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54.Dad and his Boys - Chapter 2

It could have been an hour for all I knew that we were locked
together in that position, both in our own worlds far, far away. I
felt my leg start to cramp a little and knew that I must be hurting
my brave little boy, so I slowly pulled all the way out of his
well-used hole in one stroke, and helped him ease his tired legs back
onto the bed. I reached for the towel and cleaned us up, and then
lay down beside him on the pillow. “Are you ok, little man?” I asked

“Yeah daddy, I feel good all over now,” he said but still didn’t open
his eyes. I pulled the sheet over us and slid my arm around his
head. Timmy rolled half onto my side, looked up at me, and said,
“Thank you daddy.” I was so overwhelmed with love at that moment for
both of my sons, I was speechless and just pulled him tighter to me.
“I love you daddy,” he said quietly.

I’m glad he had his head on my chest and couldn’t see the tears of
joy running down my cheeks.

Chapter 3

I came slowly out of my fog and looked up, startled, to see Jeff
leaning over and pulling back slightly. As I relaxed back into the
pillow thinking about my boys, Jeff leaned forward again and gave me
a peck on the lips. “Did Timmy enjoy it?” he asked.

I felt Timmy still snuggled by my side, looked into Jeff’s loving
eyes, and said, “We both did son.” I saw him smile and nod.

“Good,” he responded, “I felt kinda bad about leaving him out this
morning since he was asleep,” and he chuckled a little. “Berry just
got here and I thought that maybe we’d better get going. Thanks for
the nap Dad.”

I snapped back to reality and looked at the clock. ‘Good, we’ve only
been asleep about an hour,’ I thought as I nodded and started to sit
up, moving Timmy from my side. “Timmy… baby…” I started as Jeff got
up and went back to the living room to entertain Berry. “Timmy, we
need to get up,” I said again as I saw his eyes flutter. “Berry is
here and we need to get started.”

“Ok daddy,” he said as he stretched his arms over his head. Suddenly
he sat up. “Berry is here?” he whispered, and his eyes darted to the
door. “Did he see us?” he asked.

“No baby,” I told him, “Jeff answered the door and has him sitting in
the living room. Go to your room and get some undies on and then you
can go out there too,” I told him and popped his cute little butt as
I rolled away from him, getting up on my side. He scampered to the
door, opened it and peeked out, then ran across the hall quickly,
leaving the door open. ‘No worry about MY modesty, little one,’ I
thought and chuckled at his change of moods. I was pulling up a pair
of briefs as I saw him streak from his room wearing a light blue pair
of Spider Man briefs. I grabbed a pair of khaki shorts and pulled
them on, then walked out to the kitchen for another cup of coffee.

As I walked in, I saw that Jeff was sitting on the couch watching TV
in a pair of his Nike workout shorts. He must have grabbed them when
Berry knocked on the door. ‘I guess I’d better fix that doorbell,’ I
mused as I fixed my coffee. “Well, you ready to go get wet?” I asked
the boys, peering over the rim of my cup.

“Anytime you want dad,” Jeff said looking over his shoulder at me.

“Did you bring your stuff Berry?” I asked, not seeing a bag or

“Yes sir,” he said and lifted his shirt and grabbed the waistband of
his swimsuit under his shorts. I knew that I’d better take plenty of
towels for all of us, because I’m sure they’ll never think of them,
based on experience.

“Go grab your suits guys,” I told my boys and watched them scurry off
like puppies heading for a bowl of milk. I didn’t even have the
chance to finish my coffee before there were three bright faces
staring at me over the bar. “Ok, ok,” I told them as I gulped my
last swallow. “Jeff, would you get the…” and he lifted my gym bag in
his hand, obviously anticipating my question. “Towels for
everybody?” I asked and he nodded. I grabbed my keys from a hook by
the door, set the alarms, and we made our way to the van in the
garage. I backed the van out and punched the button to close the
garage door as we headed out of the subdivision. A quick movement in
the back seat caught me eye, so I adjusted the mirror so I could
check out Timmy and Berry sitting back there. I saw a smile come
over Jeff’s face as I proceeded onto a main road to get us to the
water park. ‘Something is going on here,’ I thought to myself as I
saw my sons in a new light.

