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bf - Man

124.String Quartet

String Quartet
Their quartet had a concert in three days, but all Jerry was thinking about was sucking the cellist's dick. In return, all Barton, the cellist, was thinking about, was a nice, hot ass fucking while someone sucked his cock. Barton eyed Dean as he put down his viola, adjusting his package. He guessed, from the outside, that Dean's dick would be nice and slender, with a heavy, fat base, just perfect to have up his butt.

Dean looked pointedly at Barton's thick erection poking up from under his pants. "Are you going to play, or are you going to jerk off?" he asked impatiently.

"Oh he doesn't have to jerk off," Jerry said. Seeing his chance, he put down his violin and dove across the room. In the blink of an eye, he had Barton's pants down and his thick, hard meat in his mouth. He sucked, sloppy and wet, saliva dripping down Barton's shaft as the other members of the quartet looked on in amazement.

Barton looked up at Dean and grinned. "Want to join in?" He reached out and unzipped Dean's pants, freeing his dick and pumping it lightly between two fingers. He had been right, Dean's cock was shaped just the way he had thought it would be. "I could use a prick up my ass right about now."

Standing up, Barton ignored Jerry's grumbling, and bent forward, spreading his muscular ass cheeks apart to expose his winking eye. Jerry switched quickly to sucking Dean's cock, getting it good and wet before he went back to Barton's. Dean moved up behind Barton, his slender cockhead probing at the entrance to Barton's butt before working his way inside.

Soon all three men were groaning in pleasure, Jerry with his own prick in his hand and his face full of Barton's cock, Barton with Dean's prick up his ass, Dean fucking Barton's tight asshole faster and faster. Freddie was the only member of the quartet left. He was sitting back in his chair, his mouth open in amazement and his dick firmly in his hand, jerking himself off as he watched the scene unfolding before him.

With a shout, Dean came in Barton's butt, his cock throbbing. The sensation of the other man's cum filling up his butt was too much for Barton, who groaned aloud as he came in Jerry's mouth. When Barton stepped back, cum dripping from his ass and his cockhead, Freddie quickly moved forward to take his place. He lay Jerry back on the floor, climbing in top of him to form a 69. The men began sucking each other off as Dean and Barton watched.

Their musical instruments forgotten, all four men were concentrating on each other's dicks. Freddie and Jerry were moaning around mouthfuls of dick, pumping and sucking as their hips flexed. Barton and Dean stroked each other hard again, and when Jerry and Freddie came simultaneously, pouring their loads down each other's throats, Barton and Dean got into the same position.

As they sucked each other off, Freddie and Jerry stroked each other hard and then began pumping off, standing over Dean and Barton, so that when they came, the two men would get a cum-bath. Dean came first, pushing his cock deep into Barton's mouth as he swallowed it all. Then Jerry came, his spunk pouring down over Barton's stomach and trickling down to his balls as Dean tried to suck it all off.

When Barton felt the warm trickle of Jerry's jism on his skin, he groaned and came inside Dean's mouth just as Freddie's spunk poured out over Dean's ass. Jerry bent over, licking the fluid from Dean's skin and then cleaning off Freddie's cock. They were a tangle of sticky cocks and hands and cum.

Finally, they all lay back, breathing heavily, smiles on their faces. They hadn't gotten much done, but it had been a great rehearsal.

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