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104.Jeff and Billy 4

“I screwed up guys. I was s’pose to tell him whenever I left the
pool so he wouldn’t worry, and I forgot,” Chad said in the way of an

Billy started giggling and said, “I guess Jeff isn’t the only one in
trouble now, huh?”

“I guess not,” Chad muttered. “We’d better hurry and finish, get our
suits back on, and get out there.” That’s exactly what we did – all
thoughts of our sex games and hard dicks long forgotten. As we
walked up to the snack bar area, I saw that dad and Chad’s dad were
sitting together with a woman, two other boys, and a girl who looked
to be our age.

“Hi guys,” dad said as we walked to the table, “Have a good shower?”
And then they all laughed. My face got red and I’m sure I saw Chad
and the bigger of the other two boys exchange looks. “Sam,” he
continued, “This is Jeff, my son, and his friend Billy. Boys, this
is Chad’s father, Mr. Carpenter – he owns this place.” I kinda
muttered a ‘nice to meet ya’ and shook his hand, then prodded Billy
to do the same.

“Now that that’s over with,” said the pretty lady sitting at the
table, “C’mon boys and grab a chair; the banana splits will be here
any second. We sat down both surprised and excited about the
announced treat. “Hi boys, I’m Chad’s mom, Natalie,” she told us,
“and the big boy over then is Chad’s older brother Michael, the young
lady is his sister Brittany, and this little scallywag here,”
indicating the boy next to her, “Is his little brother, Patrick.” As
I looked around the table, I could see that they all looked a lot
alike, and just like Chad, and they all four had red hair. Mr.
Carpenter’s was more a reddish-brown, but his Mom’s was bright red,
like the kids.

I sure didn’t know what would happen now, but I knew that both of our
dads were mad at us. I sure hoped I could see Chad again, but I
wasn’t holding my breath.

Chapter 4

Us three boys just looked at each other and wisely kept our mouths
shut as the grown-ups chatted away.

“Well folks, I guess the first question that comes to mind is how did
you end up coming to Anchorage?” my dad asked the Carpenters.

They looked back and forth at each other, and then Mrs. Carpenter
told us, “We were living in the Anaheim area of LA where Sam was a
partner and general manager for a water park down there. One summer
about three years ago, he and a few of the other men from the group
came to Alaska for a fishing trip, and after they came back, this
place was all he could talk about – the clean air, the wide-open
spaces, the hunting and fishing. You see, he’s a transplanted, and
frustrated, native of Montana, and he really missed the hunting and
fishing that he grew up with.”

“Yeah, and I just fell in love with this place,” Sam picked up on,
“And I started wondering if there was some way to move us all up
here. I saw that there wasn’t a water park here and thought that the
idea would work. I just had to figure out a way to make it year
round.” Sam leaned back a little as if he was remembering something,
then he went on. “I then contacted the people down in California who
had helped with building several parks in Southern California, and
the more we talked, the more it looked feasible. I found the
financial backing I needed, and the rest, as they say, is history.”

“Yeah, and we got pulled away from our friends,” Michael muttered
under his breath.

“Just give it time Michael,” Sam said, “You’ve only been here a
little while. You’ll make plenty of new friends once school starts
again in the fall.” Michael just gave his dad a dirty look and went
back to his ice cream.

“But mom, you said that we were just going to give it a try. I hate
this place,” Brittany whined.

“We are dear, but that doesn’t mean a few weeks. Maybe after a few
years we can--” she started.

“A FEW YEARS!!!” Brittany shouted at her mother as she stood up so
hard that her chair fell over backwards. “They don’t have ANY decent
stores up here to shop, and the malls really suck.” She turned
toward her dad and screamed, “IT’S ALL YOU’RE FAULT!” and flounced
her way out the door.

“As you can see Micah,” Sam said to dad, “It hasn’t been easy on the
children.” I saw a dirty look from Natalie at that, but as soon as
she saw me watching, she smiled. I wondered what else was going on
here, but decided to just keep my mouth shut; I was in enough trouble
already. “But with the help of my wifey here,” Sam said, taking here
hand, “I’m sure we’ll make it good here.” I saw her look over toward
dad and Sam with the same fakey smile that she had used on me.

