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122.true tell first time

This is a true tell of my first time. I was right out of college,
living at home with my parents, working at my first job. Friday
night, went to happy hour with some friends, before I knew it, it
was after 1AM. I had no luck picking up any girls, so I decided it
was time to head home. As I was driving home in a racially mixed
neighborhood, I saw a black guy standing on a corner while I was
waiting for the traffic light to change and I could have sworn he
blew me a kiss. I had never been with a guy before, I had been
drinking, it was late at night. When the light changed, i proceeded
on my way home, but kept thinking about the black guy. I sported a
boner thinking about it. So I circled the block and saw the guy
about half a block up from where I first saw him. I pulled over to
him, he came to the passenger side window and I lowered the window a
quarter of the way. I was very excited, but scared that he may just
want to rob me. I asked him if he needed a ride, he said sure.
But, i was still afraid he was just out to rob me. He assured me he
wasn't so I let him in the car. He immediately smelled my beer
breath and appeared to be just as frighten and caution as me and
asked if I had been drinking. I said yes, he was concerned I may be
looking for someone to beat up. I assured him I wasn't. So after
some small talk that I don't recall, we hit upon sex. He appeared a
bit effiminate, so I asked him if he was gay. He cautionally
answered "maybe". I told him I was horny, but had never been with a
guy before. He recommend I pull over and park and he would take
care of my horniness. I did, he rubbed my thigh and accross my
crotch, but I had already adjusted my boner to point up against my
stomach for comfort as I circled the block before I picked him up.
At first, he figured I must have been really tiny. I was ready to
bust my nut, so I unbuckle, zipped down and pulled my jockeys down
and he was like WOW, who says white guys aren't hung. He
immediately sucked me into his mouth and I was in heaven. He was
working my cockhead then deepthroating my entire length, holding it
there for a bit and working backup to suck and lick my cockhead.
Needless to say, I lasted about two strokes or about 40 seconds and
I said I was about to cum, where do you want it. He had manage to
pull his dick out and was stroking it the whole time he was sucking
me. He did saying anything, he just kept sucking. I said here it
cums and he just kept on sucking. I shot a HUGE load into his
mouth. He milked everydrop out. I was super sensitive at this
point, but I let him continue to suck me until I want soft. He sat
up and I got a look at his cock in his hand. It was about the same
size as mine (about 8 inches). I felt like I owed him some pleasure
in return for what he just gave me. I reached over and started
stroking his cock. i hesitated at first, but decided to see what it
felt like to suck a cock. I licked the head of some precum, then
put the head in my mouth and started licking and sucking the head.
I tried to go deep on it, but gagged. He said that was okay and
asked if I wanted to go to a jewish guys house he had just left. I
just kept sucking his cock. I sucked him for about 10 minutes and
he said he had cum at his friends house and probably couldn't cum
for a couple of hours. I said I was ready to cum again. So he
sucked me in his mouth again and gave me a fantastic 2nd blow job.
I came in about 5 minutes (twice in a span of about 20 minutes). He
again asked if I wanted to go to his friends house for some MMM
fun. I declined and dropped him off at the next corner. To this
day I wished I had gone with him. It would be 22 years before I
would suck another dick. Now I am a cum slut!

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