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in my mind the ultimate sign of submissiveness and the unique
characteristic of being a bottom. My first time with Joel came when I
visited him one Saturday afternoon. Things seemed different when I
entered his apartment. Instead of the usual playfullness, Joel was very
serious. He asked me to sit on his couch and said he wanted to tell me
something. He said that the past few months had been wonderful and that
he had grown very fond of me to the point that he felt that he was
falling in love with me. This revelation surprised and shocked me. He
continued that before things went furthur, he had a confession. He was a
top and he was looking for a relationship with a bottom. He would play a
very dominant role to the point that a relationship would end up as a
master/slave one. Since I didn't know what he was talking about he
explained. His definition of a top was that he would always be in
control during sex, and as a bottom would submit myself to all his
desires. If the bottom had the right attitude he would enjoy himself as
much as the top. He said that I had demonstrated that I had the perfect
qualities to be a true submissive bottom and that he could be the one to
nurture me in this endeavor. Unless I could agree to this, he would no
longer see me. I said that maybe I should think about it, but he said
that to get an honest reply from the gut, I had to decide now. Since I
was super horny and I enjoyed Joel's company and didn't want to stop
seeing him, I agreed to be his bottom. Joel smiled and gave me a great
big kiss.
Joel led me into the bathroom and told me that I was to get
an enema and that in the future I would have to do this myself before I
visited him because in the future my ass would be his at all times.
After the enema we went back to the bed. Joel went to the closet and
took out a box. It contained dildoes and vibrators of varying sizes.
While in a doggy style position, Joel began working the toys in my ass.
For the next few hours, Joel stretched my virgin ass. Then I heard him
say, "time for the real thing!". The next thing I felt was the head of
his cock pressed against my asshole. Then I felt a quick, short thrust
and by the pain, I knew he had entered me. Slowly he moved his cock
deeper in my ass, always pausing until the initial pain wore off. By his
moans I knew he was in total heavan. Finally he had his whole cock in
me. Then he quickly withdrew his whole cock. He must have done this
seven times before there was no more pain, just discomfort when he
entered me. At this point he decided to pull out. He gave me a hand held
mirror and told me to squat and look at my asshole. I could not believe
how stretched it was. The sight of it really turned me on. Joel then
told me to straddle him and to fuck myself on his cock so I could get
used to the feeling. He told me to go as deep as I could and then to go
up just until the tip of his cock was all that was in my ass. I did so
and after a while it felt pretty good. I increased the pace and when
Joel sensed this, he told me to stop. With his cock still in me he
flipped me on my back and began to fuck me. It was such an incredible
feeling, the pleasure and pain. Before long Joel had to come. His pace
quickened and the thrusts were harder. When he came he let out a yell
and his fucking slowed down. He left his cock in me after cumming and
collapsed on top of me. He kissed me and said that my ass was the best
he ever had. After relaxing Joel told me to stand by the mirror and as I
looked I could see how stretched my hole was as the cum dripped out of
my ass. A little while later Joel had the urge to sample my ass again.
This time he instructed me to jack off while he fucked me. As I came I
could feel my muscles involuntarily contract around Joel's cock. He
loved that feeling.
After that evening I was sore for a couple of days but
it was worth it.
For the next few weeks Joel trained me in how to please him
using my ass. At first I thought just being in me was enough. Wrong.
Joel taught me to "milk" his cock. With this technique I had to learn to
control my muscles so that I could literally make him cum using only my
ass so that he would not have to exert himself. This technique took a
while to learn but when I had mastered it I felt like I had really
accomplished something. During this time Joel had also begun teaching me
about B/D and light S/M. To me being tied up or getting spanked as I was
fucked was a great turn on and I couldn't get enough. In fact I think
that I had become addicted to butt fucking.
After about 8 months of constant training, Joel and I
had developed a master/slave relationship. I was his sex slave who did
everything I was told.

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