“Yes dear, I know that it has always been a dream of yours to own
your own park; I just never expected it to be in such a remote
location,” and went back to eating her ice cream.

“Dad, can we all go back to pool?” I asked wanting to escape.

“You’ll be with Chad?” he asked.

“Well, if Chad can go, we will,” I responded looking over at Sam.
Dad turned to look at him too with a questioning look.

“It seems that Chad here ‘forgot’ to tell me that he was going for a
shower and I was looking all over for him out here,” he told dad,
making Chad blush and squirm in his seat. Dad just started grinning.

“Well, I’m glad to find out that Jeff isn’t the only little boy to be
so forgetful,” he said, now making me blush and squirm at being the
center of attention.

“Do I have to put ‘kid collars’ on you guys?” Sam asked.

I didn’t know what he was talking about but I guessed that it was
something that I wouldn’t like when Chad said, “DAD!! I’m too big
for those, and I promise to tell you next time. Please dad, don’t do
that,” he pleaded.

Chuckling, his dad said, “Nah, I won’t make you wear one, but you
guys BETTER tell us where you are or I will. Now scoot, before I
change my mind.” Michael, Chad, Billy, and I made a hasty retreat,
glad to get out of there.

“Ok shrimp,” Michael said as we were walking back to get tubes for
the slides, “What did you do to piss him off this time?”

“I started itching from the chlorine, so I showed Billy and Jeff the
staff locker room. I just forgot to tell him where we were going,
that’s all,” Chad told his brother. Michael smiled a little bit and
looked Billy and me over as if he was seeing us for the first time.
I was sure from the easy way that Chad took me inside that he’d been
fucked before, and Michael’s look made me wonder if he and Chad were
doing it.

“So where are you kids headed?” Michael asked in a very different

We all exchanged glances cause we hadn’t talked about where we were
going; we just knew we had to escape from the dads. “Goin’ on
Colossus,” Chad told him.

“Great! That’s where I’m goin’. I’m s’pose to meet Jimmy and Wally
over there, but if they aren’t around, maybe we can all make a run
together,” Michael told us. That stumped me; I thought you could
only have two or three people at a time on Colossus, and said so.
“Yeah, it’s s’pose to be,” Michael replied, “But remember that my dad
owns the place, and there aren’t that many people here right now.
Besides, Bobby is working the tower and he’s a friend of mine.” I
saw a dark look cross Chad’s face but didn’t understand why.

We headed over and got tubes, then started up the climb to the top
platform. As we were climbing, I felt a hand on my bum. I looked
over my shoulder and saw that with the tube I had in my left hand,
and the one that Michael had in his right, nobody could see what he
was doing. I slowed a little and let him get on the next step down
from me as we climbed. After about two more steps, I felt Michael’s
fingers slide inside the waistband at the back and spread across my
cheeks, forcing the Speedo down a little. After a few more steps, he
had found my hole with his finger and was wiggling it back and forth,
going inside just a bit as we stepped. I stopped on one of the
intermediate platforms, and sure enough, Michael took the opportunity
to push his finger inside. Since it was my other side hand that was
free, I swung my arm back and felt his very hard cock poking out the
front of his boardies.

“When Chad told me that he took you to the locker room, I figured
that you guys were playing around,” he whispered in my ear as he
pushed in closer, forcing his cock into my hand. “We’ll go down
Bandit together when we get up there and it’ll be fun for both of
us.” He moved his finger a few more times while I felt his hard
cock, but then he nudged us on toward the next set of stairs. I
figured out what he meant and took a step up. I thought he would
pull his hand out but he didn’t. As we got to the top level, Chad
looked over at us, saw what Michael was doing and frowned, but
suggested that he and Billy go down together and let us catch up.
Billy was all for the idea, so while Bobby was helping them get set
up on Colossus, we moved over to the start of Bandit.

I was getting worried that Bobby would see us and what he might see,
but when I started to pull away, Michael leaned forward and said,
“Cool it, we’re good.” So I relaxed a little and watched Billy and
Chad start down the slide. Bobby got up from his squatting position,
and said as he walked over to us, “I see you’ve found the newbies
Michael. I wondered how long it would take before you got into the
act after I saw that they were hooked up with Chad. Is that nice?”
indicating what he was doing in my butt.

“Real nice Bobby, almost as good as you,” Michael told him. ...

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