to him.
Watching Mac's work with those muscular arms was doing
something in his groin and he was developing a slight bulge.
Mac's also thought that he noticed Alan's crotch getting a little
bigger as he deliberately brush against him.

Alan tried to avoid it, but as he look down at Mac's he sensed
that Mac's was up to something. He looked into Mac's eyes
and notice that Mac's kept looking at his crotch, which only
made Alan more excited.

"You know Mac's, it might get hot down here, why don't you
remove your shirt."

That was all it took for Mac's to hear, he reached over and
grabbed Alan's crotch, "damn, I didn't think my boss had such
hot men for customers, I was beginning to think they were all
old maids."

"Your boss has always had good looking workers and I
thought maybe there was something going on, but it never got
any further than that."

"Let me check over the furnace and then maybe we can
discuss this little problem you're having a little bit better, let's
see if your furnace can get as fired up as I am right now. You
know the job comes first."

Alan gave Mac's crotch a little squeeze, "looks like you're all
fired up and ready for something."

"Yeah, but I got to get this done, then we'll talk about it." as he
spoke with a knowing grin. Mac's inspected the furnace while
Alan asked him some technical questions, which would give
him some clue as to Mac's ability. Alan was very pleased that
Mac's knew his business. It only took about 40 minutes for
Mac's to finish the job and he asked if he could clean up
before calling in for the next job.

Alan took him upstairs to the bed room and showed gave him
a fresh wash cloth and towel then said; "if I'm lucky, you might
have to use that on something other than you hands."

Mac's gave him a very knowing smile and said that his boss
knew about how long it would take to check out a furnace and
that he had to check in for the next job. Alan gave him the go
ahead to use the phone.

Alan was only partially listening as Mac's spoke to his boss.
"John, I'm all done with this job, and wonder if I could have
some time to stop at a hardware store and pick up something
that I need, there is a good one just up the street and it carries
the parts I need for the house."

When Mac's hung up he said, "well it seems like it's a slow
day for furnace people and he told me to take my time and to
check back in a couple of hours."

They both stood there and looked at each other, wondering
who was going to make the first move. Since it was Alan's
house, Mac's felt a little uncomfortable with his brazen come
on, but he was hot and reach over and pulled Alan to him.

Their lips met and Alan shot his tongue deep into Mac's throat
as the two of them thrust their bulging crotches towards each
other. Mac's hands immediately moved down to Alan's buns
and he grabbed them tight, pulling Alan closer to him. Mac's
threw caution to the wind, hoping for a good response, "I
want to fuck that ass, I wanted it the minute I saw you walk
into the house, this black cock would like to get buried deep
into those white buns of yours."

"Humm," groaned Alan, "I was just thinking the same thing, so
why don't we just remove some of this excess clothing and
see that happens." Both of them quickly removed their
clothes and Alan looked at Mac's chest, nice pec's with just a
touch of hair around those nipples of his. Alan was the first to
get it clothes off and he reached up and grabbed on of Mac's
nipples and tweaked it a little roughly. "Yeah, keep that up
and you might find you'll get more than you bargained for."

"I doubt it, by the looks of that bulge in your shorts, I think I'll
get exactly what I barged for."

They quickly finished taking their clothes off and Alan laid
down on the bed and Mac's got right on top of him. Their lips
met and they continued some hot passionate kissing, when
Mac's broke away, "damn, you're the best kisser I've met in a
long time, you've got some hot lips."

"Just wait until I get them around your cock," then Alan
proceeded to roll Mac's off and go down on that black rod.
"Damn, suck that cock, jeez, you're good," as Mac's put his
hand on the back of Alan's head and shove that cock deep
into Alan's throat. Alan continue to work the sides of his
mouth and using his tongue, massage that thick fuck tool of
Macs'. "Wait, turn about fair trade, let me turn around," as
Mac's moved around so that he could get Alan's pulsating
cock into his mouth. They continued in the 69 position for
several minutes, until Alan broke away, "I'm too fucking hot,
let's try something else for while."

"What do you suggest?" queried Mac's, knowing what he
really wanted to do to Alan.

"I want to get fucked. I've thought about it for some time, and
I want to experience getting fucked by a real sexy hunky black
man. I'm not used to getting fucked, but I sure want to try it,

"Okay, you're the boss and you know that I'm interest in
getting this hot cock into that ass of yours and cooling it off.
How do you want it? Rough? Quick? Hard?"

"You just lay down on your back and let me lower myself on
that upright pole of yours, and me see if I can take that thick
thing right down to the base. I've fucked a lot of black men
and I want to see why they enjoy it so much."

Mac's lays down on his back and put the condom on. Alan
greases it up well and applies a lot of lube to his ass. Mac's
say's, "hey, roll over and let me work my fingers into it and
loosen you up a little bit, I think you'll like my technique of
breaking in virgins." Alan rolls over and Mac's get a little lube
and slowly slips one finger into Alan's hole. "Jeez, you
fucking tight." Alan tries to relax and after a few moments of
Mac's working his finger around he's getting used to it, slowly
Mac's shoves a second digit into his waiting entrance. Alan is
starting to get used to it and relaxes a little bit more, soon he
feels another invasion opening up his fuck hole a little bit
more. By now Mac's has hit Alan's prostrate and Alan feels
something working inside of him, something that he can't stop.
He tell Mac's to keep it up as he flexes his ass muscles,
clamping down on his fingers. "Damn, it feels like you're
getting hot to have something really solid planted in there.
Are you ready"

"Yeah, roll over and let me sit on it." Mac's rolls over and his
throbbing cock is standing straight up pulsating for release.
Alan straddles Mac's tight body and looks down at his with
lust, he want to experience getting fucked and he has thought
about having a muscular black man take control of him and
fuck his ass. Alan slowly lowers himself downward, he feels
the hard head against his anal opening just begging for
admission. Slowly, Alan works downward, he didn't know that
he could feel that much pain, but he wanted it, he wanted to
take that thick cock right to the base. Mac's tells him to take it
slow and easy, they have all the time for his ass to get used to
it; "cause once I get my cock in there, you're going to get
fucked, and fucked good.

Alan has about a inch of that thick black cock in his ass and

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