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There is a corner market down the street from my apartment. It is owned
by an Arab family. The mom and pop work in the store most of the
time. they have three sons. One is in his 30s. The other two are both
in Highschool. They work in the store some evenings and weekends.
I've gotten to know them quite well over the past few months. One
night I was talking with the oldest son. It was closing time so he
locked the door while we talked so he could count money and get
ready to leave. I was really horny that night and could not stop
staring at his crotch. All three sons are very, very good looking.
women just fall all over them. Anyway I noticed that he keep grabbing
his crotch in that manly way men do. Then he said he had to take a
piss.I told him I would leave if he'd like because the rest room is
upstairs and I didn't want his to feel uncomfortable leaving me in
his store. He said that was O.k he trusted me. Then I said I would
keep an eye on things for him. He said he would be right back and ran
up the back stairs. After about 10 minutes I decided I had to piss
to. I went up the stairs to the restroom. When I open the door I got
the shock of my life. There he was sitting on the only toliet with
his pants down around his ankles stroking the biggest cock I have
seen to this day. When he heard me come in he leaned forward trying
to hid his cock. I muttered something like I'm sorry. He laughed and
said that he had been horny all day and just couldn't wait until he
got home. I again said I was sorry for interrupting. THen I got my
nerve up and said. Since I interrupted you the least I could do was
suck you off. He laughed and said your kidding right? I just smiled
and dropped to my knees. He stood up and I quiickly went over to him.
I took that big apple size head in my mouth. It took me a few mintues
but I got over half down my throat. He was moaning and pushing his
hips forward. Then he grabbed my head and started to ram as much of
the monster in my mouth as he could. He had his eyes closed and was
talking to me. Oh fuck man suck my dick. He was in heaven. I could
feel his dick getting even harder. Then he started piledriving his
cock in my mouth so hard that I had a very hard time breathing. My
jaw was in agony. I was trying to back up off him alittle, but he
just keep moving forward. At one point. we were moving accross the
floor bit by bit. He would not let up finally he shouted here it
comes you fucking bitch and shot so much cum in my mouth that I could
not stop from gagging/ He had to pull out and ended up shooting all
over my face and checst. He grabbed his cock and pounded it until he
had finished. Since that sizzling hot encounter we have had weekly sessions.

Once he came over to my apartment after He had been out drinking with his buddies. He was slightly drunk. He got completely naked that night and I suck
his dick so much I couldn't talk because of a badly sore throat for a
week. He came 6 times that night. He keep calling me a bitch and he
demanded i service his cock. What he doesn't know is that one night
when I was sucking him off in there restroom after work, his brother
came by searching for something. He has a set of keys so he let himself in. He
had come up the stairs and heard us in the restroom. He had looked
through the crack in the door and saw everything. I know this because
During one week night when The brother was closing up I had stopped
by the store and The kid (He's 19) told me he was locking the store
and to let him know when I was ready to checkout. He "had to go to
the restroom. I was in one of the back sections looking at the
coffees When I heard him cough I turned around and he was standing
there with his hard cock sticking out of his jeans. He said I know
you suck my brother's cock. Get over here and show me how good you
can suck me. I forgot the coffee and dropped down. I must say
that was the best blowjob I given in some time. He was moaning so
loud that I thought people would here us. He came in about 5-10
mintues because he just couldnt hold out any longer. Afterwards we talked a little bit and he offered to drop my off at my place. By the time we had reach my apartment he was ready again. He came upstairs and I sucked him off
two more time before he left.

I still have one more brother to go.

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