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35. Boyfriend Training

It all started in our freshman year of college. My friend Brian finally got a girlfriend, for the first time, and I had a collection of them. Brian was a good friend of mine, we lived in the smae neighborhood, went to the same church, and always went to the same schools. He didnt know about my orientation, sexually, but I knew that I would have to bend my rules because of him.

Being a boyfriend isnt hard, but for the first time it can be challenging. Brian always came to me at the beginning of his relationship with Kathy. HE would ask me if it was appropriate to hold her hand and etc. I even had to tag along on their first date together at the skating rink. They didnt even hold hands. However with my expertise in the area of this matter he called me early on Monday Morning in december.

“Hey Chris, whats up”

“Oh Hey Brian”

“whats up”

“Im packing”

“Ya i got to do that to. we are leaving tommorow at like 6 right?”
“Thats right”

“so why did you call? Let me guess is it about Kathy”

“you rean my mine dude”

“I really dont feel like talking about her but i promise ill talk about it when we get home”

“Well what about the party tonight”

“Just dont go dude”


He didnt go to the party that night and unfortunately on the plane we couldnt sit together. We got back home late at the airport and decided to share a cab home. Becuase of the time we were all yawning and almost falling asleep. Becuase of the time when we got home, Brian didnt want to awake his parents so he slept over at my house. He got into his pagamas, which only had a bottem, and exposed his toned, musculer, and tanned chest. I tented right away and hid it by laying up on my side.

The next morning he woke me up at 9:30. My parents had left to work, they are both dentists, and the house was empty and dark. As soon as i showed some sort of movement he started to ask about Kathy.
“Man I really feel bad about two days ago, about not going to the party”
“What were scared about”

“Well ya now, weve kissed, hugged, etc. and well next I know it will be something sexual”

“You were at a party!, its not like as if she was at your house”

“Ya but what happens if in the furture she comes on to me”

At this momment I got out of bed and went to his. I went onto his bed.

“From this point on, just think im Kathy. Im going to train you to handle it.
I know that i was embarresed when Hannah came onto me originally.”

“Are you sure about this”

“Don’t worry”

“Ok the 1st step is basically: She comes over to your house your parents are down stairs and your watching a moovie in your room. She comes over to the bed” this is what I did “and basically lays onto it infront of you. 1/2 way into the movie she turns back and uses her hands to play with your muscles.”

At this time I looked at him, his eyes as blue as ever, and started to remove his t-shirt and play with his abs.

“What you need to do is avoid getting hard. Ya need to controll yourself. You know how you use your muscles in your Urethra to stop you from pissing. Well use the same muscles to keep yourself from becoming hard. If you know its too much just ask her to excuse you for going to the bathroom while you place your cock in the elastic strap of your boxers so it stays there. The one thing that a girl doenst want is when shes cuddling with you and she has a hard shaft rubbing up against her”

“So now she would play with my muscles... awsome”

‘Ya. Like this”

I straddled his body and bent down to his chest. I licked each and every ab, all 6 of them. Then i went to his nipple and started sucking and biting on it. Then I went up to his neck, playing with it and rubbing my lips up and down eventually kissing him. I was surprised when he gave me tonngue. Then inbetween my thighs i felt a hard piece of muscle.
“Ok so you’re doing ok, but the cock thing is really important”
“Continue, continue”

“Ok Step 2, heavy touching”

A wide smile went onto Brians Face. That moment i went down to his pants and removed his pagamas underneath laid his boxers with a huge bulge in it. I straddled him again and went down to his thighs licking them until leading up to his boxers area.

“Man what are you about to do”

“Remeber im Kathy”

“Ok Dude”

Thats when i removed his boxers from his package area. Out sprang out his huge 9inch cock. It was so wide. There was already a drop of pre-cum on the top of the dick. Instead of sucking it I touched it, pumped the shaft, pulled back the foreskin exposing the head

“Dude i cant hold it”

“Use the muscles”

Then i kneeled down and took the cock into my mouth.

“s..t..eeeee..p.” U saud through my sucking gulps.
It wasnt more than 5 seconds before his cock shook. I pulled it out of my mouth. Aimed his cock towards his chestsnd it exploded. Cum went everywhere and I quickly went onto his chest wiping it all off with my tongue.

“Holy Shit Chris, that was Fucking awsome”

HE took a shower and cleaned his own organing material and left. He called me later that afternoon.

“Hey Chris”

“Hey Brian”

“Can I come over i think i need a little more advice”
From that day on I gave a lot a lot more advice.

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