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Multimedia gallery

12.Cousin Barry

My first year of college was almost ended. The weather was already great, so I looked forward to the summer holidays. I received a call from my parents if I wanted to take care of the house. The wanted to go away for a long weekend together with my mothers youngest sister and her husband. Barry, their 14 year old son would stay with me.. I loved the break so I went home. I hadn’t seen Barry for a couple of years. I remembered him as a nice kid always happy and enjoying life. Well, had he grown! He was 5 ft 8 and was smashing beautiful!
My parents left that Thursday night and soon Barry and I got along very well.
After doing some studying in the morning, we spend the Friday afternoon in the garden, enjoying the sun and a good book. Although we both come from nudist families, Barry was wearing a speedo, while I was sunbathing nude. His age probably had made him a bit shy; all the fast development of his young body. But his speedo looked great on him, not revealing his dick had grown already to adult size. It seemed to be semi erect all the time and it sure was difficult to keep your eyes away from it. When I suggested we would have a swim, he run inside to get a ball and we jumped into the water. We pulled down the two small goals we used for playing water polo. And soon the ball was the centre of a great fight in order to be able to score a goal. Our bodies were touching al the time and like always with water polo we tried to push the other away by grabbing him full in the crotch. It did not take long before I felt that Barry had a huge boner in his speedo’s . He hands on my dick felt great and soon I felt my dick growing to hardness too. At some point I managed to get hold of the cord of his speedo, pulled it loose, and pushed the speedo down. He did not seem to care any more. He turned around, clung to me and hugged me. Our dicks touching. Then he grabbed my boner, not to push me away, but held it tenderly and started stroking me. I then let my hand go down, doing the same to him. Soon we shot our load into the water. It just felt normal to give him a brother-like kiss on his sweet face and smiling he returned it to me. When we had returned to our stretchers, Barry confessed that he had dreamed about jerking together we me for the past days. When I asked him why he was wearing his speedo’s at first, he said he was afraid of having a boner as soon as he would be naked. But by now, he didn’t mind his speedo was still somewhere floating in the pool. We talked a bit and I noticed Barry’s dick always seemed to remain half swollen. I went inside when I heard the phone ringing (Barry’s mother calling if everything went ok). When answering the phone I looked outside and saw Barry casually playing with his dick. Returned with 2 cokes I noticed he had a full boner again. He just smiled but didn’t make any effort to hide it. On the contrary, he flaunted it rather proudly. It must have been his age, because it did not go down anymore. It just stood out while drinking our cokes. I asked him if he liked having a boner all the time. He just nodded and said since he was able to come, he got boners all the time, often not willing to go down unless he jerked. So you must jerk a lot, I asked. He nodded again, then told me after seeing pics of boys on the internet, his greatest wish was to suck a dick, but he didn’t dare to ask any friend, afraid of being marked as a fagot. His head had turned red by this confession. I just smiled at him and told him he wasn’t a fagot by liking to suck another boys dick. And that I liked sucking to. And that, as a matter of fact, I would love to do it right now. He seemed paralysed, so I stood up, bent over to him and took his dick in my mouth. It tasted lovely and I explored it all the way around. Then I stood up again, told him to pull his stretcher up and then placed my hardon softly against his mouth. He just let it slip inside. He might not have done it before, but it felt great. We changed positions a few times. Feeling I couldn’t delay the best moment I then I asked him if he wanted to go all the way and taste my sperm. He just grabbed my bums pushing my dick fully inside and controlling the rhythm of my dick moving in and out. When I exploded he took it all, without letting me slip away. Then I sucked him and I was amazed by the quantity of sperm he was producing. When we got up and I pulled him close and hugged him. He smiled, hold my head and kissed me full on the mouth, pushing his tongue inside me. It took a while before we parted. He was still smiling and told me he loved me. And is was only Friday yet.

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