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Lion of Syria

Khalid Bin Al-Waleed took ova Damascus n sent Muslim forces 2 guard n 2 stop tha Romans takin ova. Tha head of dis army woz tha Commander Dhiraar- hu used 2 fite wid tha enemies of Islam, naked 4rm tha waist upwards, wit his trust in Allah as his onli protection. Dhiraar was known as a fierce warrior not afraid of ne1 xcept his Creator. Unfortunately Dhiraar woz captured by tha Romans, coz ther army woz twice tha strength ov tha Muslims. Wen Khalid Bin Al-Waleed heard bout dis, he gatherd 5000 Muslim soldiers n rode lyk tha wind 2 help tha imprisond Muslims.

Wen Khalid came 2 tha battlefield, Suddenly he saw a Muslim ryder flash past him, racing 2wards tha enemies. B4 Khalid cud stop him, he woz gon. Tha ryder was slim, a lightly built person, dressed in blak clothin and an armour, and carried a sword. He wore a green turban wit a scarf coverin his face, revealin onli his eyes.
Khalid saw tha ryder throw himself at tha Romans, wid so much anger, evry1 fort him n his horse wer mad! Raafe r.a saw Khalid n sed: 'He attacks like Khalid, but he is clearly not Khalid.'
Khalid gatherd tha Muslims n woz organisin em. While tha Muslims wer plannin on how 2 attak, tha masked ryder charged on his own, strikin tha Roman front, den gallopin 2 anuda part n strikin agen. The ryder was drenchd wit his blood, but stil kept on fightin, a tru warrior. Wen tha Muslims saw tha way tha ryder woz, he put courage in2 tha men dat wer afraid, Khalid gave tha order 2 attak.
Khalid got near dis ryder n sed, 'O warrior, show us your face.'
Dark eyes flashd at Khalid den turnd away attackin tha enemies.
A few of Khalid's men caught up wit him n sed: 'O noble warrior, your commander calls you and you turn away from him! Show us your face and tell us your name so that you may be proudly honoured.'
Tha ryder turnd away agen, as he pasd by Khalid, he called him sternly 2 stop. Tha ryder pulled up his horse, n Khalid sed: 'You have done enough to fill our hearts with admiration, who are you?'
Tha ryder replied: 'O commander, I only turn away from you in modesty. You are the glorious commander and i am of those who stay behind the veil, I fight like this because my heart is on fire.'
Khalid askd: 'Who are you?'
Tha maskd warrior replied: 'I am Khaulah, sister of Dhiraar. My brother has been captured and I must fight to set him free.'

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