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101.Jeff and Billy 1

Chapter 1

“I love you dad,” I said as I let my daddy’s sloppy, spent cock slip
from my mouth and flop back to his flat stomach. I scooted up from
where I was between his legs so I could snuggle in close to him and
get ready to go to sleep.

“I know you do sport,” dad said back to me with a glint in his eye.
“Here, let me clean you up,” and he stuck his tongue out and slurped
up the dribbles that had escaped my mouth during his massive cumshot.
After he finished cleaning around my mouth and chin, I slipped down
into his embrace. “You keep showing me every night how much you love
me, and sometimes in the morning too,” he chuckled and I could feel
his chest and belly move. “Do you remember when the first time was
that you showed me how much you loved me?” he asked. I had to think
hard on that one, trying to remember. I must have scrunched my face
up trying hard to remember, cause he said, “Well, is it that hard to

“No daddy, but since we’ve always slept together, I’m just not sure
if you’re asking about the first time I made you shoot your stuff, or
the first time that I sucked on your cock,” I answered, trying to
find the answer.

He chuckled at that and said, “No, I mean the very first time that
you did anything with me like this. Do you remember that time?”

“Well of course daddy, that was when you were giving me a bath and
reached over me to get the shampoo and I pulled you into the tub with
me,” and I laughed remembering how surprised he was and the look on
his face.

“That’s right, baby boy, and when was that?” he asked.

“Well… it was just before I started school, I ‘member cause you were
giving me a bath for school the next day and I didn’t want to have
one, so I pulled you into the bathtub with me,” and I laughed more.

“So, how old were you then?”

“I was six, daddy, you ‘member,” I told him getting kinda pissed at
him cause he’d forgotten.

“And how old are you now?” he asked. I looked up at him and wondered
if he’d forgotten everything.

“I’m nine daddy – don’t you remember?” I asked, starting to get a
little worried.

“Of course I remember sport; I was just asking if you did.” I saw
the laughter in his eyes and knew that he was just playing games with
me. “Yeah, you used to make so much commotion in the tub while I was
trying to give you a bath, I had long since decided that I’d better
not wear too many clothes in the bathroom with you, they’d be soaked
by the time we were done. I was only wearing my underwear and you
grabbed my arm when I reached for the shampoo,” he said as I was
remembering that first time too.

“Yeah, and cause it was slickery, you slipped and fell into the tub
with me and got them wet. And when you got up, you were kinda hard
and I could see everything cause the cloth got wet and kinda
see-through,” I said into his chest.

“Yes, and you, you little monkey, reached up and grabbed hold of it
and asked me why it was hard,” he said as he pulled me in closer. I
looked up into his eyes and saw nothing but love. “And I wouldn’t
tell you anything about it for the longest time, but you kept at me,
and then I woke up that one night and you had you hand inside my
undies and playing with it. Do you remember Jeff?”

“Unh-huh,” I murmured into his chest. “It was fun and now we do it
all the time.” Then I got a bad thought and raised my head to look
at him. “You like it don’tcha daddy?” I asked, worried that he
didn’t wanna play with me anymore.

“Yes baby, I like it. In fact, I love it – just like I love you,” he
answered. Satisfied with his answer, I snuggled back in to his warm
hug and was soon asleep.

I kinda heard dad’s alarm go off, but I knew that he’d get up and get
ready for work before he came back and swatted my butt to get me up,
so I snuggled back down into the warm comforter and went back to
sleep. It wasn’t but two seconds later that I felt a sharp slap on
my butt and I whipped over to see dad smiling over me.

“Okay sport, time to crawl outta there,” he said as he was putting on
his tie. “C’mon Jeff; I know you hate mornings, but I can’t be late
today, so you hafta get moving,” and he dove under the covers and
started tickling. I hate that way of waking up, but it DOES get me
moving as I shot out of bed to escape his moving fingers. I gave him
a dirty look which only earned me a laugh from him, and stomped off
into the bathroom.

After I was dressed, I went to the kitchen and found my place already
set with Cheerios and milk, and a glass of orange juice. I slumped
into my chair, still not awake enough to do more than pour milk on my
cereal. “Well, what are your plans for today, little man?” dad asked
when I had a mouthful of Cheerios.