During the ride to the park, there was a lot of general grab-assing
in the back seat, but I did notice that Timmy was rather free with
where he put his hands, much to the consternation of poor Berry who
was horrified by what Timmy was doing. We paid for the parking and
drove to a spot about halfway to the door. As I opened the door in
the back, the boys piled out and I saw that both Timmy and Berry were
poking out in front. They bolted off as I held Jeff back a little
and whispered in his ear, “Jeff, are they…” and let my voice drop
off. He frowned at me, nodded his head, but then took off after the
other two. ‘Well, where have I been?’ I thought as I locked the van
and walked to the entrance.

I paid for the boys to get in and off they scampered to the changing
rooms while I climbed the stairs to the observation deck to join
other parents. This seemed like a recurring theme in a lot of
parents’ lives – taxi the kids around to various activities and then
sit around waiting for them to finish. ‘Ah well, what we do for our
kids,’ I thought as I found a seat where I could see the area around
the slides, since I knew that that was where my boys would be
spending most of their time. I saw several faces that I recognized
from other “parent waiting times” either here or the boys’ soccer
practices, or Jeff’s hockey practice – well you get the idea.

This time was different; now I knew more about my sons and more about
myself, and both required some thought as to where we were going from
here. I was jolted out of my reverie by, “DAD! DAD!” I looked down
from the gallery to see Timmy looking up at me, trying to get my
attention. When I finally looked down, he yelled up, “JEFF FORGOT A
QUARTER FOR THE LOCKER!” I knew I’d forgotten something and started
searching my pockets for change. I felt a hand on my elbow and
looked over at another dad who I had seen before trying to hand me a
quarter. I took it and tossed it down to Timmy who immediately took
off back to the locker room.

“Thanks,” I said as I stood to shake his hand. “I knew I’d forgotten
something; it never fails. I’m Bill Murdoch,” and I extended my hand
toward him.

“Jerry Savage,” he said taking my hand in a firm grip. “I know how
that is. One time I didn’t check and my littlest had forgotten his
suit. I told him that it was his own fault so he could sit with me
while we waited for the other two. I was expecting an argument, but
he really surprised me by not saying a word. I guess his tactics
were better than his brothers’ because after about half an hour, I
couldn’t stand his silence just sitting next to me. Rather than
going all the way home, I took him just down the street and got him a
new suit. I was really kinda surprised when he wanted a Speedo
though rather than those baggie ones the other boys have.”

“Yeah, I know how that goes. My two are as different as night and
day, but they do get along pretty well together, so I can be thankful
for that,” I responded as we both sat down and just started talking.
I found out that he had three sons, 16, 14, and 9.

When I raised my eyebrow at hearing the age of the last one, he
responded, “Yeah, Allen was a surprise to us too.” I knew
immediately what that had felt like since Betty and I had had a scare
when she got a false positive on one of those home pregnancy tests
about six years after Timmy was born. I guess it was kind of a good
thing though because it led to the physical exam where they found the
breast cancer and thought they had a good chance to stop it.
“There’s the boys now,” he told me pointing over to a gaggle of fine
looking teens congregated near the base of the slide tower. There
was one who was much smaller, and the only one in a Speedo, who was
holding back as the others talked and carried on.

“You said Allen was the youngest’s name?” I asked as I saw my guys
emerge from the tunnel from the locker rooms.

“Yup, that’s him down there,” and he pointed at the same young boy.

I saw my boys look up toward me so I waved them over to me. As they
approached, Jeff called out, “Sorry dad, I thought I had a quarter.”

“Don’t worry about that son, you can thank Jerry here for having the
change. In fact, see those boys all standing together by the tower
base?” I asked and they turned to look to where I indicated. They
turned back toward me and I continued, “The littlest one there in the
green Speedo is Jerry’s youngest, and he doesn’t look like he’s
having much fun. Do you two think that you could maybe include him
as your partner, since you DO need another guy for some of the

Berry had walked over and joined them, and they talked about it and
Timmy called back, “Ah… yeah dad, we can do that.”
Jerry caught his son’s eye and motioned him over. “Allen, these boys
are the sons of my friend here and they wanted to know if you would
like to go down with them rather than hanging around with the big
guys.” Allen seemed to brighten when he heard what we had in mind
and the boys started talking and comparing notes. They were
jabbering between them and starting to walk away when Jerry called
after them, “Tell your brothers where you’re going!” We watched as
the ...

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