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96. A night at the Gloryhole

I was on a trip out of town, with 4 meetings in 6 days, so I had a
lot of spare time on my hands in the evenings, and since there
weren't any replies to my add for some company in my hotel room, I
decided to check out the ABS in the area that I had searched online
prior to my leaving on this trip.

After hitting the first two, I was getting a little disappointed
that they weren't at all like what was described. Small booths, no
glory holes, and nothing but trolls hanging out in the dirty aisles.
I decided to take a drive, as the next one was quite a ways away.
When I got there, there was probably 10 cars or so in the parking
lot, and this was one that said in the add had holes in all the
booths, so my hopes were high as I headed in. I went to the counter
and the ask the guy for some tokens, he handed me a card that looked
like a credit card and explained I could recharge it in the booth as

So, with card in hand, I headed back to the back where the booths
were and started looking around. No trolls anywhere, and most of the
booths had the "in use" light on. I found one in between two other
booths that wasn't occupied and went in. I sat down and inserted the
card into the slot and got the movies running, and then started
checking the booth out. There was a glory hole on each side, so I
took a peak through the one on the right and watched for a minute as
I could see the backside of the guy in that booth with his cock
stuck through the hole on the other side of his booth. I thought to
myself, this is going to be a great place to get what I need

Figuring he was going to get his rocks off that way, I turned to
look through the gloryhole on the other side of the booth, and much
to my surprise there was a really nice semi hard cock shoved through
already. I'm usually one that likes to see who the cock belongs to
first, but this was an unusually nice looking cock and it was right
there so I just opened my mouth and started to lick and suck this
beautiful cock, feeling it getting bigger and harder in my mouth. I
won't say that I'm the best cocksucker in the world, but I do a
pretty good job and this guy must have been ready because he blew a
load down my throat in about 10 strokes and then pulled out, zipped
up and left in a hurry.

I decided to put the max on the card they gave me so I fed a couple
of 20's into the machine and undressed. I checked out the other GH
again and that guy was zipping up too, so I sat back and waited for
the booths on either side to be entered. I didn't have to wait long,
the booth on the lefts door opened and I peered through to see who
it was. There was this handsome, tall black man stepping into the

Then the door on the other side slammed closed and I looked through
that GH to see another guy, probably 6'6" enter, and he looked like
he had a huge bulge in his pants. I turned back to the other side,
and the black guy had undone his pants, so I stuck a finger through
the hole and gestured to him to come closer to the hole.

As he came closer, he pulled his cock out through his boxers, and I
could see it was big. I stuck my tongue through the hole, and he set
the end of his cock on it, and I tried to suck it into my mouth. He
must have enjoyed this as he teased me for a while, slapping my
tongue with his cock and I could feel him getting bigger and harder
all the time. After a couple of minutes, he started feeding me his
huge tool, inch by inch until I was gagging, and still he was trying
to shove more in. I had to back up and he followed with his cock. I
started working it into my mouth as deeply as I could, but this
thing was at least 10 inches long and as thick as my wrist.

Stopping to catch my breath, I turned around and saw the guy on the
other side looking through the hole watching me, and I could see him
get up and then he slid his cock through that hole. Now I know I was
in the right spot, as all 9 inches of his thick cock slid through
the hole. I was stroking one cock and sucking on the other, trying
to figure out how I was going to get my ass lubed up enough to take
either one. The black guy on the left pulled his cock back through
the hole, and I glanced around to see him watching me sucking the
cock on the other side. I could tell he was doing something, but I
thought that he was just going to leave.

Surprised again as his cock slid back through the hole, and it was
glistening with lube. I was so hard myself that the precum was just
dripping off the end of my cock, so I lubed my ass with my own
precum, and backed it onto that big beautiful black cock. I have to
admit, it had been a while since anything that big had been up my
ass, and I slowly pushed my ass back towards him, feeling the head,
then inch by inch of the shaft of his cock sliding into my ass, deep
into my ass.

He started to slowly pump his cock in and out, as I losened up
around him, and finally I took all 10 inches in. I had momentarliy
forgotten about the cock on the other side, and when I looked
through the hole, the guy asked me if he could suck my dick. I told
him I was getting fucked in the ass from the other side, and I would
love to get it from both ends at the same time. He smiled and told
me to unlock the door for a minute, so I did and he came around to
my booth in a flash. His pants still undone, he took in the huge
cock now starting to stroke easily into my ass and dropped his pants
to his ankles, got in front of my face and shoved his cock to the
back of my throat. This was exactly what I had been hoping for, a
little group fun in the video booth, more than expected having a
cock sliding in and out of my ass and another in and out of my

All of a sudden, the cock in my mouth was pulled out of reach and
the guy moved to one side, exposing the GH behind him, and low and
behold, there was another cock sliding through. Not as big as the
two that I was dealing with, but hard and uncut, slightly curved up.
Now I had two cocks to suck while the big black monster cock was
fucking my ass as hard as he could through the gloryhole. I could
feel him getting really hard, and hear him grunt as his cock
exploded in my ass, hot shots of cum deep inside my bowels, I could
even feel some escaping around the edges of my asshole. The guy in
the booth knew exactly what had happened, and watched as the guy
pulled that huge cock out of my ass. He was pretty impressed I
guess, as he ask me if I could handle a little more. His cock wasn't
as long, but it was thicker and I just wiggled my ass at him and
moved so he could mount me.

Sucking on one cock again, and feeling this guys cock start to slip
inside me was just to much, and I started to come all over myself,
without ever even touching myself. Well, that tighted my ass on the
thick cock that had just been stuffed in there and set him off
shooting his load into my ass as well. I just kept squeezing him
until he was soft again and he pulled out of my ass and without
saying a word, left the booth. I figured what the hell, and stopped
sucking the other cock through the GH and turned around and let it
just slid on my cum leaking asshole. It was a shock to the guy on
the other side at first, I'm sure, but I started squeezing his cock
with my ass as I slid up and down on it, and I could feel him
twitching as his cock exploded in my ass within just a few strokes.

I stayed like that as I felt his cock getting small inside me, and
he didn't pull out. I started squeezing his cock with my ass and
could feel him getting hard again. I've never had a guy cum in my
ass and then get limp and then hard again without slipping out, and
this was turning me on again too. I didn't move to much, just
squeezed him and before I knew it he was rock hard again. I started
sliding up and down on his cock, but he knocked on the wall and said
no, just keep squeezing him. So that's what I did, I had him all the
way inside me, and just kept my sphincter working on his cock.
Amazingly, we did this for about two or three minutes and I could
feel his cock starting to cum again. This had to be the biggest load
I've ever felt in my ass before. He shot what must have been 7 or 8
huge squirts up my ass, and I could feel it and everyone elses
running down my legs, all the way to the floor.

He pulled out of my ass slowly, and then looked through the GH at
me. I turned around and he thanked me, telling me that he had always
wanted to cum like that. We sat there and talked for a while, and I
told him I was staying at the Best Western in the next town, and
invited him to join me either tomorrow or the next night. He got my
room number, asked me if he could bring a couple of friends, and
then left.

I cleaned myself up and went back to the hotel. The next night,
there was a knock on my door, and there were all three guys from the
ABS the night before, standing there smiling so I let them

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