I swallowed before I tried to answer him cause I knew he didn’t like
me to talk with my mouth full. “I gotta go over to Emma’s, ‘member?”
I told him even though I knew I was too old for a babysitter. “You
make me.”

“I know sport, you think you’re old enough to be home alone, but the
law says that you can’t be home by yourself until you’re 12, so I
don’t have any choice either,” he said. I knew the old story, but
that didn’t mean that I had to like it. “Besides, didn’t you say you
made a new friend over there this week?” he asked.

“Yeah, he’s kinda neat. They just moved here and Billy has to stay
there too while his mom is working. We found some really neat places
to play hide-n-seek over there, especially in the basement,” I told
him between mouthfuls.

“It sounds like maybe you and him can really be good friends. Didn’t
you say that he was younger though? Maybe you can help him when
school starts; that way he won’t feel so bad about being the new
kid.” I’d never thought about that. Yeah, maybe Billy can be my
little brother – I hate being alone.

“Yeah, he’s seven, but he’s really neat. Miss Emma says that me and
him are just alike,” but then I thought better of going any further –
dad knew that I’d been in trouble a few times and I didn’t want him
getting any ideas. I did notice that he raised an eyebrow when I
said that, and now he was smiling at me.

“Well, that’s great Jeff, now maybe you’ll quit bitchin’ so much
about having to be at Emma’s all the time,” dad replied. “And who
knows, maybe we can invite him and his parents over for a cookout

“There’s only his mom,” I told him as I put my dish and glass in the
sink, “Billy doesn’t know where his dad is.” Dad looked at me kinda
strange then but he didn’t say anything, just got up, and put his
plate in the sink too. We finished getting ready and headed out the
front door. I gave him a hug and a kiss at the driveway. “I love
you daddy,” I told him as I headed off across the street to Emma’s
apartment house and he got in his truck to go to work.

As I walked in the front door, I saw that two of the other kids were
already there, and one of them was Billy. I dropped my backpack by
the door and took off my shoes like we were s’pose to before we
walked on the carpet. I went over to where Billy was already playing
a game on the Nintendo, and as I got there, he handed me the other
controller and smiled. “I was waitin’ for ya,” he said as I sat down
cross-legged like he was so I could beat his ass again today.

I noticed that he had loaded up ‘NASCAR Racer’, so I said, “Oh, you
didn’t get beat enough yesterday huh, you came back for more,”
chuckling as I made sure all of the buttons worked.

“Well, the only way I’m gonna get better is to play better kids,
right,” and he gave me one of his toothy grins that made his blue
eyes dance. We started to play and I could already see that he had
picked up some tricks from me yesterday. We kept playing as more of
the usual kids arrived, but they knew to not bother us or they’d get
pounded. After about an hour, and I’d beat him three games to one,
we were getting bored and decided to go outside and play in the yard.

“Miss Emma, we’re gonna go outside and play hide-n-seek, okay,” I
told the nice lady that runs the day care from her home.

“Sure thing boys, just remember that you’re not to go outside the
fence,” she reminded us.

“We know, we’ll just be around the swings and stuff, and maybe in the
basement laundry room,” I told her as we got our shoes back on.

“Ok, just be careful and don’t go far, lunch will be ready in a
couple of hours,” she told us as we headed out the door and scrambled
up the tree to the tree house. We loved playin’ in the tree house
cause most of the little kids couldn’t climb up the boards nailed to
the tree, and that was the only way up. Emma told me that her sons
had built the tree house when they were home, but now they have kids
of their own and have moved away.

“Whatcha wanna do now Billy?” I asked as we seated ourselves by the
window on the little bench that was built there.

He got this funny shy look on his face and looked at me through his
blond bangs when he asked, “Can we play with our thingies again like
yesterday?” Then he got red faced and looked away.

“Sure, if you wanna,” I told him, “It’s fun. How did you learn about
this anyway Billy?”

“Oh, one of mom’s old boyfriends showed me how, but that was before
we moved,” he said kinda sad like. “I really liked it, and we were
having a lot of fun, but ...

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