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100.a very hot story

The year was 1975. William Lee Anders sat with his brother, Sean Edward Anders, at the top of a hill, covered by leaves left from the fall of the previous year. Sitting here and looking out over the horizon, they could see the skyline of Atlanta. William, or Bill, as he was called, was seventeen, and his brother, Sean was sixteen. Sean was the only one that called his brother "Billy". Bill didn't mind either, he rather liked for him to call him that and, in a strange sort of way, wished everyone would call him that. Looking directly ahead, they could distinctly make out the Equitable building on the skyline, and with an even closer look, half of the blue dome of the Hyatt Regency.

Today, Sean was wearing Bill's clothes, as he frequently had for the last year or so. They wore generally the same sizes of clothing. Bill was wearing his own clothing today. Sean was even wearing a pair of Bill's underwear, and Bill knew it. He liked this concept about as much as he liked for Sean to call him Billy, because he knew that Sean had this nasty habit of creaming his shorts up good. After at least a good day of wear, those shorts usually wound up back somewhere in the neighborhood of Bill's chest-of-drawers again.

Here, in the 72-degree afternoon heat, they had removed their shirts. Sean had been wearing Bill's "Jaws" shirt, which featured a photo of a large shark on the front after the onslaught of the highly successful motion picture. Bill and Sean had been to see the movie more times now than they could count. Occasionally Bill would also wear Sean's clothing, and they would always smile at each other because Sean also knew that his underpants were in for a creaming. But Bill wasn't into creaming his underpants a lot because he knew they tended to stick to him a lot when he took them off. As a rule, when he was around the house, he'd just let it all hang out in his room when he got stiff. As he and Sean shared the same room, this often worked out well for both guys. While Sean was into wearing Bill's clothes, and sometimes even his sneakers, today he was wearing his own shoes, a new pair of P.F. Flyers.

Bill would frequently hug his brother and at times would even peck him lightly on the cheek. When Sean was younger he dispised that and as a result he would often avoid Bill on purpose. This was about a year ago when Sean was 14. That was when Bill had first really tried to kiss his brother on the cheek at length. Hell, he loved him, and he was just trying to express it as best he knew how. It was almost a year before Sean really tried to associate with his brother again, just after he had turned fifteen and Bill had turned sixteen.

Sean was hanging around Bill's bedroom often then; at that time they had separate bedrooms. It was late that night and Bill had left his light on. He was reading a novel to try to forget shit that he had on his mind. Hell, he was half-pissed by now - he had tried to get close to his young brother and had obviously either over-done himself or failed or both.

But knocking on Bill's door now, at 11:00 one Saturday night, and hearing a distinct "it's open" from Bill, in walked Sean, clad in his underwear. He slowly approached Bill now, Bill casually placed his book, spine up, on the bed. Sean walked right up where Bill had his head resting on the pillow. Sean's underwear was RIGHT in Bill's face practically, and Bill could tell he was hard. Sean had what looked like a gigantic "question mark" in his underwear; the body of the penis curled around and the head was somewhere else, bent out of sight because of the pressure from his tight briefs. But at the same time, Sean wasn't entirely hard. Bill was slow at taking his glance from Sean's lower abdominal portion and moving it up Sean's smooth chest to his face.

"Is there something I can do for you?" sixteen-year-old Bill had asked. "Yeah," Sean had said, "I don't mind if you kiss me anymore, Billy. I'm sorry I have been so stupid." "It wasn't stupid," Bill said, rubbing his own leg where he had a slight itch. It was enough to divert Sean's attention to Bill's lower abdominal area. "You just reacted the way any dude would react man.. you wanna get it more from the chicks. That's fine," said Bill, playing on what he thought was Sean's line of thinking. Bill knew he had seen his own brother naked before, and before he had started kissing him, they would occasionally shower together. Bill would look at Sean and get a hardon, and everytime he did, Sean would snicker and be quick to get out of the shower. He knew only girls made his dick get like that, and Sean wondered how a hot shower made Bill think of girls.

"Can.. can I talk to you?" Sean asked. "Sure bro.. you can talk to me about anything. Sit on the edge of my bed, if you like."

Sean did. It was a warm night; Bill had his windows open and you could hear crickets outside not so far away in their north Atlanta suburb. Sean slid back some on Bill's double bed, almost back to Bill's outstretched foot. Sean knew he himself was stiffening a little; but after seeing his brother stiff so often in the past it really didn't seem to bother him.

"I....I got a problem man." "Listen dude.." Bill said firmly, "nothing you say to me goes past these four walls, got it?" "Yeah, that's kinda what I was hoping," Sean indicated. "Well bro, you have my word of secrecy." "Well Billy, I don't think girls can do it to me." "Do WHAT to you?" "Give me a.. hardon."

