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Sexual encounter in KSA is a very dangerous thing, yet so easy to
encounter and in abundance if you really on IT. When it comes to
sex, I'm 50-50 (50% top, 50% bottom). In other words, do me first
then I do you--better. I can't tolerate being a slave, nor to
enslave anybody as well. Of course, there is always an exception
i.e., if you have all the "RIGHTS" to be my master. My #1 turn on is
finding somebody who is really crazy about me and I'm also crazy
about him. Other than that, I'm just a flirt!

My first Arab flirting happened when I was inside my supervisor's
office updating our work schedule on the bullitten board. Through
the glass wall, I saw one of the Arab employees who have all
the "RIGHTS" was heading inside. I was standing on a stool so my
butt was right on his face when he came in. Not paying attention of
what I'm doing, I dropped some thumb tacks on the floor. I
immmediately dropped myself, in all four, to look for the thumb
tacks. At that moment, I saw my "crush" was standing behind me. I
only saw his feet and they were not moving. I can tell that he was
just watching my makwa (ass) as I move around pretending that I
didn't notice him. Although I already find the thumb tacks, I still
continue to pretend that I am still looking for something. I just
wanted him to enjoy the show I'm putting on just for him as there
were only the two of us in the office. I slowly moved myself
backwards as I look around until my ass hit his legs. He didn't move
away as if his feet were nailed down on the floor. I stand right
there rubbing myself on him and I can see his tereffic hard on.
I just smiled at him with a naughty smile like a cat that just
swallowed a cannary. I can tell that he had stop breathing for a
long time as he exhailed a lot of air. I have to explain here that
Arabs like makwa very much.

In as much as we were alone inside the office, I continued my
flirting with him by standling very close to him. I talked to him
liked almost whispering in his ears. I even touch his shoulders on a
casual way and asked him if the bullitten board looks great. I can
tell that he was also enjoying my flirting because his basket was
getting bigger and bigger. I could see the metal part of his zipper
ready to burst. As I moved around, he keep on blocking my way to
have body contact with me which I enjoyed very much. We both like to
feel the body heat that was radiating with our lust towards each

I can't remember all what happened next, but he offered me a ride
home to my room after work which I accepted...

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