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coral gem b t - Newest pictures

☹The Gemstone Coral☹

Unlike most other gemstones which are of mineralorigin, Coral is organic, formed by living organisms. It forms from branching, antler-like structures created from coral polyps in tropical and subtropical ocean waters. When the coral polyps die, the hardened skeleton remains, and this material is what is used as a gemstone. Most coral is white, but nature can create coral in several other colors, including the popular orange to red forms. This Red Coral, or Precious Coralas it is often known by, is the most used gemstone form of Coral. In fact, the color known ascoralis derived from the typical pinkish-orange color of many red Coral gemstones.
Chemical FormulaMostly calcium carbonate
ColorWhite, Red, Orange, Pink, Gray, Black
Hardness3 - 4
Crystal System Amorphous
Refractive Index1.48 - 1.65
SG2.6 - 2.7
TransparencyTranslucent to opaque
Double Refraction-.172
Luster Vitreous, waxy

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