Bill looked at Sean. Sean couldn't hold back a small smile. This also brought a slight smile to Bill's lips, even though he was very serious. "No big deal, man.. they don't seem to give me one either," Bill said as though this were something he said every day of the year. "Heh," Sean laughed. Bill couldn't help getting a little stiff now himself, looking at his brother like this, with nothing on but underwear. If one looked carefully under the pale light, he could see Sean' s nipples slightly standing.

Sean sat there silent a moment. Bill wasn't in any hurry either. "You know," Sean said, "I keep thinking about the showers I took with you.. it looked like your dick got hard sometimes, and your balls would droop.. that was kinda funny.." "Yeah, I guess it was," Bill agreed, getting stiffer still at the mention of dicks from his little brother's mouth, who had never talked about them before this night.

Bill found a little bravery in all this. "Have you ever jacked off?" he asked his brother. "Yeah, but.. heh.. the only thing that gets it up is well, thinking a little about Mike Durham." "Mike Durham... the dude in your science class?" "Yeah.. is that crazy?" "No.. how does Mike look?" Bill asked, even more curious. "Well, he's got brown hair, and he's kinda tannish, you know, gets a lot of sun.. I'd seen him with shorts on.. and well." "Yeah?" "He just.. looks nice," Sean said. "Do YOU ever jack off?" Sean asked. `"Yeah... I do.. I kinda.. think about you." "ME?!" Sean said, stunned. "What about me?"

"Sean, you have a good body, man. You really do. You're not exactly a ghost yourself. Have you bothered to look in the mirror?" "Well.. I don't look THAT good.." Sean said, almost blushing.

"Yes you do. Don't put yourself down so much man, you don't deserve it. I've always thought you were cool.." "Yeah, you've thought I was cool for the last year. Look what I do; I piss you off ignoring you. It hasn't been fun for me either," Sean said, opening up. "That's okay Sean. I've.. done the best I could.." said Bill. "Well, I just wanted you to know it hasn't exactly been a picnic."

Bill finally raised up and sat on the edge of the bed with Sean. As a precautionary measure, he locked his own door. "Why'ja do that?" Sean asked, puzzled. "So mom and dad don't come bustin' in here," Bill said. "Oh.. I guess that's a good reason," Sean agreed. Bill returned to his place beside Sean on the edge of the bed. Sean smiled. "What ya grinning about?" Bill asked. "Oh, nothing. Just at how agreeable you are with stuff I say." "Well, I kinda feel the same way, man. All that damn talk about cunts and never really has done that much for me." "Heh...well, I never really have talked that much about it," said Sean.

Sean was sitting now with an evident boner, he had the fingers of his hands clasped together and the palms wrapped around his pole through the fabric. Sean was still smiling. "I dare you to tickle me under the arms like you used to do," said Sean. Bill did, and when he did, he felt the hair that was now under his armpits that wasn't there the last time he had tickled his brother. "Cool!" he said, "ya got some hair under there!" "You really think it's cool?" Sean asked. "Yeah, I do." "That ain't all the hair I got..." Sean said in a low voice. "What do you mean?" Bill asked, and Sean slowly lowered his underwear to reveal a very stiff penis, surrounded by curly black pubic hair. "See what I mean?" asked Sean.

"Yeah!" said Bill, dazzled. He was even more dazzled that Sean ASKED him to touch it to see if it felt "like his." Bill did feel it and it made his dick very stiff to feel his brother for the first time, ever. He had only drempt of touching it. Sean bent over and kissed his older brother suddenly with an intensity that nearly forced Bill off the edge of his own bed. He was kissing Bill on the cheek; Bill turned his face and for the moment Sean refused to withdraw; with his brother's mouth directly in front of him, he forced his tongue into his brother's mouth deeply for about thirty seconds, Sean and Bill exchanging each other's very breath for a moment. Then Sean pulled out and said, "Ahhhhh!" He smiled like a cheshire cat.

Bill pulled down his underwear and showed his hard dick to Sean. Sean didn't seem to question WHY it was hard. Somehow Bill sensed that he knew. "It looks cool, Billy," Sean said. Bill also offered Sean the option of touching it. Sean did, and "thought it was neat that he could touch it, and not feel it in his own dick." Sean now kicked his underwear off his feet; Bill did the same. They sat here on the edge of the bed. "Did I get your dick hard like that?" Sean asked. "Yeah, you did," Bill admitted. "Well, you got me this way too," Sean said. Bill's mind was suddenly clear of all the arguing and differences he and his brother had in the past. He pushed the book off the side of his bed, the page he had been reading was lost in the process as it wasn't marked. Suddenly he didn't care if he ever read the book again.

"Sean, will you.. would you sleep with me ...

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